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March 24, 2012

*COMPLETED* 24th March’12: STAR PARIVAAR AWARDS 2012 – with Barun Sobti!!



A very warm welcome back to all my Blog readers!

i know i missed out on the last years SPA but there wasnt much thatwe really missed. But this year if i dont give u the written update of the function u all will surely miss out a lot …the reason u all are aware of! this year “Star Parivaar Awards” are being hosted by none other than our very ‘handsome, dashing, charming, heart-throb around the globe’ – Mr. Barun Sobti from ‘Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon!’

So, i’ll be writing what I observe or like in the function (which will be mainly Barun n Sanaya) ; I know many of you are aware of the winners already but I’ll let you know about the entire function and the various nominations went about …and I WISH  that you like it!!

Coming back to Star Parivaar awards …this year it was not just another Star Parivaar awards, not just be’coz of Barun but also due to the Magnum grand celebration of Star Parivaar as it entered its 10th Anniversary! the funtion is going to be majestic, memorable n sizzling as we all get to see the amazing effects of 3D for the first time on Indian Television!! So here it begins…

WAIT! before we start off with the actual show. we have to walk thru the “rad Carpet’  which was hosted by Mami ji n Nanhe ji from “IPKKND. and firstly they all welcomed all the guests to the SPA n then all were enjoying the game of shooting ballons where khushi came to the SGP parivaar n took the gun to shoot …n min. later we see that there is a star on the board …but as we turn around all see that its “sajjan singh from Pratigya who actually shot it. it was sweet! after whihc everyone ws asked about if they knew what “3D mapping” was which is used this year …n with that we had glimses of the effect which was BEAUTIFUL!!
next NK m mami started mentioning the actual “diamond studded trophy for the nayi soch sadasya” n asked if all knew how many diamonds were thereon the trophy …people took guesses …on one knew. so mami told that there are “160 diamonds’ on the trophy. there are 4 nominations for the category:
1. Kokila 2. Manvi 3. Suraj 4. Pratigya
and some funny acts n rasam khilai with our favourite characters led us to the final steps of red carpet …n the initial steps of SPA!
So begins the “Star parivaar Awards 2012″… n we see tht first magnum effect of the 3D mapping as on to the various windows of the palace that is at back-drop  all the favourites appear, like Sajjan Singh with his G-son Samar (aww he’s cute), Gopi- Ahem, Viren-Jeevika, Virat-Maanvi, Ishaan n his mom, Shourya-Varsh n Arnav -Khuhsi (yayyyyy!!) the title track of the Sp “Nayi soch ki nayi leher” was playing as one-by-one all the pairs were leading down to the stage (in same order) n finally came our Favourite couple of the evening “Arnav-khushi (ArHi) continuing wid their nok-jhok (awww) n then all of them joined in to have a performance on the song centre-stage (Barun was surely looking uncomfortable yet super cute in his white sherwani WOW!)
After this wid the first set of function came on stage Kokila (Rupal Patel) and Viren (karan Tacker) where he acts to be feared of kokila Ben. and they welcome on stage Mr. Uday Shankar, CEO, Star India , who elaborated abt the grandness of the SPA n then explained abt the idea behind the giving of “Nayi Soch kirdaar” award
after this, kokila n viren took us to first set of awards starting wid the category of –
1. # Favourite Maa for which the nominations were:
    • Santosh Rathi (Bhabho)
    • Pratigya
    • Hetal
    • Meeta Mishra
 The award was given away by Naitik , Akshara and their litl son naksh –
and the award was won by Mita from Navya and Pratigya frm Mann ki awaz Pratigya (it was a tie!)
2.# Favourite Pita for which the nominations were:
    • Sajjan Singh
    • Shyam Saxena
    • Shashi Gupta
    • Tarachand Mathur
 This award was won by Sajjan Singh frm Mann ki awaz Pratigya

Then next on stage Viren was joined on by Suhana who told the viewers abt the 3 leading ladies of SP visiting the “Vatsalaya” foundation who works of orphan children. These leading ladies were Khushi frm Iss pyaar ko kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) and Jeevika n Maanvi frm Ek hazaaron mein meri behena hai. they brought gifts for the children n invited them to SPA for a dance performance. This led us to the 2st performance of the evening starting with Khushi (Sanaya looking gorgeous in Green) on gun gun guna re…song frm Agneepath followed by Jeevika on Jazba (frm Ladies Vs. RB) n maanvi. And all dancing to the tunes of “all is well” frm 3 idiots  wid all the kids dancing along around them – total fun !!

After this, viren n Suhana had the “Fake” private diaries of few of our charactersn read them out loud, like Naitik’s which was filled wid the word “Pyaar” as i love watching my pyaari wife sleep; i wake her wid pyaar; i have pyaar bhari tea, lunch n dinner’ …to which Suhana joked as wht would Naksh grow n tell everyone abt his father’s profession tht “woh bahut pyaar karte hai” hahaha!!

Then it was ahem’s diary in which he mentioned as on which date he got to say how many words as dialogues (poor guy); then came the diary of Arnav (Hmm..m) which read “got married to Khushi in the mandir …the idea worked …shaadi ka kharch bach gaya…n he got spared of having a fake smile for hours to the invitees @ their reception” …awww Barun looked aweomse as he cracked up on this! This finished when viren got hold of suhana’s diary which had tht she’s stuck up wid boring host on 24th for SPA …it was cutely funny!

Next came the most awaited n expensive award of the function – “Nayi Soch kirdaar” wbt which Khushi told how the real diamond studded trophy was designed n then finely prepared for the winner.

3. # Nayi Soch Kirdaar

    • Pratigya
    • Kokila
    • Sooraj
    • Maanvi
 This award was given away by Mr. Uday shankar and it was won by Maanvi of EHMMBH and Sooraj of DABH (it was again a tie).Then came on stage the awaited moment of SPA (i was soooo eager) as Arnav Singh Raizada aka Barun Sobti stepped on to the stage  wid Kokila Ben (of SNS) n started off comparing the Parivaar wid a ymmy Gujrati snacks plate n Arnav agrees (just love his Accent man!) then suddenly this music starts playing n ASR shouts to “shut it off” but it doesn’t n we see Manish disguised as woman in black entering stage in a rickshaw …she dances on a re-make song of “chkni chameli” as chappan churi. As soon as she stops her dance, Arnav is amazed n walks forward wid his hands in pocket (NO wonder he was chosen as the most Stylish member, WOW! he looks absolutely delicious) while Kokila is shocked n hides away coz of which this disguised woman spins n lands on to Arnav …kokila helps Arnav n almost shoves him off stage to protect him (he looked so cute) n then funny act where manish as disguised woman calls on the stage Nani frm IPKKND n Bhabho frm DABH n they are asked to perform. Nani performs a small bit on “Aunti ji” frm ek main aur ek tu. And Bhabho performs on chammak challo …they both were amazing !Finally Kokila is able to throw this disguised woman off stage n calls up Arnav again to continue wid next set of awards which are –
4.# Favourite Beta for which the nominations were:
    • Aham
    • Jigar
    • Sooraj
    • Viren
    • Naitik

This award was given away by Sahilja Maa (badi maa of SGP) and Dadi frm EHMMBH.  And the award was won by  “Naitik (Karan)” of Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata Hai

Next came the category of:

5.#  Favourite Beti for which the nominations were:

  • Sandhya
  • Khushi
  • Akshara
  • Saanchi

The award was presented by Anant (shahir Sheikh) frm Navya and Sooraj (Anas Rashid) frm DABH.  And the award was won by “Akshara (Hina Khan) ” frm  Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata Hai

NextArnav jokes as how Kokila is related to next category of fav. Behen n on asking of her replies tht isn’t kokila alwaz addressed as “Kokila Behen/Bain” (cute). So comes –

6.# Favourite Behen for which the nominations were:

  • Maanvi
  • Jeevika
  • Rashi
  • Anjali
This award was given away by the two most good guys on TV at present, Virat (Kushal Tandon) frm EHMMBH and Ishaan (Jay Soni) frm Sasuraal Genda Phool. And the winner in this category is Jeevika (Krystal D’souza) frm Ek hazaaron mein meri behna hai.

Next  category

7.# Favourite Bhabhi for which the nominations were:

    • Jeevika
    • Gopi
    • Akshara
    • Varsha

To present this award 3 guests were invited on stage tht included “Ranbir (Shaleen Bhanot) – Aaliya (Deblina Chaterjee) frm Sajda- tere pyaar mein along wid Manorama Mami (Utkarsha) frm IPKKND. And the award was won by Gopi (Jia Manek) frm Saath Nibhana Saathiya.

After all these awards came the awesome performances of –

Krishna– fire act on the “Dabang’ title song

Virat fighting-dance act tht too Blind-folded on the “Singham’ title song

Sooraj’s magical act wid BG tune playing.

For next segment, Arnav came back on stage n this time he had Gopi as co-host wid him (they looked sweet; she appeared so litl standing next to mighty ASR – hehehe!). they both introduced the act of “3 Goddesses’ n in came the performance where –

Sandhya came as Maa Saraswati to spread the light of education to illiterate world

Akshara came as Maa Lakshmi to bless all wid her divine power of wealth, and

Pratigya came as Maa Durga to wipe off all injustice frm the worl n help the helpless.

The act was stunning n powerful!

For next segment, Kokila came back on stage wid Bhabho (Neelu Vaghela) frm DABH start off wid the mentioning of dushman n how all saas feels tht Bahus are their enemies n so this led us to the next set of awards of –

8.# Favourite Dushman for which the nominations were:

  • Ammaji
  • Shyam
  • Swamini
  • Sadananad Tiwari

This award was presented by Jigar (Vishal Singh) n Rashi (rucha) from Saath Nibhaana Saatiya. And the winner of this award was the most ‘love-to-hate-you’ character of the season “Shyam Jha (Abhaas Mehta)” from Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon (IPKKND).

9.#  Favourite  Mazedaar Sadasya for which the nominations were:

  • Manorama Raizada
  • Minu (Meenakshi)
  • Urmi (Urmila Shah)
  • Dabboo

And this award too was bagged by the IPKKND sadasya – tht we all complaint abt for taking more screen space than our ‘Arnav-Khushi’ …yeah it was ‘Manorama Raizada aka Mami’ from IPKKND. As she got on the stage she walked up in pure mami avatar n started off her thnk u speech wid all famous line of hers “Helo-Hi-Bye-Bye’ ! while all this we cud see the IPK team having a blast n totally enjoying themselves.

Then came the part where all the leading romantic Jodi’s os SP had to perform (well not all coz ASR-KKG were not in it). But is was worth a watch if u have any of the following Jodis as your favourites. The act began with Gopi – Ahem who both looked sweet in their pink-violet matching attires on a soft slow music (cant remember the song). This was continues by Naitik-Akshara on the tunes of song “bheegi si, bhaagi si…’ frm the movie ‘Rajneeti’ …they both looked fab as ever (well i like them too!). then came on stage to spread their ever cute romance was Ishaan – Suhana who were mesmerizing as they danced on song ‘dil yeh bekraar kyu hai’ from the movie ‘Players” (oh i wish this song wud have been picturised on Arnav-Khushi). 

Well but the best was saved for the last – Sooraj – Sandhya (coz i liked Sandhya this evening n Sooraj too J) as they danced to the tunes of one of my favourite song “Main waari javan…’ from the movie “Tere Naal Love ho gaya” . And wid that the act came to its end as all the Jodi made a come back on stage one-by-one humming on to the tunes of their show tunes, like SNS, YRKKH, SGP n DABH. It was soooo amazing!~ 

Then back on stage came, Arnav n Gopi to continue wid the awards for next categories, which were –

10.#  Favourite  Saas  for which the nominations were: 

  • Santosh Rathi (Bhabho)
  • Kokila
  • Gayatri
  • Shailaja

And this ward was given away by Navya (Soumya Seth) from Navya and Hetal (Swati Shah) from Saath nibhana Saathiya. And this was won by  Shailja- Badi Maa (Supriya Pilgoankar) from Sasural Genda Phool (i really like her character as this soooo understanding Saas)


11.#  Favourite  Sasur  for which the nominations were: 

  • Sajjan Singh
  • Vijay Singh Vadhera – Dadaji
  • Vishambhar
  • Arun Rathi

And this was won by the Vishambhar Maheshwari (Sanjeev Seth) from yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai.

Next, as the hierarchy flows after,  Fav. Saas-Sasur came the award to be given for the “fav. Bahu’  

12.#  Favourite  Bahu for which the nominations were:

  • Sandhya
  • Gopi
  • Akshara
  • Suhana
  • Priya

And to give away this award two new guests were called on to stage, the two most unliked-YET-liked characters of SP, n they were – Urmila bain (Vandana Vithlani) from Saath nibhana saathiya and Swamini Bua (Seema Kapoor) from Ek hazaaron mein meri behena hai. And the winner of this category was the newest Bahu of SP “Sandhya (Deepika Singh) from Diya aur Bati hum.

Next act was a funny one as we got to see two “Sajjan Singh” getting on the stage. One of which obviously the disguised played by “Manish’. It was chaotic n so Kokila came on stage n tried to be the problem solver. She even askedKrishnaif he recognized his real father. N he said he does but didn’t say  it out loud telling that he knew who was his father n that’s all what mattered (oh really – smart!).  so finally it was kokila who solved the mess as she recognized the disguised one when he referred to kokila as “koki darling’ – the same way the ‘chappan churi’ woman had done. And so kokila threw him off stage  n led us to the next awards, which were –  

13.#  Favourite  Naya Sadasya (Male) for which the nominations were:

  • Arnav Singh Raizada
  • Viren
  • Viraat
  • Indu Singh
  • Anant

 And this was presented by Gopi n someone whose name i didn’t remember (:p). And it was won by the one ‘whose name i cant forget’ n don’t even intend on doing so – it was our Dashing ‘Arnav Singh Raizada/ ASR (Barun Sobti)”  from Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon”. As soon as he heard his name, he was like “reaalllly’ n cute surprised look on his face. He hugged everyone – Khushi (Sanaya), Anjali (Daljeet), Akash (akshay) n even Shyam (abhaas) n they all weer like “nahi hum nayi jaane denge’ cute! Finally he got to the stage n recived his award n gave a short ‘thnx to all’ speech; just when Akash (akshay) called him n reminded him to thnk him, which he did (they are all crazy). Just as he was abt to lave, Sajjan singh stopped him saying tht he being the new member in the family have to go thru a little ragging – and Kokila rephrased it was we’ll have a little game – and told Arnav to recognize all the members younger to him in Star Parivaar n send out his blessings. But as he being all into his reserve nature didn’t answer it n wid a cute smile left the stage saying “main jaa raha hoon!” 


14.#  Favourite  Naya Sadasya (Female) for which the nominations were:

  • Sandhya
  • Jeevika
  • Khushi Kumari Gupta
  • Saanchi
  • Navya

This was given away by Dani Sharma and Maanvi from EHMMBH. And it was won by sandhya (deepika) from Diya aur Bati hum.


15.#  Favourite  Nayi Soch Pal (i forgot to write it so i’m not sure of its order L) for which the nominations were:

  • Shailja (badi maa) slapping Ishwar n debarring him off of all rights as her husband.
  • Sandhya tells Bhabho why was it important for her to go VOTE.
  • Gopi decides to go to school after marriage n family, esp. kokila supports her.
  • When in Mater-chef 2, Joseph says that he wants to fulfill his father’s dreams n gift him a restaurant.
  • The true Indian survivor girl – Raj Rani (state level hockey player)  in SurvivorIndiaas the one wid ‘never-give-up’ attitude.

And this award was won by SNS team when they decide n support Gopi’s decision of studying after marriage.


16.#  Favourite Mezbaan (Host) for which the nominations were:

  • Vikas Khanna
  • Ayushmann Khurana
  • Samir Kochhar
  • Riteish Deshmukh & Sonakshi Sinha

And for this, Kokila called on stage the hosts of upcoming singing show of SP. So entered Mandira Bedi, Shantanu moitra n one more person to give away this awards. And the winner of this category were “Ritesh Deshmukh & Sonakshi Sinha” for hosting an award function on SP. Ritesh came n recived the award for him n on behalf of Sonakshi. Asnd as he left the stage, Mandira called on another Host – coz there had been a tie in this award too – she called upon “Ayushmaan Khurana” from “just Dance” show.

Now, as we are around the conclusion of the evening, the next segment of popular awards was hosted by Shailja (badi maa) n Rashi. They came to present the award for Fav. Pati and –

17.#  Favourite Pati for which the nominations were:

  • Sooraj
  • Viren
  • Naitik
  • Krishna
  • Ishaan

And to give away this category, on stage came Ritesh Deshmukh n the very pretty Khushi (Sanaya) from IPK… as she got on the mic, she asked Ritesh “so you’ve just gotten married. Toh abhi-abhi naye pati ban kar kaisa lag raha hai?’ ritesh went smiling on this n Khushi too laughed up n said “sorry for the wrong question? J. But then, riteshe said “i’ve waited 10 yrs for this so i’m on top of the world. but to be a gr8 husband i need to spend time with my wife. So i request all my producers n directors to give me some early breaks”. At this every laughed n there a quite agreeing expression of our ever-so-busy husband in real life Barun Sobti who plays ASR in iss pyaar ko…

Coming back to award, Khushi announced it, the winner is “Viren (Karan Tacker) from EHMMBH. But as he got to stage, Khushi off wid her antics didn’t present him the award n asked to tank everyone before. So he did n finally said “now i’ve done it …ab toh dede yaar” awww. And so she presents the trophy to him.


18.#  Favourite Patni for which the nominations were:

  • Pratigya
  • Sandhya
  • Suhana
  • Jeevika
  • Akshara

Before the winner of this category was announced the hosts asked the husbands of all nominated patni’s to tell everyone why their wife should win it. So one-by-one Naitik, Ishaan, Viren,Krishna, Sooraj gave the reason as to why they adore their wives. Finally came the winner name, and it is “Suhana (Ragini Khanna)”s from Sasural Genda Phool.

Finally came the last two awards (for which we all held our breaths) the Jodi award. But this year looking at the immense response from out ofIndia, SPA introduced a new award of International Jodi where the residents of foreign can too vote for their fav. jodi, so –

19.#  Favourite International Jodi for which the nominations were the same as for the Favourite Jodi.

To give away the award, Aditya (Rakesh Vashisth)  and Priya (Ridhhi Dogra) from “Maryada: Lekin kab Tak?” – and this award was won by noneother than the most-talked-about-HOT-jodi on television right now “Arnav-Khushi (Barun-Sanaya) from Iss pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon! As their names were called out, there was a roar in the audience n the team of IPK too started jumping esp. Sanaya. As they walked on to stage, Akash (Akshay & NK) were wid them too. It was cute moment, when Akash says that he’s the third wheel in ArHi story …but quickly Khushi cuts him off saying “No, i’m the third wheel” hahaha! 🙂


20.#  Favourite Jodi for which the nominations were :

  • Khushi- Arnav
  • Sooraj – Sandhya
  • Aham – Gopi
  • Viraat – Maanvi
  • Akshara and Naitik

And this award was presented byKrishna(Arhaan Behl) and Pratigya (Pooja Gor) from “Mann ki awaz – Pratigya’. And this award too was won by the favorites (mine too) Arnav-Khushi n this time Khushi aka Sanaya was like super excited as their names were called n started jumping n dancing, Arnav on the other hand took a min. to get up n joined the exceitement by flaying his arms like “YAYYYYYY!” n they walked to the stage to receive their award.  Arnav got to the mic first n said “Khushi ke aane se pehle bol leta hoon”, but all he cud say was ‘h-mm’ and like alwaz Khushi took over. They once again thanked all their viewers, fans, team of IPK, producers n Gul. Arnav aka Barun was sure to thank his real-life wife again n also his sister n niece (awww he’s soooo cute).

That lead up to Kokila n Viren who then directed us all to the closing act of SPA where the main characters of SP were dancing on the stage n finally were joined on by the winners of the various awards of the evening!


*i’ll b adding few of my made creations, some Arnav-Khushi pics are my own n some i found online. For which all credit will b duely given 🙂

December 13, 2009

*Updated* 13th Dec: ITA awards 2009

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Welcome readers to my blog, as you all know tht its been 6 months since I started writing!! as mentioned in my earlier blogs i used to note all the info which liked but had no knwon source to share it …then when i came in to this writing blog business….

And also you all should by now be knowing that I have another blog going on which I update on daily basis …its abt the show “Miley Jab Hum Tum” airing on Star one, its link is :

….so I’ve been getting very less time to update this blog recently but now as the ITA awards will be awarded to out favorite stars of Television ….so here I’m again with the latest update of these awards!!

And so the awards night begins with:

The Curtain Raiser:

It began with the curtain raiser of ITA awards with Afsha n Dhairya (hosts of Zee TV’s Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs) …..they started meeting the artists of various serial from different channels and asking them sweet questions like first they met Naitik–Akshara, then with both the couples of Bidaai …n also they were with Prem n Heer…n many more.

Then, later in the curtain raiser they take us to the sets of ITA n there too they meet up artist who’ll be performing at the awards like Barkha Bisht, Veer (Nandish) n Tapsya …n also they meet Manav n Archana n asks him ‘in the serial they are almost at the edge of being divorced n so why are they performing together here ..what if Manav’s aai (mom) found out ..what will happen??’ this Manav (Sushant) is making faces ….b Afsha acting like his Mom throws slaps his way …hahaha!! how cute his smile was awww

Ok then comes the Red Carpet of ITA, with Dhairya n Afsha again  ….n so begins the entries of televisions beautiful stars …n Dhairya n Afsha start interacting with them n asking questions like ‘why awards take place at night? …if a kid passes KG what song will he sing (KG kiya re, KG kiya re…) n so on.

Then comes the time of main award function, where the hosts for the evening take over n they are Gaurav Gera n Sunil Grover (they were also the host of Hans Baliye!)


After the show had its formal beginning the hosts introduced the audience with the Jury members …n they were all famous personalities of the entertainment business, experts of their fields…

Then cam the first performance of the evening by charming Tamanna, Syantini nad Barkha Bisht ….they all had their parts to perform on the song ‘All the Best’ n they were wearing some Mexican carnival sort of white dresses.

This led the way to the announcement of winners from the technical field, in which awards like best visual effects, lyrics of title song, etc were given. I only took note of two coz they involved my favorites, as in

Best Music to Lalit Sen for Ballika Vadhu; and

Best Singer to Sonu Nigam for Dill Mil Gaye!!

Then as these awards were wrapped up, the host cracked a joke saying, ‘people should go n buy the cars of TV stars …the asked ‘why?’  ….so the first one replied ‘as it is they out of 24hrs, spend 17-18 on the sets n the car is just wasted parked outside, So…

But it’s a great pleasure that our car of ITA has been running successfully since 9yrs …so we move ahead..

And so begins the sizzling performance of Shaleen n Daljit on a parody of three songs; first ‘mera naam chin-chin choo’ …then ‘Roop tera mastana’…n then final song ‘Ser par topi lal haath mein reshm ka rumal ho tera kya kehna..’ ….they were looking just so sensational while performing!!

Then, the first set of awards, which were selected by the Jury members. The first one was–

Best Child Programme:

M.A.D on Disney

Best Child Artist:

Avika Gor as Anandi in ‘Ballika Vadhu’

Best Historical/Mythological Serial:

Meera on NDTV Imagine

Best Game/Quiz Show:

‘Sach ka Samnaa’ on Star Plus

Best Reality Show:

‘Aap ki Kachehri’ on Star Plus

Best Music/ Film Based Show:

Indian Idol 4 on Sony TV

Best News/ Current Affairs Show:

CJ Show

As these set of award came to an end, the host took the audience o the world of music by mentioning the world famous musician, who isn’t among us this year ..its Michael Jackson (MJ) …n to pay a tribute to him the top finalists of Dance India Dance (DID) were called upon the stage. First came Alisha Singh to perform …followed by Siddhesh, who on the tunes of a Marathi song did MJ style of steps  …then finally came Salman Khan (winner of DID 1) …n he too on the tunes of an Indian song, had the steps of MJ!! They all were super fabulous in their dancing …much improved than before.

After this rocking performance by our DID winners, it was time to announce the next set of Jury awards. It started with:

Best Fashion/ Life Style Channel:

NDTV Good Times

Best Thriller/ Horror Serial:


Best TV Event:

IIFA awards 2009

Best Talk/Chat Show:

Tere Mere Beeech Mein – Shahrukh Kahn & Farah Khan

Best Director – Comedy

Kante ki Takkar

Best Comedy Serial:

Tarak Mehta ka Ulta Chahsma

Then in here as a special honor  a ‘Scroll of honor’ was presented to Mr. Anuj Kapoor for the Channel Sab TV

Then, Best Anchor- News/Current Affairs:

Prabhu Chawla

Best English News Channel:

NDTV Imagine

Best Hindi News Channel:

Aaj Tak

And so after the giving of the above awards, came the rocking performance of the most adorable couple on TV screen (well acc to me) …our very own Manve n Archana from the serial ‘Pavitra Rsihta’. The act started with Manav (Shushant Singh) coming on the stage wearing ordinary jeans with t-shirt n greenish jacket …but in these simple accessories too, he was looking so handsome n cute. Then he was joined in by Archana (Ankita Lokhande), who in her bluish-purple top n black shining shorts, also wearing a cap was looking so cute n adorable. They performed on a parody of four songs:

First, on ‘Blue’ – the title song of movie ‘Blue’

….then, on ‘Genda Phool’ from the movie ‘Delhi-6’

….after this, on th song ‘Om Mangalam’ from ‘Khambakt Ishq’

….n then lastly on the song ‘Lave Me’ from ‘Wanted’ movie.

And this mesmerizing performance from Sushant n Archana made way for the next set of Jury awards. And they were:

Best Actress in Supporting Role

Smita Bansal as Sumitra in ‘Ballika Vadhu’

Best Actor in Supporting Role:

Aditya Lakhia as Nanku in ‘Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya hi Kijo’

Best Actress in a Negative Role:

Surekha Sikri as ‘Daadi saa’ in ‘Ballika Vadhu’

Best Actor in a Negative Role:

Sudesh Berry as ‘Loha Singh’  in ‘Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya hi Kijo’

And as a trend, after these awards came the next performance …n it was by two couples on two different songs each. The first couple was of Veer (Nandish) and tapsya (Rashmi Desai) from the serial ‘Uttaran’ on Colors. These two performed on the songs ‘Koyalia re’ from the movie ‘Life Patner’ and on Mann ati Bhave’ from ‘Landon Dreams’. And the second couple was Ranvir (Kinshuk) n Ragini (Parul); They too had their performance on two songs, which were, first ‘Aaja Aaja’ from the movie Kaminey; and then on the title song of ‘Bachna aee Haseeno’.

But this performance was done in mixed manner like, first Veer-Tapsya had the dance on their first song …then came Ranvir-Ragini with their opening song. After this second song of Veer-Tapsya  …n then final closing by Ragini-Ranvir!!

Then the next set of Jury awards was given:

Best Anchor – Comedy/Quiz Show:

Salman Khan for ‘Dus ka Dum’

Best Anchor – Music/ Film Based Show:

Meiyang Chang for ‘Indian Idol 4’

Best Anchor – Chat/ Talk Show:

Female: Dr.Kiran Bedi for ‘Aap ki kachehri’

Male    : Rajdeep Sardesai for ‘Battle for India’

Best Entertainment Channel:


Best Actress – Comedy:

Disha Vakani for ‘Tarak Mehta ka Ulta Chashma’

Best Actor – Comedy:

Cyrus Brocha for ‘The Election that isn’t & the week that wasn’t’

Best Actress – Drama:

Ratan Rajput as Lalli in  AJMBHK

Best Actor – Drama:

Ronit Roy as Dharamraj in ‘Bandini’

As the functuion moved ahead, came the time for another performance n this too had two very famous couples of television, one was the newly married young couple from the serial ‘Ballika Vadhu’ – Shyam (Vikrant Massey) n Sugna (Veebha Anand) …n they performed on the songs: ‘Tera hone laga hu’ from ‘Ajab Prem ki Gajab Kahani’;

….and on ‘Dekho Chand aaya’ from Ranbir’s debut movie ‘Sawariya’

The second couple of Prem (Harshad Chopra) and Heer (Aditi Gupta) also had two sings for them, namely ‘Teri Ore’ from Katrina’s movie ‘Singh is King’;

…..and the second song for them was ‘Prem ki Naiya’ yet again from Ranbir-Katrina’s latest flick “‘Ajab Prem ki Gajab Kahani’ (APKGK).

Next we see a special segment where the Convenor n President of ITA awards Mr. Shashi Ranjan n Anu Ranjan resp. were called upon stage to give away the special award  ‘The Scroll of Honor’. And it was presented to the team of APKGK for their particular contribution to the entertainment Industry!

It started with,

Best entertainer of the Year (female) –  Katrina Kaif

Best entertainer of the Year (male) –  Ranbir Kapoor

Best entertaining Director of the Year –  Rajkumar Santoshi

Best entertaining Producer of the Year –  Ramesh Torani

And the giving away of awards continued, but now it was time to give the awards for the popular category, which are:

Best Actress:

Hina Khan as Akshara in ‘Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata Hai’

Best Actor”

Karan Mehra as Naitik in ‘Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata Hai’

Now as the function was speeding towards its end, the stage was again lightened with the shine of the mixed performance of all the stars who had alreadyt performed once, like:

DID dancers – Siddhesh, Alisha, Salmaan n this time they were joined by Jai Nair. They performed on the song ‘And we Twist’ from the movie ‘Lave aaj Kal’

Then, came back on stage the couples, one by one, like Shyam n Sugna and Pem n Heer dancing on the song ‘All is well’ from the forthcoming Aamir movie ‘3 Idiots”;

After which came Veer n Tapsya looking great to perform on the song ‘Barso re’ from “London Dreams’;

And then jst lkike they started the three girls from the opening act came back to have part in the closing act as well.

In the end, the last 3 main Jury awards were announced n they were:

Best Director – Drama:

Siddharth Gupta and Pradeep Yadav for “Ballika Vadhu”

Best Serial –Drama: (we had two winners)

‘Ballika Vadhu’ of  Sphere Origins Multivision Pvt Ltd:

….And ‘Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya hi Kijo’ of  Swastik Pictures

Then last but not the least was the award for the best serial of television in the popular category, and it was won by:

Best Serial – Popuplar:

Rajan Shahi’s ‘Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata Hai’ of prod. house Director’s Kut Production

So I hope you all had enjoyed my written update of the awards.

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September 14, 2009

10th-11th Sept: MJHT………true SG episodes!!!

WOW!!! I’m totally flattered over these two episodes….they totally belong to Samrat-Gunjan love track…..everything was great about them….samrat’s confusion, Gunjan’s worry, Samrat’s asking God for a hint, the ‘Khaabr nahi’ song sequence, then finallt the SG kiss….totally unexpected!!!

It was just Fantastic, WOW, Excellent, Brilliant….n much more!!! Now starting with the update….

10th Sept 2009:


Then, a Benji-Uday scene, …….so Benji in his style starts explaining, ‘yeh world …hai naa world… world ke andar hum aadha heart le kar aate hai..{in this world we all only come with half heart}’  …..Samrat is still gazing at Gunjan but somewhere inside he’s getting affected by what Benji was saying. Now again Uday being Uday in an irritated tone says to Benji, ‘dude coulne you have told me this before I would have used my heart (half heart) little-little….(but soon getting serious)……but dude, where will I find this other half heart of mine…with whom??”  …..samrat gets conscious at this question ……then Benji replies, ‘yahin kahin, just look around…..tumhara baki ka half heart tumhe yahin kahin dekhai dega’  …..Uday is confused, so Benji explains him in more clear terms saying, ‘tera jo dusra heart hai, jab woh tujhe dekhai dega ….toh jo tera pehla heart hai, jo already tere paas hai ….woh ‘dhak-dhak dhak-dhak karne lag jayega..’  …..samrat breaking him off, with a cute smile says, ‘aur samne sirf ussi ka chehra dekhai dega…’ …..Gunjan is shocked to hear this from Samrat   ……and Uday n Benji r like ‘uska ….kiska??”

11th Sept 2009:

………Then, its continuation of Samrat and Gunjan scene ……it’s t not a scene actually ….but the Khabar Nahi song sequence….

Gunjan is now standing face to face with Samrat, and Gunjan asks him if he has seen her friendship band  ….and he sweetly shows off that he has it  …..and then, Gunjan says, ‘thnx Samrat, I don’t ever wanna lose the mark of our friendship … may I have it back”    ….at this Samrat holding the friendship band in his hand,  says, ‘pass aakar le lo … Gunjan takes a step forward ….Samrat takes back his hand and says, ‘aur paas’ …….so Gunjan moves again takes a step forward …..again Samrat says, ‘aur paas’ …..Gunjan moves another step forward …….Samrat is saying, ‘aur paas …..aur paas’   …..till they are so close to each other that there’s no distance left between them…….and he’s just lost in her essence…

SaJan 11th Sept

…..and then, Samrat throws back Gunjan’s hair falling on her shoulder  …….and holding her Samrat leans forward, and leaves a soft kiss on Gunjan’s neck …..Samrat comes out of it and his eyes are still closed ……and he again hears, his name being called out at a distance, ‘Samrat’ …..and as he opens his eyes, to see Gunjan standing at the top of the stairs …..and so he realizes that he was again imagining Gunjan with him.

Hey friends, I dont know as to how many know abt my other blog…..and these two episodes of MJHT were superb ….so for the complete written update ….

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