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March 24, 2012

*COMPLETED* 24th March’12: STAR PARIVAAR AWARDS 2012 – with Barun Sobti!!



A very warm welcome back to all my Blog readers!

i know i missed out on the last years SPA but there wasnt much thatwe really missed. But this year if i dont give u the written update of the function u all will surely miss out a lot …the reason u all are aware of! this year “Star Parivaar Awards” are being hosted by none other than our very ‘handsome, dashing, charming, heart-throb around the globe’ – Mr. Barun Sobti from ‘Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon!’

So, i’ll be writing what I observe or like in the function (which will be mainly Barun n Sanaya) ; I know many of you are aware of the winners already but I’ll let you know about the entire function and the various nominations went about …and I WISH  that you like it!!

Coming back to Star Parivaar awards …this year it was not just another Star Parivaar awards, not just be’coz of Barun but also due to the Magnum grand celebration of Star Parivaar as it entered its 10th Anniversary! the funtion is going to be majestic, memorable n sizzling as we all get to see the amazing effects of 3D for the first time on Indian Television!! So here it begins…

WAIT! before we start off with the actual show. we have to walk thru the “rad Carpet’  which was hosted by Mami ji n Nanhe ji from “IPKKND. and firstly they all welcomed all the guests to the SPA n then all were enjoying the game of shooting ballons where khushi came to the SGP parivaar n took the gun to shoot …n min. later we see that there is a star on the board …but as we turn around all see that its “sajjan singh from Pratigya who actually shot it. it was sweet! after whihc everyone ws asked about if they knew what “3D mapping” was which is used this year …n with that we had glimses of the effect which was BEAUTIFUL!!
next NK m mami started mentioning the actual “diamond studded trophy for the nayi soch sadasya” n asked if all knew how many diamonds were thereon the trophy …people took guesses …on one knew. so mami told that there are “160 diamonds’ on the trophy. there are 4 nominations for the category:
1. Kokila 2. Manvi 3. Suraj 4. Pratigya
and some funny acts n rasam khilai with our favourite characters led us to the final steps of red carpet …n the initial steps of SPA!
So begins the “Star parivaar Awards 2012″… n we see tht first magnum effect of the 3D mapping as on to the various windows of the palace that is at back-drop  all the favourites appear, like Sajjan Singh with his G-son Samar (aww he’s cute), Gopi- Ahem, Viren-Jeevika, Virat-Maanvi, Ishaan n his mom, Shourya-Varsh n Arnav -Khuhsi (yayyyyy!!) the title track of the Sp “Nayi soch ki nayi leher” was playing as one-by-one all the pairs were leading down to the stage (in same order) n finally came our Favourite couple of the evening “Arnav-khushi (ArHi) continuing wid their nok-jhok (awww) n then all of them joined in to have a performance on the song centre-stage (Barun was surely looking uncomfortable yet super cute in his white sherwani WOW!)
After this wid the first set of function came on stage Kokila (Rupal Patel) and Viren (karan Tacker) where he acts to be feared of kokila Ben. and they welcome on stage Mr. Uday Shankar, CEO, Star India , who elaborated abt the grandness of the SPA n then explained abt the idea behind the giving of “Nayi Soch kirdaar” award
after this, kokila n viren took us to first set of awards starting wid the category of –
1. # Favourite Maa for which the nominations were:
    • Santosh Rathi (Bhabho)
    • Pratigya
    • Hetal
    • Meeta Mishra
 The award was given away by Naitik , Akshara and their litl son naksh –
and the award was won by Mita from Navya and Pratigya frm Mann ki awaz Pratigya (it was a tie!)
2.# Favourite Pita for which the nominations were:
    • Sajjan Singh
    • Shyam Saxena
    • Shashi Gupta
    • Tarachand Mathur
 This award was won by Sajjan Singh frm Mann ki awaz Pratigya

Then next on stage Viren was joined on by Suhana who told the viewers abt the 3 leading ladies of SP visiting the “Vatsalaya” foundation who works of orphan children. These leading ladies were Khushi frm Iss pyaar ko kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) and Jeevika n Maanvi frm Ek hazaaron mein meri behena hai. they brought gifts for the children n invited them to SPA for a dance performance. This led us to the 2st performance of the evening starting with Khushi (Sanaya looking gorgeous in Green) on gun gun guna re…song frm Agneepath followed by Jeevika on Jazba (frm Ladies Vs. RB) n maanvi. And all dancing to the tunes of “all is well” frm 3 idiots  wid all the kids dancing along around them – total fun !!

After this, viren n Suhana had the “Fake” private diaries of few of our charactersn read them out loud, like Naitik’s which was filled wid the word “Pyaar” as i love watching my pyaari wife sleep; i wake her wid pyaar; i have pyaar bhari tea, lunch n dinner’ …to which Suhana joked as wht would Naksh grow n tell everyone abt his father’s profession tht “woh bahut pyaar karte hai” hahaha!!

Then it was ahem’s diary in which he mentioned as on which date he got to say how many words as dialogues (poor guy); then came the diary of Arnav (Hmm..m) which read “got married to Khushi in the mandir …the idea worked …shaadi ka kharch bach gaya…n he got spared of having a fake smile for hours to the invitees @ their reception” …awww Barun looked aweomse as he cracked up on this! This finished when viren got hold of suhana’s diary which had tht she’s stuck up wid boring host on 24th for SPA …it was cutely funny!

Next came the most awaited n expensive award of the function – “Nayi Soch kirdaar” wbt which Khushi told how the real diamond studded trophy was designed n then finely prepared for the winner.

3. # Nayi Soch Kirdaar

    • Pratigya
    • Kokila
    • Sooraj
    • Maanvi
 This award was given away by Mr. Uday shankar and it was won by Maanvi of EHMMBH and Sooraj of DABH (it was again a tie).Then came on stage the awaited moment of SPA (i was soooo eager) as Arnav Singh Raizada aka Barun Sobti stepped on to the stage  wid Kokila Ben (of SNS) n started off comparing the Parivaar wid a ymmy Gujrati snacks plate n Arnav agrees (just love his Accent man!) then suddenly this music starts playing n ASR shouts to “shut it off” but it doesn’t n we see Manish disguised as woman in black entering stage in a rickshaw …she dances on a re-make song of “chkni chameli” as chappan churi. As soon as she stops her dance, Arnav is amazed n walks forward wid his hands in pocket (NO wonder he was chosen as the most Stylish member, WOW! he looks absolutely delicious) while Kokila is shocked n hides away coz of which this disguised woman spins n lands on to Arnav …kokila helps Arnav n almost shoves him off stage to protect him (he looked so cute) n then funny act where manish as disguised woman calls on the stage Nani frm IPKKND n Bhabho frm DABH n they are asked to perform. Nani performs a small bit on “Aunti ji” frm ek main aur ek tu. And Bhabho performs on chammak challo …they both were amazing !Finally Kokila is able to throw this disguised woman off stage n calls up Arnav again to continue wid next set of awards which are –
4.# Favourite Beta for which the nominations were:
    • Aham
    • Jigar
    • Sooraj
    • Viren
    • Naitik

This award was given away by Sahilja Maa (badi maa of SGP) and Dadi frm EHMMBH.  And the award was won by  “Naitik (Karan)” of Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata Hai

Next came the category of:

5.#  Favourite Beti for which the nominations were:

  • Sandhya
  • Khushi
  • Akshara
  • Saanchi

The award was presented by Anant (shahir Sheikh) frm Navya and Sooraj (Anas Rashid) frm DABH.  And the award was won by “Akshara (Hina Khan) ” frm  Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata Hai

NextArnav jokes as how Kokila is related to next category of fav. Behen n on asking of her replies tht isn’t kokila alwaz addressed as “Kokila Behen/Bain” (cute). So comes –

6.# Favourite Behen for which the nominations were:

  • Maanvi
  • Jeevika
  • Rashi
  • Anjali
This award was given away by the two most good guys on TV at present, Virat (Kushal Tandon) frm EHMMBH and Ishaan (Jay Soni) frm Sasuraal Genda Phool. And the winner in this category is Jeevika (Krystal D’souza) frm Ek hazaaron mein meri behna hai.

Next  category

7.# Favourite Bhabhi for which the nominations were:

    • Jeevika
    • Gopi
    • Akshara
    • Varsha

To present this award 3 guests were invited on stage tht included “Ranbir (Shaleen Bhanot) – Aaliya (Deblina Chaterjee) frm Sajda- tere pyaar mein along wid Manorama Mami (Utkarsha) frm IPKKND. And the award was won by Gopi (Jia Manek) frm Saath Nibhana Saathiya.

After all these awards came the awesome performances of –

Krishna– fire act on the “Dabang’ title song

Virat fighting-dance act tht too Blind-folded on the “Singham’ title song

Sooraj’s magical act wid BG tune playing.

For next segment, Arnav came back on stage n this time he had Gopi as co-host wid him (they looked sweet; she appeared so litl standing next to mighty ASR – hehehe!). they both introduced the act of “3 Goddesses’ n in came the performance where –

Sandhya came as Maa Saraswati to spread the light of education to illiterate world

Akshara came as Maa Lakshmi to bless all wid her divine power of wealth, and

Pratigya came as Maa Durga to wipe off all injustice frm the worl n help the helpless.

The act was stunning n powerful!

For next segment, Kokila came back on stage wid Bhabho (Neelu Vaghela) frm DABH start off wid the mentioning of dushman n how all saas feels tht Bahus are their enemies n so this led us to the next set of awards of –

8.# Favourite Dushman for which the nominations were:

  • Ammaji
  • Shyam
  • Swamini
  • Sadananad Tiwari

This award was presented by Jigar (Vishal Singh) n Rashi (rucha) from Saath Nibhaana Saatiya. And the winner of this award was the most ‘love-to-hate-you’ character of the season “Shyam Jha (Abhaas Mehta)” from Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon (IPKKND).

9.#  Favourite  Mazedaar Sadasya for which the nominations were:

  • Manorama Raizada
  • Minu (Meenakshi)
  • Urmi (Urmila Shah)
  • Dabboo

And this award too was bagged by the IPKKND sadasya – tht we all complaint abt for taking more screen space than our ‘Arnav-Khushi’ …yeah it was ‘Manorama Raizada aka Mami’ from IPKKND. As she got on the stage she walked up in pure mami avatar n started off her thnk u speech wid all famous line of hers “Helo-Hi-Bye-Bye’ ! while all this we cud see the IPK team having a blast n totally enjoying themselves.

Then came the part where all the leading romantic Jodi’s os SP had to perform (well not all coz ASR-KKG were not in it). But is was worth a watch if u have any of the following Jodis as your favourites. The act began with Gopi – Ahem who both looked sweet in their pink-violet matching attires on a soft slow music (cant remember the song). This was continues by Naitik-Akshara on the tunes of song “bheegi si, bhaagi si…’ frm the movie ‘Rajneeti’ …they both looked fab as ever (well i like them too!). then came on stage to spread their ever cute romance was Ishaan – Suhana who were mesmerizing as they danced on song ‘dil yeh bekraar kyu hai’ from the movie ‘Players” (oh i wish this song wud have been picturised on Arnav-Khushi). 

Well but the best was saved for the last – Sooraj – Sandhya (coz i liked Sandhya this evening n Sooraj too J) as they danced to the tunes of one of my favourite song “Main waari javan…’ from the movie “Tere Naal Love ho gaya” . And wid that the act came to its end as all the Jodi made a come back on stage one-by-one humming on to the tunes of their show tunes, like SNS, YRKKH, SGP n DABH. It was soooo amazing!~ 

Then back on stage came, Arnav n Gopi to continue wid the awards for next categories, which were –

10.#  Favourite  Saas  for which the nominations were: 

  • Santosh Rathi (Bhabho)
  • Kokila
  • Gayatri
  • Shailaja

And this ward was given away by Navya (Soumya Seth) from Navya and Hetal (Swati Shah) from Saath nibhana Saathiya. And this was won by  Shailja- Badi Maa (Supriya Pilgoankar) from Sasural Genda Phool (i really like her character as this soooo understanding Saas)


11.#  Favourite  Sasur  for which the nominations were: 

  • Sajjan Singh
  • Vijay Singh Vadhera – Dadaji
  • Vishambhar
  • Arun Rathi

And this was won by the Vishambhar Maheshwari (Sanjeev Seth) from yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai.

Next, as the hierarchy flows after,  Fav. Saas-Sasur came the award to be given for the “fav. Bahu’  

12.#  Favourite  Bahu for which the nominations were:

  • Sandhya
  • Gopi
  • Akshara
  • Suhana
  • Priya

And to give away this award two new guests were called on to stage, the two most unliked-YET-liked characters of SP, n they were – Urmila bain (Vandana Vithlani) from Saath nibhana saathiya and Swamini Bua (Seema Kapoor) from Ek hazaaron mein meri behena hai. And the winner of this category was the newest Bahu of SP “Sandhya (Deepika Singh) from Diya aur Bati hum.

Next act was a funny one as we got to see two “Sajjan Singh” getting on the stage. One of which obviously the disguised played by “Manish’. It was chaotic n so Kokila came on stage n tried to be the problem solver. She even askedKrishnaif he recognized his real father. N he said he does but didn’t say  it out loud telling that he knew who was his father n that’s all what mattered (oh really – smart!).  so finally it was kokila who solved the mess as she recognized the disguised one when he referred to kokila as “koki darling’ – the same way the ‘chappan churi’ woman had done. And so kokila threw him off stage  n led us to the next awards, which were –  

13.#  Favourite  Naya Sadasya (Male) for which the nominations were:

  • Arnav Singh Raizada
  • Viren
  • Viraat
  • Indu Singh
  • Anant

 And this was presented by Gopi n someone whose name i didn’t remember (:p). And it was won by the one ‘whose name i cant forget’ n don’t even intend on doing so – it was our Dashing ‘Arnav Singh Raizada/ ASR (Barun Sobti)”  from Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon”. As soon as he heard his name, he was like “reaalllly’ n cute surprised look on his face. He hugged everyone – Khushi (Sanaya), Anjali (Daljeet), Akash (akshay) n even Shyam (abhaas) n they all weer like “nahi hum nayi jaane denge’ cute! Finally he got to the stage n recived his award n gave a short ‘thnx to all’ speech; just when Akash (akshay) called him n reminded him to thnk him, which he did (they are all crazy). Just as he was abt to lave, Sajjan singh stopped him saying tht he being the new member in the family have to go thru a little ragging – and Kokila rephrased it was we’ll have a little game – and told Arnav to recognize all the members younger to him in Star Parivaar n send out his blessings. But as he being all into his reserve nature didn’t answer it n wid a cute smile left the stage saying “main jaa raha hoon!” 


14.#  Favourite  Naya Sadasya (Female) for which the nominations were:

  • Sandhya
  • Jeevika
  • Khushi Kumari Gupta
  • Saanchi
  • Navya

This was given away by Dani Sharma and Maanvi from EHMMBH. And it was won by sandhya (deepika) from Diya aur Bati hum.


15.#  Favourite  Nayi Soch Pal (i forgot to write it so i’m not sure of its order L) for which the nominations were:

  • Shailja (badi maa) slapping Ishwar n debarring him off of all rights as her husband.
  • Sandhya tells Bhabho why was it important for her to go VOTE.
  • Gopi decides to go to school after marriage n family, esp. kokila supports her.
  • When in Mater-chef 2, Joseph says that he wants to fulfill his father’s dreams n gift him a restaurant.
  • The true Indian survivor girl – Raj Rani (state level hockey player)  in SurvivorIndiaas the one wid ‘never-give-up’ attitude.

And this award was won by SNS team when they decide n support Gopi’s decision of studying after marriage.


16.#  Favourite Mezbaan (Host) for which the nominations were:

  • Vikas Khanna
  • Ayushmann Khurana
  • Samir Kochhar
  • Riteish Deshmukh & Sonakshi Sinha

And for this, Kokila called on stage the hosts of upcoming singing show of SP. So entered Mandira Bedi, Shantanu moitra n one more person to give away this awards. And the winner of this category were “Ritesh Deshmukh & Sonakshi Sinha” for hosting an award function on SP. Ritesh came n recived the award for him n on behalf of Sonakshi. Asnd as he left the stage, Mandira called on another Host – coz there had been a tie in this award too – she called upon “Ayushmaan Khurana” from “just Dance” show.

Now, as we are around the conclusion of the evening, the next segment of popular awards was hosted by Shailja (badi maa) n Rashi. They came to present the award for Fav. Pati and –

17.#  Favourite Pati for which the nominations were:

  • Sooraj
  • Viren
  • Naitik
  • Krishna
  • Ishaan

And to give away this category, on stage came Ritesh Deshmukh n the very pretty Khushi (Sanaya) from IPK… as she got on the mic, she asked Ritesh “so you’ve just gotten married. Toh abhi-abhi naye pati ban kar kaisa lag raha hai?’ ritesh went smiling on this n Khushi too laughed up n said “sorry for the wrong question? J. But then, riteshe said “i’ve waited 10 yrs for this so i’m on top of the world. but to be a gr8 husband i need to spend time with my wife. So i request all my producers n directors to give me some early breaks”. At this every laughed n there a quite agreeing expression of our ever-so-busy husband in real life Barun Sobti who plays ASR in iss pyaar ko…

Coming back to award, Khushi announced it, the winner is “Viren (Karan Tacker) from EHMMBH. But as he got to stage, Khushi off wid her antics didn’t present him the award n asked to tank everyone before. So he did n finally said “now i’ve done it …ab toh dede yaar” awww. And so she presents the trophy to him.


18.#  Favourite Patni for which the nominations were:

  • Pratigya
  • Sandhya
  • Suhana
  • Jeevika
  • Akshara

Before the winner of this category was announced the hosts asked the husbands of all nominated patni’s to tell everyone why their wife should win it. So one-by-one Naitik, Ishaan, Viren,Krishna, Sooraj gave the reason as to why they adore their wives. Finally came the winner name, and it is “Suhana (Ragini Khanna)”s from Sasural Genda Phool.

Finally came the last two awards (for which we all held our breaths) the Jodi award. But this year looking at the immense response from out ofIndia, SPA introduced a new award of International Jodi where the residents of foreign can too vote for their fav. jodi, so –

19.#  Favourite International Jodi for which the nominations were the same as for the Favourite Jodi.

To give away the award, Aditya (Rakesh Vashisth)  and Priya (Ridhhi Dogra) from “Maryada: Lekin kab Tak?” – and this award was won by noneother than the most-talked-about-HOT-jodi on television right now “Arnav-Khushi (Barun-Sanaya) from Iss pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon! As their names were called out, there was a roar in the audience n the team of IPK too started jumping esp. Sanaya. As they walked on to stage, Akash (Akshay & NK) were wid them too. It was cute moment, when Akash says that he’s the third wheel in ArHi story …but quickly Khushi cuts him off saying “No, i’m the third wheel” hahaha! 🙂


20.#  Favourite Jodi for which the nominations were :

  • Khushi- Arnav
  • Sooraj – Sandhya
  • Aham – Gopi
  • Viraat – Maanvi
  • Akshara and Naitik

And this award was presented byKrishna(Arhaan Behl) and Pratigya (Pooja Gor) from “Mann ki awaz – Pratigya’. And this award too was won by the favorites (mine too) Arnav-Khushi n this time Khushi aka Sanaya was like super excited as their names were called n started jumping n dancing, Arnav on the other hand took a min. to get up n joined the exceitement by flaying his arms like “YAYYYYYY!” n they walked to the stage to receive their award.  Arnav got to the mic first n said “Khushi ke aane se pehle bol leta hoon”, but all he cud say was ‘h-mm’ and like alwaz Khushi took over. They once again thanked all their viewers, fans, team of IPK, producers n Gul. Arnav aka Barun was sure to thank his real-life wife again n also his sister n niece (awww he’s soooo cute).

That lead up to Kokila n Viren who then directed us all to the closing act of SPA where the main characters of SP were dancing on the stage n finally were joined on by the winners of the various awards of the evening!


*i’ll b adding few of my made creations, some Arnav-Khushi pics are my own n some i found online. For which all credit will b duely given 🙂

July 14, 2009

Pavitra Rishta………title song!!!

Pavitra Rishta…


Aasmaan mein jab tak, sitare rahenge
Hum ek dusre ke sahare rahenge
Nazdikiyan ya ho duriyaan
Bas pyar hi, rahega darmiyaan

Raho mein, nahi dhoop ka gham
Thandi chaaya dega, har dum
Pavitra Rishtaaa….
Pavitra Rishtaaa….
Tere mere mann ka…..

Pavitra Rishtaaa….
Pavitra Rishtaaa….
Tere mere mann ka…..
I seem to get a lot of comments tht they want this song in English, which I too didn’t find when Googled. So, here’s me trying my hand at d translation. plzzz feel free to give ur comments on the translated version.
here’s it…
Till when ther are stars in the Sky,
We’ll be there for one another,
When close or even Distant from each other,
Only LOVE will exist between us.
On the ways, never fear of the hard shining Sun,
It will always b there like a pleasant shade…
Holy Relationship…
Holy Relationship…
Of ur heart wid mine…
Holy Relationship…
Holy Relationship…

*do comment friends ….if u like my creations!!

June 13, 2010

*Updated* 13th June 2010: STAR PARIVAAR AWARDS 2010 – with Charming SRK!!



Welcome readers to my Blog, like last year I’m bringing you this year’s ‘Star Parivaar Awards’; and similarly I’m writing what I observe or like in the serial; I know many of you’ll must be aware of the winners but I’ll let you know about the entire function and the various nominations…………and I could only hope that you like it.

Coming back to Star Parivaar awards …this year it was not just another Star Parivaar awards, rather it was a grand celebration as Star Parivaar completed its 10 years….n a majestic, memorable n sizzling evening awaiting for us!!

So it had to be something special, so the Red Carpet was as usual gr8 with Vikas Sethi, Rakshanda Khan and Jennifer Winget hosting them with sharing the backstage excitement with us n also taking imprints of the famous leading faces of Star Parivaar……

The Awards…the opening anchoring was done by the most popular female characters of Star Plus ‘Tulsi (Smriti Irani) n Parvati (Sakshi Tanwar) …who introduced the new generation of Bahus of Star Parivaar …which led us to the first performance n introduction of 4 leading guys of this Parivaar, i.e. Harshad Chopra, Shabbir Ahluwalia, Ajay Chaudhary n Sudeep Sahir …they performed on the famous SRK song “Sajda” from MNIK. This was followed by the performance of Ragini (Parul) on ‘Tujh mein Rab dikhta hai’; Pratigya (Pooja Gor) on ‘Tere Naina’; Poorva (Alisha Khan) on ‘Tenu dil daa vasta’; Sadhna (Sara) on ‘Tum Mile’; Suhana (Ragini Khanna) on ‘Nach’, etc…..

Then came the first round of awards, n this part was hosted by Ranvir (Kinshuk) n Aayush (from ZNKD); and the earliest award announced was….

v Favourite Buzurg for which the nominations were:

  • Dadi                           from                Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
  • Sumitra Devi          from                Sapna babul ka…Bidaai
  • Daddaji                      from                Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
  • Dadaji                        from                 Sasural Genda Phool
  • Bui                              from               Sajan ghar jana hai
  • Krishna’s Dadi       from                Mann ki awaaz…Pratigya

Sachin Pilgoankar and Sparsh were called on stage to present the opening two awards and the award was won by Dadaji from Sasural Genda Phool


v   Favourite Maa– nominations were:

  • Kaushalaya            from                Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai
  • Amro                     from                Sabki Ladli…Bebo
  • Nainaji                   from                Mann ki awaaz…Pratigya
  • Shailja                   from                Sasural Genda Phool
  • Sudha                    from                Sajan ghar jana hai
  • Rajshri                   from                Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

And the award was won by (Badi Maa) Shailja from Sasural Genda Phool;

v Favourite Pita – nominations were:

  • Prakashchand        from                Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
  • Kuku Narang        from                Sabki Ladli Bebo
  • Vishambharnath    from                Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
  • KK                               from                Sasural Genda Phool
  • Shambhu               from                Tere Mere Sapne
  • Shayamji               from                Mann ki awaaz…Pratigya

And the award was won by Vishambharnath            from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai;

And as Ranvir jokes around with Aayush, we see Ragini coming on stage n taking him away pulling his ear.

Next section brings to us the act of all the Vamps characters of various serials over the years performed on the title song of “Badmaash Company”. The act included: Komolika (Urvashi), Gursheel (Jayati Bhatia), Goldie (Anushree Bathla), Malti (Ashita Dhawan), Pallavi (Shweta Kawatra), Tripti (Suvrna Jha), Komal (Parvati Sehgal), etc {well I didn’t recognize 1 or 2 of all}

Next, for anchoring came on stage Aayushman Khurrana (the Mtv host) n called upon stage Kaushlyaji and Daadi to give away the next set of awards:

v Favourite Beta – nominations were:

  • Alekh                    from                Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai
  • Adarsh                  from                Mann ki awaaz…Pratigya
  • Mihir                     from                Behenein
  • Yudhishtir             from                Raja ki aayegi Baraat
  • Naitik                    from                Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

And the award was won by Mihir from Behenein;

This was followed by the award for laadli beti, that’s:

v Favourite Beti – nominations were:

  • Akshara     from                Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
  • Bebo          from                Sabki Ladli…Bebo
  • Dhani        from                Sajan ghar jana hai
  • Pratigya     from                Mann ki awaaz…Pratigya
  • Sadhna      from                Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai
  • Poorva       from                Behenein

And this award was won by Akshara from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai;

This was followed by…

v Favourite Bhai – nominations were:

  • Ayush                    from                Mann ki awaaz…Pratigya
  • Inder                     from                Sasural Genda Phool
  • Kesoo                    from                Tere Mere Sapne
  • Shauraya               from                Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai
  • Ranvir                   from                Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai
  • Vineet                   from                Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai

And the award for fav. Bhai was won by Ranvir from Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai;


v Favourite Behen – nominations were:

  • Akshi                     from                Behenein
  • Komal                   from                Mann ki awaaz…Pratigya
  • Nandini                 from                Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai
  • Poorva                   from                Behenein
  • Ragini                    from                Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai
  • Sanjana                  from                Sasural Genda Phool

And the award for fav. Behen was won by Poorva from Behenein;

After this there was a special award given to the person who contributed a lot in the success of Star Plus n gave it two most popular serials. The award was given by Sonali n COO of Star Plus Mr. Uday Shankar …n it was awarded to Mr. Rajan Shahi.

This was followed by the comic act by various artists n the name was “Baki ka Swayamvar’

And then came the next set of awards …n this part was anchored by Naitik (Karan Mehra) and Suhana (Ragini Khana) …n Mrs. Malaika Arora Khan was called on stage to present the awards for:

v Yaadgaar pal- Fiction ( scenes not artists) – nominations were:

  • Bebo fighting the court case         from    Sabki Ladli Bebo
  • Naitik-Akshara’s wedding            from    YRKKH
  • Pratigya takes the oath                  from    Mann ki awaaz…Pratigya
  • Sadhna-Ragini’s reunion               from    Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai
  • Suhana-Ishaan’s wedding             from    Sasural Genda Phool

And this award was won by Sadhna-Ragini’s reunion from Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai;

v Sabse Khoobsurat Rishta award was won by ‘Sajjan Singh and Krishna’ from Mann ki awaaz…Pratigya

v Yaadgaar pal – Non-Fiction

  • · Tere Mere Beach Mein

When Salma Khan broke down while talking about the days when Salman was in Jail and how the family survived through that. Salman pacified her lovingly, which brought out the mother-son bond alive.

v Favourite Contestant (from reality shows) – nominations were:

  • Abhaas Joshi                     from    Amul Music ka Mahamuqqabla
  • Anweshaa Dutta Gupta    from    Amul Music ka Mahamuqqabla
  • Rahul Vaidya                    from    Amul Music ka Mahamuqqabla
  • Sudesh Rani & Hitesh Chauhan from      Lux Perefct Bride

And this award was won by the team of Anweshaa Dutta Gupta from Amul Music ka Mahamuqqabla;

After this there was a dance act by the contestants of ‘Zara Nachke Dikha’ …they were: Aditi Gupta-Akshat, Sanjeeda-Abhishek Awasthi and Mukti-Siddhesh …n they performed on the songs – Mahbooba from Sholay, Chaliya from Tashan and Dhan te Dan from movie Kaminey …the performance was just stunning!! WOW!!..

And this act gave way to next section, which was anchored by Karan (Hiten Tajwani) and Komolika (Urvashi) …it included:

v Favourite Dushman – nominations were:

  • Angad                   from                Mann ki awaaz…Pratigya
  • Gursheel                from                Sabki Laadli Bebo
  • Bhagwati Devi      from                Raja ki aayegi Baraat
  • Nima Foi               from                Behenein
  • Padmini                 from                Hamari Devrani
  • Vasu                      from                Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai

And Gursheel from Sabki Laadli Bebo won the award for Favourite Dushman;

v Favourite Host – nominations were:

  • Ayushmann Khurrana       from      Amul Music ka Mahamuqqabla
  • Rajeev Kandelwal             from     Sach Ka Saamna
  • Dr. Kiran Bedi                  from      Aap ki Kachehri
  • Farah Khan                       from     Tere Mere Beach Mein

And the award was won by Rajeev Kandelwal from Sach Ka Saamna;

And with this, came another Special award that was given to ‘Siddharth Basu’ for bringing serials like KBC, etc …n now Sach Ka Saamna.

This made way for the next award –

v Favourite Sasur – nominations were:

  • Inderjeet                from                Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai
  • Prakashchand        from                Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai
  • Raja Sahib             from                Raja ki aayegi Baraat
  • Alok                      from                Sasural Genda Phool
  • Rajshekhar                        from                YRKKH
  • Sajjan Singh          from                Mann ki awaaz…Pratigya

And the award was won by Prakashchand from Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai;

But, before the award for Fav. Saas is given comes the performance of the leading romantic couples of famous serials, like:

Ranvir-Sadhna            on        ……….

Akshara-Naitik            on        Zindagi Doh Pal ki…

Krishna-Pratigya         on        Pyaar ki yeh kahani Suno

Ishaan-Suhana             on        Laya tu…laya tu…

And then continued the awards …the next in line was:

v Favourite Saas – nominations were:

  • Choti Rani             from                Raja ki aayegi baraat
  • Gayatri                  from                Kis Desh mein hai Meraa Dil
  • Kamini                  from                Behenein
  • Krishna’s Mom     from                Mann ki awaaz…Pratigya
  • Ramdei                  from                Tere mere sapne
  • Vasundhara           from                Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai

And the award was won by Krishna’s Mom (Ammaji) from Mann ki awaaz…Pratigya;

Next came the moment, which was to mark the celebration of 10years of Star Parivaar Awards ….Rajeev Khandelwal did the Anchoring n there was a group performance on the songs ‘Jai Ho from Slumdog Millionaire n Marhaba from Jodha Akbar” …n as this act came to its conclusion, we saw a big red sparkling Star flying over everyone’s head n on to the stage. And also we were joined in by the COO of Star Mr. Uday Shankar and the charming SRK …they were on stage to inaugurate the new logo of Star Plus …which was that big Sparkling RED Star n a new tagline “Rishta Wahi, Soch Nayi”

Then, the stage was taken over by Mihir (Sudeep) from Behenein n Rohit Roy as himself …they were here to announce the next set of awards –

v Favourite Naya Sadasya (Female) – nominations were:

  • Akshi               from                Behenein
  • Pratigya           from                Mann ki awaaz…Pratigya
  • Sarla               from                Sajan ghar jana hai
  • Smriti             from                Behenein
  • Suhaana           from                Sasural Genda Phool

And Naya Sadasya (female) became Pratigya from Mann ki awaaz…Pratigya;


v Favourite Naya Sadasya (Male) – nominations were:

  • Amar               from                Behenein
  • Shyamal          from                Behenein
  • Krishna            from                Mann ki awaaz…Pratigya
  • Amber             from                Sajan ghar jana hai
  • Anand            from                Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai
  • Ishaan             from                Sasural Genda Phool

And Naya Sadasya (male) became none other than Krishna from Mann ki awaaz…Pratigya;

v Favourite Dumdaar Sadasya – nominations were:

  • Dr. Kiran Bedi                  from                Aap ki Kachehri
  • Pratigya                             from                Mann ki awaaz…Pratigya
  • Poorva                              from                Behenein
  • Rajeev Kandelwal             from                Sach Ka Saamna
  • Sajjan Singh                      from                Mann ki awaaz…Pratigya
  • Shankar Mahadevan         from               Amul Music ka Mahamuqqabla

And the award was won by a true strong (Dumdaar) person …it was Dr. Kiran Bedi from Aap ki Kachehri

Then the television screen was mesmerized by the performance of Malaika Arora Khan along with the four leading men of the television screen, i.e. Krishna (Arhaan Behl), Ishaan (Jay Soni), Naitik (Karan Mehra), Alekh (Angad Haseeja)

This led us to the next section of awards, which presented by the two most famous Bahus of Indian Television, Tulsi (Smriti Irani) and Parvati (Sakshi):

v Favourite Bahu – nominations were:

  • Akshara     from    YRKKH
  • Sadhna      from    Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai
  • Ragini        from    Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai
  • Rani           from    Raja ki aayegi Baraat
  • Suhana      from    Sasural Genda Phool

And this year the favorite Bahu award was won by Ragini from Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai


v Favourite Family – nominations were:

  • Maheshwari & Singhania Parivaar            (YRKKH)
  • Bidaai Parivaar                                          (Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai)
  • Thakur Parivaar                                         (Mann ki awaaz…Pratigya)
  • Nanavati Parivaar                                      (Hamari Devrani)
  • Kashyap & Bajpai Parivaar                       (Sasural Genda Phool)

And this year the favorite Family award was won by the most loved of all, i.e. YRKKH;

This was followd by the comic act of Gattu (Deven Bhojani) from “Baa, Bahu aur Baby’ …with the name ‘Sach ka Payjama’ …he had it pranked frist on Rajeev Kahndelwal …then with Shilpa Shetty Kundra …n last but not the least with my SRK

And with this, Shahrukh Khan was also presented the ‘Most Laadla’ of Star Plus award

…which was given to him by Mr. Uday Shankar (COO Star +) n Shilpa Shetty.

With this we were at the verge of the conclusion of the function ….these were the second last set of awards to be given, which was acnchored by Rishi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) and Prerna (Shweta Tiwari)  …n this section awards were given by Panchi Bora n Daddaji from YRKKH …n it included:

v Favourite Devrani – nominations were:

  • Gayatri      from                Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
  • Bhakti       from                Hamari Devrani
  • Sarla          from                Sajan Ghar jana hai
  • Pratigya     from                Mann ki awaaz…Pratigya
  • Rano          from                Sasural Genda Phool
  • Radha        from                Tere Mere Sapne

And the award was won by Sarla from Sajan Ghar jana hai;

v Favourite Jethani – nominations were:

  • Sadhna                  from    Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai
  • Bhabhi maa           from    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
  • Manjula                from    Hamari Devrani
  • Kesar                     from    Mann ki awaaz…Pratigya
  • Laachi                   from    Tere Mere Sapne
  • Shailja                   from    Sasural Genda Phool

And the award was won by Bhabhi maa from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai;

Then came,

v Favorite Devar – nominations were:

  • Amber       from                Sajan Ghar jana hai
  • Ishaan        from                Sasural Genda Phool
  • Krishna      from                Mann ki awaaz…Pratigya
  • Mohan       from                Hamari Devrani
  • Ranvir       from                Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai
  • Sarju          from                Tere Mere Sapne

v Favorite Mazedaar Sadasya – nominationa were:

  • Nani                      from    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
  • Jalpa                      from    Hamari Devrani
  • Sajjan Singh          from    Mann ki awaaz…Pratigya
  • Dadi                      from    Sasural Genda Phool
  • Kalua                     from    Tere Mere Sapne
  • Malti                      from    Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai

And the award was won by Sajjan Singh from Mann ki awaaz…Pratigya;

This was followed by:

v Favorite Bhabi – nominations were:

  • Varsha       from    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
  • Ragini        from    Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai
  • Akshara     from    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
  • Rani           from    Raja ki aayegi baraat
  • Rajni          from    Sasural Genda Phool
  • Sarla          from    Sajan Ghar jana hai

And this award was won by Ragini from Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai;

This made the way for the final set of awards of Pati, Patni and Jodi and for this came on-stage Prerna (Shweta Tiwari) with Badi Maa/Shailja (Supriya Pilgaonkar), who are not only onscreen but also off-screen couple…

v Hottest (Favorite) Jodi – nominations were:

  • Ranvir-Ragini                    from    Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai
  • Pratigya-Krishna               from    Mann ki awaaz…Pratigya
  • Ishaan-Suhana                  from    Sasural Genda Phool
  • Akshara-Naitik                  from    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
  • Bebo-Amrit                       from    Sabki Laadli…Bebo
  • Alekh & Sadhna               from    Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai;

And the winners of this category of award were Pratigya-Krishna from Mann ki awaaz…Pratigya

v Favourite Pati – nominations were:

  • Ranvir                   from                Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai
  • Alekh                    from                Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai
  • Naitik                    from                YRKKH
  • Amber                   from                Sajan Ghar jana hai
  • Krishna                  from                Mann ki awaaz…Pratigya
  • Mihir                     from                Behenein

And the award was won by Alekh (Angad) {2nd year in running} from Sapna Babul ka….Bidaai;

v Favourite Patni – nominations were:

  • Akshara     from    YRKKH
  • Ragini        from    Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai
  • Bhakti       from    Hamari Devrani
  • Suhana      from    Sasural Genda Phool

And this award was won by the on-screen wife of Naitik (means she’s a nicer than her husband) that’s Akshara from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH);

And closing stages the function with the best award of –

Lastly, I would just like to say that I’ve just tried to share this award function with people who might have missed it, coz it was really an evening full of excitement ……

So I would really appreciate if you all who read it left a comment……thanx!!

December 13, 2009

*Updated* 13th Dec: ITA awards 2009

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Welcome readers to my blog, as you all know tht its been 6 months since I started writing!! as mentioned in my earlier blogs i used to note all the info which liked but had no knwon source to share it …then when i came in to this writing blog business….

And also you all should by now be knowing that I have another blog going on which I update on daily basis …its abt the show “Miley Jab Hum Tum” airing on Star one, its link is :

….so I’ve been getting very less time to update this blog recently but now as the ITA awards will be awarded to out favorite stars of Television ….so here I’m again with the latest update of these awards!!

And so the awards night begins with:

The Curtain Raiser:

It began with the curtain raiser of ITA awards with Afsha n Dhairya (hosts of Zee TV’s Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs) …..they started meeting the artists of various serial from different channels and asking them sweet questions like first they met Naitik–Akshara, then with both the couples of Bidaai …n also they were with Prem n Heer…n many more.

Then, later in the curtain raiser they take us to the sets of ITA n there too they meet up artist who’ll be performing at the awards like Barkha Bisht, Veer (Nandish) n Tapsya …n also they meet Manav n Archana n asks him ‘in the serial they are almost at the edge of being divorced n so why are they performing together here ..what if Manav’s aai (mom) found out ..what will happen??’ this Manav (Sushant) is making faces ….b Afsha acting like his Mom throws slaps his way …hahaha!! how cute his smile was awww

Ok then comes the Red Carpet of ITA, with Dhairya n Afsha again  ….n so begins the entries of televisions beautiful stars …n Dhairya n Afsha start interacting with them n asking questions like ‘why awards take place at night? …if a kid passes KG what song will he sing (KG kiya re, KG kiya re…) n so on.

Then comes the time of main award function, where the hosts for the evening take over n they are Gaurav Gera n Sunil Grover (they were also the host of Hans Baliye!)


After the show had its formal beginning the hosts introduced the audience with the Jury members …n they were all famous personalities of the entertainment business, experts of their fields…

Then cam the first performance of the evening by charming Tamanna, Syantini nad Barkha Bisht ….they all had their parts to perform on the song ‘All the Best’ n they were wearing some Mexican carnival sort of white dresses.

This led the way to the announcement of winners from the technical field, in which awards like best visual effects, lyrics of title song, etc were given. I only took note of two coz they involved my favorites, as in

Best Music to Lalit Sen for Ballika Vadhu; and

Best Singer to Sonu Nigam for Dill Mil Gaye!!

Then as these awards were wrapped up, the host cracked a joke saying, ‘people should go n buy the cars of TV stars …the asked ‘why?’  ….so the first one replied ‘as it is they out of 24hrs, spend 17-18 on the sets n the car is just wasted parked outside, So…

But it’s a great pleasure that our car of ITA has been running successfully since 9yrs …so we move ahead..

And so begins the sizzling performance of Shaleen n Daljit on a parody of three songs; first ‘mera naam chin-chin choo’ …then ‘Roop tera mastana’…n then final song ‘Ser par topi lal haath mein reshm ka rumal ho tera kya kehna..’ ….they were looking just so sensational while performing!!

Then, the first set of awards, which were selected by the Jury members. The first one was–

Best Child Programme:

M.A.D on Disney

Best Child Artist:

Avika Gor as Anandi in ‘Ballika Vadhu’

Best Historical/Mythological Serial:

Meera on NDTV Imagine

Best Game/Quiz Show:

‘Sach ka Samnaa’ on Star Plus

Best Reality Show:

‘Aap ki Kachehri’ on Star Plus

Best Music/ Film Based Show:

Indian Idol 4 on Sony TV

Best News/ Current Affairs Show:

CJ Show

As these set of award came to an end, the host took the audience o the world of music by mentioning the world famous musician, who isn’t among us this year ..its Michael Jackson (MJ) …n to pay a tribute to him the top finalists of Dance India Dance (DID) were called upon the stage. First came Alisha Singh to perform …followed by Siddhesh, who on the tunes of a Marathi song did MJ style of steps  …then finally came Salman Khan (winner of DID 1) …n he too on the tunes of an Indian song, had the steps of MJ!! They all were super fabulous in their dancing …much improved than before.

After this rocking performance by our DID winners, it was time to announce the next set of Jury awards. It started with:

Best Fashion/ Life Style Channel:

NDTV Good Times

Best Thriller/ Horror Serial:


Best TV Event:

IIFA awards 2009

Best Talk/Chat Show:

Tere Mere Beeech Mein – Shahrukh Kahn & Farah Khan

Best Director – Comedy

Kante ki Takkar

Best Comedy Serial:

Tarak Mehta ka Ulta Chahsma

Then in here as a special honor  a ‘Scroll of honor’ was presented to Mr. Anuj Kapoor for the Channel Sab TV

Then, Best Anchor- News/Current Affairs:

Prabhu Chawla

Best English News Channel:

NDTV Imagine

Best Hindi News Channel:

Aaj Tak

And so after the giving of the above awards, came the rocking performance of the most adorable couple on TV screen (well acc to me) …our very own Manve n Archana from the serial ‘Pavitra Rsihta’. The act started with Manav (Shushant Singh) coming on the stage wearing ordinary jeans with t-shirt n greenish jacket …but in these simple accessories too, he was looking so handsome n cute. Then he was joined in by Archana (Ankita Lokhande), who in her bluish-purple top n black shining shorts, also wearing a cap was looking so cute n adorable. They performed on a parody of four songs:

First, on ‘Blue’ – the title song of movie ‘Blue’

….then, on ‘Genda Phool’ from the movie ‘Delhi-6’

….after this, on th song ‘Om Mangalam’ from ‘Khambakt Ishq’

….n then lastly on the song ‘Lave Me’ from ‘Wanted’ movie.

And this mesmerizing performance from Sushant n Archana made way for the next set of Jury awards. And they were:

Best Actress in Supporting Role

Smita Bansal as Sumitra in ‘Ballika Vadhu’

Best Actor in Supporting Role:

Aditya Lakhia as Nanku in ‘Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya hi Kijo’

Best Actress in a Negative Role:

Surekha Sikri as ‘Daadi saa’ in ‘Ballika Vadhu’

Best Actor in a Negative Role:

Sudesh Berry as ‘Loha Singh’  in ‘Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya hi Kijo’

And as a trend, after these awards came the next performance …n it was by two couples on two different songs each. The first couple was of Veer (Nandish) and tapsya (Rashmi Desai) from the serial ‘Uttaran’ on Colors. These two performed on the songs ‘Koyalia re’ from the movie ‘Life Patner’ and on Mann ati Bhave’ from ‘Landon Dreams’. And the second couple was Ranvir (Kinshuk) n Ragini (Parul); They too had their performance on two songs, which were, first ‘Aaja Aaja’ from the movie Kaminey; and then on the title song of ‘Bachna aee Haseeno’.

But this performance was done in mixed manner like, first Veer-Tapsya had the dance on their first song …then came Ranvir-Ragini with their opening song. After this second song of Veer-Tapsya  …n then final closing by Ragini-Ranvir!!

Then the next set of Jury awards was given:

Best Anchor – Comedy/Quiz Show:

Salman Khan for ‘Dus ka Dum’

Best Anchor – Music/ Film Based Show:

Meiyang Chang for ‘Indian Idol 4’

Best Anchor – Chat/ Talk Show:

Female: Dr.Kiran Bedi for ‘Aap ki kachehri’

Male    : Rajdeep Sardesai for ‘Battle for India’

Best Entertainment Channel:


Best Actress – Comedy:

Disha Vakani for ‘Tarak Mehta ka Ulta Chashma’

Best Actor – Comedy:

Cyrus Brocha for ‘The Election that isn’t & the week that wasn’t’

Best Actress – Drama:

Ratan Rajput as Lalli in  AJMBHK

Best Actor – Drama:

Ronit Roy as Dharamraj in ‘Bandini’

As the functuion moved ahead, came the time for another performance n this too had two very famous couples of television, one was the newly married young couple from the serial ‘Ballika Vadhu’ – Shyam (Vikrant Massey) n Sugna (Veebha Anand) …n they performed on the songs: ‘Tera hone laga hu’ from ‘Ajab Prem ki Gajab Kahani’;

….and on ‘Dekho Chand aaya’ from Ranbir’s debut movie ‘Sawariya’

The second couple of Prem (Harshad Chopra) and Heer (Aditi Gupta) also had two sings for them, namely ‘Teri Ore’ from Katrina’s movie ‘Singh is King’;

…..and the second song for them was ‘Prem ki Naiya’ yet again from Ranbir-Katrina’s latest flick “‘Ajab Prem ki Gajab Kahani’ (APKGK).

Next we see a special segment where the Convenor n President of ITA awards Mr. Shashi Ranjan n Anu Ranjan resp. were called upon stage to give away the special award  ‘The Scroll of Honor’. And it was presented to the team of APKGK for their particular contribution to the entertainment Industry!

It started with,

Best entertainer of the Year (female) –  Katrina Kaif

Best entertainer of the Year (male) –  Ranbir Kapoor

Best entertaining Director of the Year –  Rajkumar Santoshi

Best entertaining Producer of the Year –  Ramesh Torani

And the giving away of awards continued, but now it was time to give the awards for the popular category, which are:

Best Actress:

Hina Khan as Akshara in ‘Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata Hai’

Best Actor”

Karan Mehra as Naitik in ‘Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata Hai’

Now as the function was speeding towards its end, the stage was again lightened with the shine of the mixed performance of all the stars who had alreadyt performed once, like:

DID dancers – Siddhesh, Alisha, Salmaan n this time they were joined by Jai Nair. They performed on the song ‘And we Twist’ from the movie ‘Lave aaj Kal’

Then, came back on stage the couples, one by one, like Shyam n Sugna and Pem n Heer dancing on the song ‘All is well’ from the forthcoming Aamir movie ‘3 Idiots”;

After which came Veer n Tapsya looking great to perform on the song ‘Barso re’ from “London Dreams’;

And then jst lkike they started the three girls from the opening act came back to have part in the closing act as well.

In the end, the last 3 main Jury awards were announced n they were:

Best Director – Drama:

Siddharth Gupta and Pradeep Yadav for “Ballika Vadhu”

Best Serial –Drama: (we had two winners)

‘Ballika Vadhu’ of  Sphere Origins Multivision Pvt Ltd:

….And ‘Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya hi Kijo’ of  Swastik Pictures

Then last but not the least was the award for the best serial of television in the popular category, and it was won by:

Best Serial – Popuplar:

Rajan Shahi’s ‘Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata Hai’ of prod. house Director’s Kut Production

So I hope you all had enjoyed my written update of the awards.

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November 7, 2009

Agla Janam Mohe BItiya hi Kijo: AJMBHK……Kahani Ab Tak!!!

“Agla Janam Mohe Bitiya hi Kijo” is a story of a young village girl named “Laali”, played by Ratan Rajput ….who was previously seen playing the character of  ‘Ruchi’ from ‘Radha ki betiyan kuch kar dhikhengi’.

Laali, a seventeen year old, who’s born into a farmer family, living in a remote area in Bihar. Her family is from a low cast background and by profession are rat killers or ‘Musahars’ who help the Zamindaars to protect their land and homes from infestation. In her family she has her father Nanku (played by Aditya Lakhia), her mother Majri (played by Tuhina Vora), n their four children; n Laali is the eldest among her siblings of four girls n a boy.

Nanku, father of Laali, also has a limb in his foot, so he’s not physically that fit ….still he ties hard to earn money for his family. So many-a-times their family sleeps with a hungry stomach. And Laali who’s a caring, family girl …..being the eldest among siblings tries everything she can to help her parents, by doing any petty job or just taking care of her siblings …….But here we should you that Laali is already married. As still happens in most of the parts of India, (till this time it happens) Laali too has been married at a very tender age by her parents, with a boy Ganeshia from the neighboring village ….but still she stays with her parents, till she gets a little mature n they do her “Gauna” (sort of ceremony for the girl’s Bidaai to her in-laws).

Now the main story, Laali being the eldest she feels it as her responsibility to look after her siblings n help her parents, without ever asking anything in return. Then, apart from her family (n dreaming of Ganeshia ofcourse) Laali is much attached to her two friends namely, Phulbatiya n Shanichari …n like Laali these two girls have also been married at young age ….n Gauna’ of the first one has been done …..So now whenever this friend comes back to the village, Shanichari n Lali are just too excited to have their new live with their husband resp.

Then, the Laali’s story takes a major turn when, she gets the good news of her friend Shanichari’s ‘Gauna’ been finalized  ….both the girls are pretty happy!!. But not for long, soon out of the blue, Laali is shocked when she see Shanichari tries to commit suicide ….well she is saved …but just like a loath of flesh! ….and then, when Laali investigates, she’s traumatized to know that in the name of ‘Gauna’ Shanichari has been sold to the local village goon, Bali (involved in these kind of activities) by her parents, n where is she taken to, even they have no clue!!.

Now coming back to Laali’s family problems, seeing all this selling of daughter ‘coz of money issues…. Laali’s father gets worried that their financial problems might also let the goons to target Laali …..So next thing he does is go to Laali’s in-laws to ask for a Gauna …..but there he’s again faced with another reality …the in-laws of Laali demand ten thousand cash for the ceremony (well in simple terms they want Dowry)  …..instead of being a poor farmer, for the sake of his daughter, Nanku Laali’s father agrees to the condition n sets off back home.

At home, Nanku is tensed n he shares this with his wife ….then to get the situation resolved, he does what he shouldn’t have …..he tries to steal some of the cattle from the Zamindaar …but his bad luck that he’s caught n put into jail ….so bringing more problems on the family  …..and as she (Lali) goes to the zamindaar for help , that filthy fellow tries to have a dirty eye on her, but some how she manages to escape.

Here luck too seems to be against Laali n her family. As it is her father is in jail, n to worsen things…..her younger brother falls sick …..n to get some money for medicines…..Laali tries her hand at running for the prize in the village men’s race …there too the guys try to harass her but she again saves her self n wins …..but who’s the judge, the same zamindaar, so he instead of awarding Laali ……says that it was a men’s race n this girl (Laali) was just participating …that’s why she’s not eligible for the prize money. Hearing this, Laali is devastated ….she loses all her hope …..n while running the distance she exhausts herself, with an empty stomach …..n so we see Lali too falling unconscious n sick. Now all alone, her mother has to face three challenges simultaneously, Nanku in jail…little son down with high fever n Laali with her weakness  ……so the story takes another twist when the local goon comes in the picture and offers money to Nanku’s wife on the a/c to buy Laali  …..Initially, Laali’s mother throws back the offer right to his face but soon giving in to the unavoidable circumstances, she agrees to it. So, Nanku is released from jail ……n when Nanku finds about as to where did his wife got the money from ……so being helpless parents, they try to run away from the village taking their sick children in the same condition …but here again luck not favoring them …..they are forced back to the village by heavy rains n storms n so get caught by Bali.

So again accepting everything as their destiny, they decide to go ahead with the dealing of Laali but without telling her that she’s being sold ….instead they tell her that its her Gauna n so she’s going to her Husband n in-laws place. And to take her enters the character of RannVijay (thakur’s elder son). While all the rituals for ‘Gauna’ are being performed …then after Laali’s so called ‘shudhikaran’ (a ritual to pure her as she belonged to a lower cast) ….she isn’t allowed to touch or go near her parents …..she bids them goodbye from a distance n leaves with some people! Later on the way she finds out at a Dhaba (eating corner), that they are instead of going towards Ganeshia’s village, are going the opposite way ….so to put off her doubt, Rannvijay (the person incharge of bringing her) tells her that her husband Ganeshia works in another village n so she’s been taken to him there!

Now its almost dark as she reaches her destination, n there she finds herself in a large mansion sort of place (like that of zamindaars) ….n also she finds it confusing when she’s not welcomed like a new bride. Then Dai (a maid played by Sushmita Ganguly) to a small hut area n wait for Ganeshia to come …but in comes “Loha Singh” to have a look at his worth!

And so we have an introduction of the Thakur family   ….…the introduction of the main negative character of the show, “Loha Singh” (played by Sudesh Berry) …he’s the one who has bought Laali, for his younger son, Shekhar! ‘coz there’s no male heir to the Thakur family, RannVijay has two twin daughters, and Shekhar has no child …and like any orthodox family Loha Singh too is gritty to have a grandson!

Now, something about Shekhar, he’s the second son to Loha Singh …he’s married to Siddheshwari (played by Sukirti Khandpal) n he’s very happy with her too!! But coz Siddheshwari cannot beget children …..that’s the reason why Loha Singh has bought Laali to become the surrogate mother to give his family an heir. And in all these proceedings, Rannvijay the elder son of Loha Singh has been the one to do all the dealing part!  …..But also we should know that even if Laali has been bought n even brought to this house, Shekhar doesn’t approve of all this, just to get a child ….he’s somewhat the odd duckling out….means he’s very polite instead of being from the family of dictators!!

Again coming back to Laali, she is waiting for her husband to come …right then she hears the sound of flute playing (bansuri) …n feeling an attraction to the sound, Laali starts walking to it  ….and as she finally reaches the place, that’s under a tree, she see Shekhar …n remembering her last faded memory of ‘Ganeshia’ (her husband) Laali assumes Shekhar to be her ‘Ganeshia’ ….n like any wife, she instantly starts admiring her husband. After, Loha Singh finding out about this latest happening, (Laali thinking of Shekhar to be Ganeshia)  ….n so he orders everyone to keep their silence n illusion of Laali ….n also asks Shekhar to trick Laali by playing along this Ganeshia act ….and use Laali to conceive a child  … that his wish of a grandson (heir) could be fulfilled without any obstacles.

Then we see, different scene where, Laali is trying to get Shekhar’s attention ….to an extent he agrees but the thought of betraying his wife, Siddheshwari (whom he dearly loves)  …every time Shekhar backs out, leaving Laali in mess of unanswered questions. One time, Laali even asks Shekhar to fill her maang with sindoor …but he again hesitates.  But as the circumstances unfold, Laali comes face to face with this reality that Shekhar is not her husband  ….however the younger son of the zamindaar …n also that she has been sold by her parents to these zamindaars. Initially she doesn’t believe them. So after the identity of Shekhar being revealed, now Loha Singh openly tries to force Laali n Shekhar to be with one another ….he even locks them both in the small hut, but Shekhar doesn’t even touch Laali let alone sleep with her.

However next morning when asked, Shekhar lies to his father n says that he has done what he was asked to do. To which Loha Singh is super glad that he’s gonna have a grandson. But Laali knowing the whole truth tries again to escape and after various attempts to break out, which also leads to her being punished cruelly by Loha Singh!!  ….she finally manages to escape from their trap, with the help of Jamuni (Dai’s

Daughter) n Shekhar!! And as she escapes, Loha Singh again orders Bali to re-capture Laali ‘coz he thinks that Laali is carrying the family’s heir (as lied by Shekhar). So, Bali head to her village, assuming that she’ll first return to her family!!

Now for her way home, Laali she catches a bus home, but as she had no money with her, she’s almost thrown out of the bus, when a women passenger comes to her rescue  …she shouts at the bus people n agrees to pay for Laali’s bus journey. And then this woman takes the seat next to Laali …..well she seemed quite interested in Laali. In a formal intro, this woman introduces herself as Daali (oh no, later we come to know that this Daali is the owner of a brothel). At her village stop, Laali expresses her gratitude to this Daali  ….n starts walking towards her home  …..but just a few steps away from her home, she finds Bali talking to her father, Nanku. Where, Bali is threatening Nanku not to hide Laali, if she returns home as she has been sold to the Thakurs!!   ……..hearing this, right in the presence of her father, Laali realizes that she’s actually been sold, n so she’s heart broken. Laali all devastated by this truth decides to leave without meeting her parents …but eventually she has to go home, when she’s spotted by her mother, Majri passing their home. Now, at home, Laali isn’t talking much to her parents …she’s spending all her time with her siblings. She ‘s still shocked by her reality …but in a way she’s happy for her brother n sisters. And here Laali finds out about Rekha getting married {{but still not knowing that Rekha is getting married to her Ganeshia…(it all so happened, that while she’s been away, her family still is in turmoil  ….well, Nanku n his wife only uses the amount needed for the treatment of their son, n save the rest for the marriage of their remaining two daughters  …but when, the father-in-law of Laali come to enquire about her …n on coming to know about her being sold for such a huge amount  …he too demands a share in it. This fellow gives Nanku two options, 1. to marry her second daughter to his son, Ganeshia (husband of Laali) ….n 2. Or else he threatens to give Nanku to the police. Again feeling all incarcerated in the hands of their destiny, Nanku n wife agrees to the first condition of marrying Rekha (their second daughter) to Ganeshia  …and so they start preparing for the marriage}}      …..So after some time, Laali decided to leave  …her parents beg for her forgiveness …n she explains them that she has nothing against them …..n she’s leaving coz of Bali, who’s constantly threatening her family, looking for her!

And as she cannot be with her parents no more, Laali decides to go to Ganeshia. She reaches the village, n his home  ……there she sees her Ganeshia (played by Karan Mehra) …….she tells him how much long n obstacles she has crossed to meet him. Ganeshia seems stunned by her arrival. Laali is really happy to be with her husband at last  ……but soon all her happiness vanishes, when she realizes that Ganeshia is getting married again …n the would be bride to her husband is none other than her own younger sister Rekha  ….now this revelation totally smashes Laali n she chooses to sacrifice her love for her sister  …..n putting up an act, she tells Ganeshia that she cant return now, as she has become someone’s mistress. Hearing this, Ganeshia backs off feeling dismayed with Laali …n also doesn’t allow to take his blessings. And so she leaves from there too!!

But as the ceremony takes place n the groom is addressed as Ganeshia, Rekha realizes that she’s getting engaged to her Laali didi’s Ganeshia  ….n so she refuses to marry him.

Rest I’ll update soooooon ……as I get time to finish writing! 🙂 🙂

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September 14, 2009

10th-11th Sept: MJHT………true SG episodes!!!

WOW!!! I’m totally flattered over these two episodes….they totally belong to Samrat-Gunjan love track…..everything was great about them….samrat’s confusion, Gunjan’s worry, Samrat’s asking God for a hint, the ‘Khaabr nahi’ song sequence, then finallt the SG kiss….totally unexpected!!!

It was just Fantastic, WOW, Excellent, Brilliant….n much more!!! Now starting with the update….

10th Sept 2009:


Then, a Benji-Uday scene, …….so Benji in his style starts explaining, ‘yeh world …hai naa world… world ke andar hum aadha heart le kar aate hai..{in this world we all only come with half heart}’  …..Samrat is still gazing at Gunjan but somewhere inside he’s getting affected by what Benji was saying. Now again Uday being Uday in an irritated tone says to Benji, ‘dude coulne you have told me this before I would have used my heart (half heart) little-little….(but soon getting serious)……but dude, where will I find this other half heart of mine…with whom??”  …..samrat gets conscious at this question ……then Benji replies, ‘yahin kahin, just look around…..tumhara baki ka half heart tumhe yahin kahin dekhai dega’  …..Uday is confused, so Benji explains him in more clear terms saying, ‘tera jo dusra heart hai, jab woh tujhe dekhai dega ….toh jo tera pehla heart hai, jo already tere paas hai ….woh ‘dhak-dhak dhak-dhak karne lag jayega..’  …..samrat breaking him off, with a cute smile says, ‘aur samne sirf ussi ka chehra dekhai dega…’ …..Gunjan is shocked to hear this from Samrat   ……and Uday n Benji r like ‘uska ….kiska??”

11th Sept 2009:

………Then, its continuation of Samrat and Gunjan scene ……it’s t not a scene actually ….but the Khabar Nahi song sequence….

Gunjan is now standing face to face with Samrat, and Gunjan asks him if he has seen her friendship band  ….and he sweetly shows off that he has it  …..and then, Gunjan says, ‘thnx Samrat, I don’t ever wanna lose the mark of our friendship … may I have it back”    ….at this Samrat holding the friendship band in his hand,  says, ‘pass aakar le lo … Gunjan takes a step forward ….Samrat takes back his hand and says, ‘aur paas’ …….so Gunjan moves again takes a step forward …..again Samrat says, ‘aur paas’ …..Gunjan moves another step forward …….Samrat is saying, ‘aur paas …..aur paas’   …..till they are so close to each other that there’s no distance left between them…….and he’s just lost in her essence…

SaJan 11th Sept

…..and then, Samrat throws back Gunjan’s hair falling on her shoulder  …….and holding her Samrat leans forward, and leaves a soft kiss on Gunjan’s neck …..Samrat comes out of it and his eyes are still closed ……and he again hears, his name being called out at a distance, ‘Samrat’ …..and as he opens his eyes, to see Gunjan standing at the top of the stairs …..and so he realizes that he was again imagining Gunjan with him.

Hey friends, I dont know as to how many know abt my other blog…..and these two episodes of MJHT were superb ….so for the complete written update ….

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September 9, 2009

Love ne mila di jodi:……….Prithvi-Damini Story/Scenes!!!

Hey dear readers,

this post is dedicated to the story of Prithvi n Damini…….

I’ll update it in a while, ……for now here are the first three scenes of their story:

1.] The  first  meeting  of  Prithvi and Damini, shown  in  the  8th episode aired on 1st July.  In this episode, their meeting  well, they  don’t  exactly come face  to  face  nor do  they  see   each  other.  It so  happened  that  Prithvi with his younger  brother Sameer  comes to Mumbai looking for their father, where they find out something fishy about the whole matter and on top of it they are not allowed to enter the Gujral Mansion, to enquire about their dad. This leads to Prithvi going inside the premises, escaping the guards watch…… Prithvi asks Sameer to distract the guard while he enters the mansion……..there he lands up in and walk to the stable area where Prithvi notices the stable people trying to handle one horse, a beautiful White horse………well it was Damini’s horse ‘Toofan’. Prithvi steps forward and takes charge and very easily controls him.……..right this moment we see Damini coming the same way to enquire about Toofan (he was making noises). Then, Prithvi is standing at the fence and Damini just passes by him without seeing his face ‘coz he was standing with his back towards her.

So this was the so awaited first meeting of Prithvi and Damini….

2. ] Well i must tell you this also that their second meeting was also somewhat like this.

I said ‘somewhat like this’ coz in their second meeting also they don’t see their faces……well Damini doesn’t but Prithvi does see her.

So, their second meeting happens, when Sameer, Prithvi’s younger brother who came to Mumbai with him decides to kidnap one of Gujral girls in order to get his father’s release. And its Avni who is targeted by him as he saw her coming out of the house first………he follows her and seeing the opportunity at the construction site, Sameer gets hold of Avni but just before he could take her away Damini stops with the help of a gun to his head and Damini asks Sameer to remove his mask and as he’s about to ……….they all hear the sound of a racing bike at a distance n nearing them……its Prithvi coming to save Sameer.

Prithvi is in between Sameer n Damini…..but still Damini is only able to see half of his face …….and then Prithvi runs away from there with Sameer leaving Damini all frustrated….

3. ] Well, like their previous two meeting, this third also is similar…..its been a day after the kidnapping incident …….and Damini is driving back home from market, thinking about the whole kidnapping thing again she starts babbling   …… the same time Prithvi is also in the same area…..  and Damini almost has an accident with Prithvi  ……leading to them getting into verbal fight without even seeing each other…….and just when Prithvi n Damini are about to look at each other …….Prithvi gets taxi, what he was looking for ……..and right then, Damini’s phone rings and she isn’t able to see the person who touched her car   …..and so they both go their separate ways….

August 28, 2009

Apnareviews……….Picture Gallery!!!

Hey dear readers, these are a few of my creations…..

Yes these r made by me!!

If u like my work……PLZZZZ DO COMMENT!!

*Edited*1st Sept:


love ne mila di jodi 1_96

love ne mila di jodi_96


For this pic the bg credit is not mine!!




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MayUr 5



Karan 1_96







August 27, 2009

DIL MILL GAYE……..14th-19th Aug’09 !!!

14th August 2009:

The episode starts with Abhi coming to the garden looking for Nikki but she’s not to be found……….then he notices the broken pieces of Nikki’s bangles; right then he hears two criminal type of characters talking about some ‘bhabhi sa’ (ref to Nikki) ………..(one criminal goes to get fresh) so Abhi getting suspicious tries to find the real matter…………he walks up to the van, hiding in the bushes, when he notices someone’s voice like its comes when a person is tied up………and on finding that its Nikki, Abhi plans to free her and slowly walking to the goon, he hits him on the head to leave him unconscious………but as there is one more he carries this unconscious goon in the van. There he sees Nikki all tied up in a jute bag……..he opens her straps……..but just then the other goon and Su’s brother enter the van…………and to avoid any suspicion of him being in the van he holding the unconscious man’s head nods to make other two assume that he’s just sleeping………….so Abhi hides himself and waits for an opportunity to escape…

Back at Gupta house, Armaan taking her to her bedroom (as she’s totally out ‘talli’) ……he’s just blabbering on Anjali and Atul for making him do this. And so enters Atul and when Armaan asks him where was he, to this Atul replies, “I was outside keeping watch, and then I went to get something to eat as I was getting hungry” …….Armaan scolds him but Atul not reacting much leaves telling him to put Riddhima to sleep…………….at this Armaan is like ‘am I her baby sitter or what??

Armaan covers Riddhima with a bed sheet and just when he’s about to go………she stops him by holing him collar……..and despite not being herself she looks at him with all love, adoration and a sweet smile (with flashbacks of all their cute moments)…………Armaan is also lost in her eyes…. Then, Riddhima falls to sleep……….and Armaan coming back to reality, irritated on himself says, “This would turn me mad……… sleep well ok!”………..and just when he’s about to put a pillow under her head, she rolls over…………so blocking his arm. After a moment, Armaan still was trying to free him arm, when Dr. Shashank Gupta (SG) walks in on him and………….Armaan in a split second gets up freeing his arm…….and posing them as he’s been told ‘hands up’. Dr. S. Gupta enquires his coming at this late hour……….and Armaan starts telling him….its more like he tries telling him…………finally he says, “Sir, I came to drop off Anjali and Riddhima” “here, in the bedroom?” asks Dr. SG in a harsh tone. But Armaan tells him that he was told by Anjali ‘coz she herself is outside……………and when Dr. SG tries to wake Riddhima up he finds out that she’s drunk……… he again gives Armaan a suspicious and angry look; now Armaan getting all defensive says that she didn’t drink herself but she was tricked into it by someone…………and so Dr. SG asks who did it???

Anjali comes to rescue and tells her dad that some idiot villainous sort of person had mixed alcohol in Riddhima’s drink…..and Armaan is making faces at her. Then, Dr. SG tells Armaan to leave and he does.

Next we see, the van stopping……..and Su’s brother with his accomplice again getting off to get fresh……….and in these few minutes Abhi and Nikki gets down the van from the back door…………and hide there itself till the van drives off. Nikki so relived to see Abhi………she thanks God that Abhi came to save her, otherwise…….Abhi calms her and they share a hug. Then Abhi tells her that they must find their way back from this unknown area. In the van, when Su’s brother tries to wake his man……..he then finds out that he’s unconscious and Nikki’s escaped………he screams to stop the van…..

Back in Mumbai, it’s a new day, Riddhima walking in Sanjeevani, (with a bit hangover) where everyone is giggling at her, behind her back…………she’s surprised when a college tells her that she was fab in the party last night but she cant remember anything. Next scene, in the locker room, Riddhima sees Anjali and asks her, “di why didn’t you come with me?” ……….at which Anjali replies, “I thought you wouldn’t like coming with a bossy person like me…….(Atul joins them, now Anjali scolding him)…..after Atul I’m bossy, am I not? huh!!” Riddhima is surprised and she asks Atul as what’s wrong with Anjali and then Atul and Muskan too start taunting her………..but Riddhima is shocked at their behavior…………….and as all three are about to leave the locker room, walks in Armaan and he starts talking to Riddhima, “a bit headache……..cant remember anything? ……I can help you; and he walks up to her…………and starts enacting the way she was behaving at the party…………so it all comes back to her that how badly she behaved and is like, ‘oh” and Armaan says to her, ‘oh yes, I never thought teacher, you could be soooo rocking” and then as usual Armaan mocks her………..which as usual leads to their argument…………and then fight. Anjali, Atul and Muskan stop them. Armaan leaves from there………….Riddhima then, gets upset on his behavior and so Anjali consoles her saying that he has forgotten all about their relation…….but Riddhima (knowing this) still is upset and says ‘this isn’t the Armaan I fell in love with” and she leaves the locker room.

Later in the cafeteria, Anjali with Atul and Muskan having discussion on Ridz situation and how bad she felt…….. at this Atul says that Armaan too must be feeling bad though he might not show it. But next we see, Armaan in the reception area flirting with a kid-patient’s mother…….she then insist on completing the paper work quickly.

Back in the cafeteria, discussions going on, where Anjali decides to tell Armaan everything about his memory loss………but Atul stops her saying that it might be dangerous for him… informed by Dr. SG…..

Back at the reception, Armaan gives the filled forms to the lady (with patient) where she points out that the date is correct but the year isn’t 2007……..but its 2009………..and shows him the nearby hanging calendar. Armaan is shocked……….and he faints and all this is seen by Riddhima.

17th August 2009:

In this episode we see, Abhi n Nikki taking shelter in a lonely house after escaping from Su’s brother  ……..and then when, Abhi tells her not to be scared ………at this Nikki tells him (teasingly) that she wasn’t scared for herself but for Abhi as she was about to beat up the goons when he came   ……..Abhi is surprised to hear this yet he goes on with her teasing and calls her ‘Jhansi ki Rani’ ……..and then referring to himself as just normal human he says that he’s hungry and so he goes out to fing anything to eat  …….just then the lights go off….

Back in Mumbai, Armaan is under observation as he fainted in the previous episode after getting to know that it’s 2009 and not 2007   ……Riddhima n all friends are outside praying for him  ……..later, Dr. Kirti n Dr. S.G come out and tell them that Armaan is all right. Riddhima takes permission to see Armaan and goes in  ……..and sitting next to him she holds his hand    …..and when he opens his eyes, Ridz asks her if he’s ok    ……to this he all confused asks as to what happened to him and Ridz replies that he fainted!!!

Next we see all interns with Dr. Kirti n Dr. S. G in a discussion about Armaan that they should or shouldn’t tell everything to him …….at this Dr. Kirti says that Armaan’s health may decline if he came to know about himself so instantly ……so they all agree to hide it from Armaan.

Then back with Ridz where Armaan questions him that how did he not know that its 2009 as he saw the calendar …….Riddhima tying to think of an excuse but just then the whole gang comes in and brushes him off saying that he’s mistaken… its 2007 only. But when he insists that he surely saw a calendar with 2009 dated …… this Anjali says that there was no calendar and he had imagined it ‘coz it happens with her too sometimes. And then Atul starts off with his silly logics and when Armaan threatens to beat him up, Ridz ties to convince him that its 2007  ……..and finally Armaan thinking that he might be mistaken agrees with them. But in the next second remembering that lady who pointed him to the calendar he asks if that lady was too imagining it …… this Atul n all laughing like crazy tell him that she was an actress, playing joke on Armaan  …….he gives them an irritated look and rushes to see that calendar….

Next, light go off where Abhi n Nikki have taken shelter, Nikki gets scared and runs in Abhi’s arms ……and it starts to rain ……and Abhi smilingly says, ‘ok so my Jhansi ki Rani got scared?” ……to this Nikki with a sense of fear says that what if he couldn’t come to her rescue? ……but Abhi reassures her and says that till he’s with her he wont let anything happen to her …….and they both make a promise to this …..and hug. Then Abhi tells her to change her clothes as she got all wet.

Back in Sanjeevani, Armaan reaches the wall where he saw that 2009 calendar but now its not there ……and he turns to Ridz n all asking if he’s still imagining …….and behind, Muskan hangs the calendar back  ……and so Ridz n all make him believe that he was hallucinating ………but he getting totally mad at them leaves from there. they all are happy ……yet next moment they realize that he’s Armaan and he cannot be convinced so easily.

Next, Abhi n Nikki in a romantic song sequence on the song ‘bol na halke halke’ from the movie ‘Jhoom barabar Jhoom’:

Dhaage tod laao chandani se noor ke
Ghoonghat hi banalo roshini se noor ke
Sharma gai to aagosh mein lo
ho Saaaso se uljhi rahi meri saasein
[Bol Na Halke Halke 2
hooth se halke halke
bol na halke ]2

Aa neend ka sauda karein
Ek khwaab de ek khwaab le
Ek khwaab to aankhon mein hai
Ek chand ke takiye tale
Kitne dino se yeh asmaan bhi
soya nahi hai
Isko sula de…
[Bol Na Halke Halke 2
hooth se halke halke
bol na halke ]2

…………………episode ends at the song!!!!!

18th August 2009:

The episode starts at Sanjeevani, where Armaan not convinced by the reasons given by all ……….and he’s just conforming from a patient in the hospital …….but he turns out to be a deaf patient  ………..and when Armaan asks him what year it is  …….as the patient is about to answer Atul along with Anjali n Muskan (they were spying on Armaan) indicate him to say that it’s 2007.

Next with Abhi n Nikki  …….as the song sequence ends Abhi tries to kiss her …….but Nikki stops him and says “I love u ……please don’t ever leave me”    after this they hug and  Abhi asks if she trusts him, she replies in affirmation …….knowing this Abhi tries to tell her something about his past but Nikki stops him and says, “Abhi, please just once say what I wanna hear from you (I love u)”.  Abhi tries again n again to tell her but every time she says that she’s not interested in his past  …….and her talks lead to the topic of marriage  ………at this Abhi in a tensed and worried tone says, “Nikki, I’m married!!”   ……….Nikki is shocked and so she slaps him and tells him to get lost.

Back at Sanjeevani  ….finally the deaf patient after understanding what Atul n gang are trying to hint him, tells Armaan that the year is 2007    ……yet, Armaan is not convinced. He goes looking for some other way when he notices a patient reading newspaper     ….so Armaan thinking that the newspaper would never be wrong walks up to the person and sees the paper   ……….and he sees the newspaper is dated August 2007 (replaced by Ridz as the patient showed her a thumbs up).  Outside the window, Ridz n Muskan and when Muskan says that she’s fed up of this 2007-2009 game, at this Riddhima in a serious tone says, “it’s difficult take in the fact that my Armaan, who loved me so much, doesn’t even know me anymore”   seeing Ridz upset Muskan tells her that she should grateful ‘coz at least her love is still with her  ………and not like Rahul who ran away, they both hug each other   …..and then go back to their duties.

Later in the cafeteria, Armaan is confused wondering what’s wrong with him, when Riddhima comes   ……and tells him that his duty for the day is cancelled ‘coz he’s not well.  But as usual they get into argument and then fight.  So, Riddhima walks out in anger while Armaan turns on the TV   ……and Ridz stop ‘coz she notices Armaan seeing Independence Day special news on TV   …..and as she feared Armaan hearing the news comes to know its 2009!!

Next, we see Riddhima quickly turns off the TV  ….but Armaan in a serious tone asks, “What year it is?”   ….she replies that it’s 2009    ……hearing this Armaan gets all confused and wonders where did 2 years of his life go and why he doesn’t know it   …..seeing him getting hyper Riddhima tries to calm but when Armaan’s not ready to listen, Ridz is forced to tell him that he had an accident, which caused head injuries and so he has forgotten 2 yrs of his life’s memory.  Armaan is shocked to know this and says that eh cannot remember anything of the past 2 yrs   …….Riddhima tries to console him. Then he asks her about what happened in these 2 yrs   …..but when Ridz is unable to answer him he holds her hand and insists to tell him everything that happened in these two years…..

19th August 2009:

The episode starts with the same scene, at Sanjeevani cafeteria, Armaan still in shock and asking Riddhima to tell him the whole truth as to what happened with him in these past 2 yrs ….to this Riddhima tells him that he’s the same as he was before  ……..Armaan still in a shock and Ridz consoles him.  All this is heard by Anjali, Atul n Muskan …..and Anjali rushes to tell this to Dr. Kirti, to ask her if they can tell him the whole truth……but Dr. Kirti refuse saying that nothing should be done till Dr. S.G. allows them to….

Meanwhile something else is going on in café, where Ridz has told Armaan that he joined Sanjeevani in 2007 and its 2009    …… this he asks tell me what happened in the last 2 years……  Ridz then tells Armaan about his mom dad ……he ask how does she know this …..and she replies that she met them in the hospital. Then, Armaan asks, “how many friends do I have?”  Ridz tells her that he’s friends with almost everyone ………to this he asks about his friendship with Ridz??? ……..Anjali asking Dr. Kirti that why they cannot tell Armaan everything ……..she replies that if he’ll find out about his personal life so instantly, he might not be able to tolerate it and it can be dangerous for him. Right then, Atul and Muskan enter and tell Dr. Kirti all happening in the cafeteria…

There, Ridz answers Armaan’s question that they are just good friends ……then, Armaan ask if there was any girl in his life??   Just when, Ridz is about to tell him all Dr. Kirti n all arrive and handles the situation saying that he cannot know everything about the 2 yrs so soon and he needs to be kept under observation  ……Dr. Kirti asks Dr. Atul to admit Armaan  ……but he is persistent that Ridz was about to tell him something and he wants to hear it  ………and so as Ridz is about to leave, Armaan holds her hand and tells her to answer his question…. but Dr. Kirti makes him leave with Atul ……and as he leaves Riddhima starts crying….

Later, we see Nikki back at her home, remembering what Abhi said of him being married……….just then she gets a call from Abhi but she disconnects it. Her phone rings again n again so she finally picks it up and tells Abhi to stop calling her………after which she bursts into tears saying that she can never forgive Abhi…..

Back at Sanjeevani, Ridz is roaming here and there…….Dr. Kirti asks her to get some rest… but she refuses saying that she’s ok…  now Anjali asks her to have something as she didn’t had anything since morning, but again Ridz says ‘No’ ………Then Ridz insists on staying at the hospital with Armaan  … first Dr. Kirti refuses her but noticing her situation she agrees and allows Ridz to be with Armaan …… this Riddhima give thanks to Dr. Kirti   ……and Dr. Kirti replies that Armaan has different relation with you all but first he’s my intern ….you guys are my responsibility {sabse pehle mera haq hai aap logo par}.  Then, Riddhima goes to Armaan’s room with tears in her eyes…….remembering all her sweet moment with Armaan…..(flashbacks shown)….also when walking through the corridor she’s lost in his thoughts….


August 16, 2009

DIL MILL GAYE………….12th Aug’09

Hello friends,

Welcome to my blog and this is the update of ‘Dill Mil Gaye’. Well exactly I’ve not been following the serial since the so called ‘partial amnesia’ of Dr. Armaan Mallik (but still i’m truly in love with KSG) but on a friends request now I’ll be writing the updates of DMG.

Karan 1_96Ok so today, i.e, 12th Aug’09 starts, where farewell party of Rahul ‘daddu’ Garewal is going on……….and he’s been tortured over by Muskaan (well she herself is getting tortured). In the last scene of the previous episode we saw that Armaan stops Muskaan from drinking but he couldn’t stop Riddhima for the same and she gets full tight (talli) after drinking. And she pulls on to Armaan’s cheeks saying that he’s soooo cute and with it she continuously keeps slapping him……and he’s like soooo irritated yet does nothing. And then walking out of the kitchen (yes they were in the kitchen) Riddhima is about to fall but our Armaan like alwaz gets hold of her and saves her and they share a sweet moment……well exactly its sweet for Riddhima, who’s looking at him with all cuteness (n Armaan with frowns). Ridz then starts crying and saying sorry to Armaan and finally when he tells her its fine…..she places a slap on his cheek calling him, “Good Boy!!”………and she falls conscious right back at him……….so Armaan makes her sit next to the door leaning her head to the wall he goes outside…..may be to call Anjali.

Next we see, Atul standing on the door welcoming guests, with a flower pot on his head and he’s telling the people that he’s been punished by his love (i guess Anjali….I don’t know the reason). And Armaan comes to him to tell about Riddhima but before he could they hear someone saying, “STOP” and on turning to the voice direction they see, Ridz standing on the sofa…..all drunk!!

Then, well I cant tell the place but the little I knew, at Sumanlata’s (Su) hometown…….where her wedding is getting somewhat fixed with Dr. Abhimanyu (Abhi)……………and Dr. Nikita (Nikki) is being liked by Su’s brother and so for some reason they both (Abhi n Su’s bro) are getting ready for a fight……….and Abhi is fighting like an underdog that’s coz he himself wants to lose the fight {he’s saying, ‘shaadi na karne ke liye kya kya karma padta hai}…….and finally Su’s bro throws Abhi away………and turns to Nikki…

Back at the party, everyone is stunned to see Ridz all drunk and she pointing to Armaan says, that she isn’t boring n teacher like he thinks…….instead she’s very sweet. Atul trie to calm her but she then tells him that he’s very nice guy but he’s a “phissu”…and Armaan tells the meaning “phissu” as in loser……..and Atul shouldn’t be this scared. And now when Anjali intervenes Ridz starts off at her for alwaz scolding people especially Atul ‘coz by doing this she can loose a nice guy like him and so she should be little more calm and at this Anjali starts crying and so does Riddhima being all drunk herself……. and right then she sees Rahul “daddu” Garewal walking out the door and stops him and again says all sort of things against him that how he’ll alwaz regret leaving Muskan for a silly reason that he cant be a dad……and also he’s not ready to adopt; she tells him like whispering in his ears that she too is adopted………and hearing this all, including Anjali have tears in their eyes.

At the fight scene, where Su’s bro walks up to Nikki and asks her as to who’ll save her now and snatches her duppatta away……..right then Abhi is behind him seeing everything and he goes madly angry on Su’s bro and beats him up.

Back at the party, Ridz tells Rahul to leave and then she tells Muskan to forget all about him and get on with her life……..and now when she sees Muskan crying Ridz again starts crying giving her a hug; Armaan breaks them off and Ridz now finds her new target in him and says, ‘you….you ‘junior Hulk’…..why do you irritate me so much…..I know ‘coz you think you’re soooo coooool”… this Armaan says he doesn’t think he’s cool….however actually is COOL. And while this Rahul walks out the door. Then once again, Riddhima to Armaan, “you’re not cool instead you’re suppper fooool; you do sometimes do childish acts but still you’re….(Armaan completes her sentence…cute ho)….yes bahut cute ho; …..and I …..” and just before she blow out all truth Anjali stops her, yet Armaan wants to know what Ridz was bout to say………but to distract Armaan’s attention Dr. Kirti asks him if he walk her to the exit…………finally Ridz frees herself and says that she needs to talk to Armaan……….Ridz facing Armaan.

Episode ends!!!

13th August: the episode starts with Armaan and Ridz face to face and she says, ‘you forgot everything….hah?’… all their friends (gang) is in tears……armaan asks, ‘what, what did I forget?’……Ridz being drunk still controlling her emotions tells him, ‘you?…not you silly;…you don’t love me; I talking about the one who loved me….he forgot all about me!” and as Armaan asks her who was it?…….all she did was to try to feel some emotions in his eyes and before she could answer she totally collapses on Armaan.

Outside in the garden, Rahul is in tears, when Muskan comes to him and try to justify what Ridz as she drank too much…….to this Rahul says, ‘I wish I was able to tell you so much’ then he takes out a gift wrap and presents her……..but when she refuses to accept, Rahul tells her that the gift actually is for her daughter (whenever she comes into the world) so give it to her telling its from her Rahul uncle; both of them crying and Muskan asks, ‘what if it’s a boy?’…….. “No Muskan, it’ll be a girl…….just like you, curly hair and big eyes’ replies Rahul; they burst into tears and hug each other………and then he kisses her on the forehead and walks……….but Muskan stops him to tell him that he’ll for all his life regret that there‘s a girl somewhere who more than herself loves you now and forever; he doesn’t stop and leaves her crying and heart broken.

Next scene, at Su’s house……her father introducing Dr. Abhi to few relatives as his future son-in-law…….but Abhi is constantly searching for Nikki in the crowd. Nikki sees him and takes a few steps to him but he’s cornered by Su’s dad to have private talk and she too is talking to other ladies but they both giving each other looks. Su’s dad asks Abhi if he’s willing for engagement with Su…… ‘coz there are so many guests already in the house so why not grab the opportunity and save money (how cheap)……at this Abhi says, that he needs time…….and Su’s dad tells him if he wants time or money (I think he’s funding for some project). Abhi walks up to Nikki and in his hurriedness as he pulls her hand……she gets hurt with a broken bangle and he apologizes……..and he tells her he wants to talk to her and as they walk towards exit Abhi again is taken off a n old relative (masi or dadi no clue).

Back in Mumbai, Armaan drops home Anjali, Ridz and Atul…….Ridz is totally out (drunk) and when Atul offers help Anjali refuses saying, ‘why…..why you would help??’ and then turning to Armaan she tells him to pick up Ridz…….and he replies. ‘kya uthao isse….tumhari behen….tunhara bojh…tum khud uthao…….aur waise bhi deal yahin tak thi {what pick her up…..your sis….your burden….you pick her up and that was the real deal}……….to this Anjali gets all hyper and says, ‘now you remembers the deal, when he was getting her little innocent sister all drunk, where was his deal then??……….Armaan replies, ‘i treis to stop your little innocent talli (drunk) sister but she wouldn’t listen. But Anjali in no mood of argument tells him that it was his party so now its his responsibility to get Ridz inside………..and so Armaan says that her sis was right about Anjali alwaz bossing people around. “yes I’m bossy so don’t argue and pick her up and take her to the room’ says Anjali…….and Armaan is, “room….why in the room??” at this Atul says that he’s so acting as he hasn’t ever seen her room……….but soon correcting himself he tells Armaan the room’s direction. And Anjali goes off to switch on the lights. He is able to bring her till the entrance but here she’s again stuck like a record and says that she doesn’t wanna go inside and starts crying saying that no one loves and everyone hates her……Armaan too…..and she sits down. At this Armaan says, its not true, people don’t hate you……some people just don’t like you, its cool!!; she again starts playing that cool-cool, super fool game and Armaan gets irritated………Ridz again starts crying saying, ‘you don’t like me….you hate me”………Armaan almost at the edge of pulling his hair with frustration calms himself and says that he doesn’t hate her…..Ridz gets happy and says ok you don’t hate me it means that you like me……….hearing this Armaan is like, ‘look teacher, i don’t hate you and I like you are very different statements, Ok!” but when she again stats crying he tells her that he likes her………Ridz all happy and excited asks him what he likes about her….her face….her eyes (she’s making all sort of faces n eye expressions) and on her hints he says yes she has great face and eyes……..but when she insists on more praises Armaan again baffles and she again starts crying that it was ‘coz of her hints and so now he must say something from her side……….Armaan tells Ridz that he’s thinking and quiets her by putting his hand on her face…..and once again a cute KaJen (Karan n Jennifer) scene with DMG background music plying…….and then he pulls off his hand and says, that he’s heard that by looking into a person’s eyes you see their heart and looking into your eyes I can tell that your heart’s a real pure one {she’s just staring him with all love}……and he says that he’s unable to understand how can her boyfriend have left her??………so Ridz tell him that her boyfriend isn’t gone, but he’s still here (and he starts looking here and there)……..and Ridz just before pointing her to Armaan turns it back to her and says, ‘he’s here…in my heart!!’……….and again all talli falls into his arms…….so he carries her inside.

Next we see, Nikki waiting for Abhi in the backyard as asked by him…….and inside he’s all surrounded up with Su’s relatives……and right then while waiting Nikki is kidnapped by Su’s brother….

July 26, 2009

Love ne Mila di Jodi………….9th-10th July!!!

9th July (14th Episode):

Roshni in all frustration tears and throws the pic, it lands near a ‘diya’ and catches which leads to the whole place catching fire…….she panics!! On the other hand, Varun on not finding Roshni asks another girl and she replies that Roshni isn’t in her tent. Varun wonders where she can go and goes looking for Roshni……

Back in Mumbai, Sameer again is trying to persuade Prithvi to take up the back road, he means that Prithvi should go and meet Damini but Prithvi disagrees…..and tells Sameer that he’ll not do anything which is against the law. Sameer tries to speak up that it isn’t wrong ‘coz that’s exactly what they (Gujrals) did to their father but Prithvi again says that if others did wrong that doesn’t mean that they should too and tells him to stop talking.

At Gujral mansion, Damini is in her room lost in the thoughts of goon (Prithvi), when Avni comes in and asks her to taste something that she has made for Inder but Damini refuses saying she’s not in the mood of eating anything and she loses her mood even more as Avni starts talking about the bodyguards ‘coz Damini’s going alone to office……right then we see Inder enter and he makes up Damini’s mood. As Avni is about to leave, Damini stops her and exposes Avni’s plan of calling Inder so that Damini gets out of her bad mood. They all smile at each other and then Avni leaves.  Inder and Damini have a sweet talk…..

Back where, Roshni’s caught up in fire………..Varun comes looking for her and finds her caught up in middle of the fire and Varun tells Roshini to come from the side as the fire has not yet spread everywhere but she stands shocked and tells that she’s very scared of fire. Seeing the situation, Varun takes a long stick and makes his way towards Roshini and standing in front of her, he tells her to look at him and trust him that nothing will happen to her.

Next at the office Inder continues to be all goody goody……and Damini again suspicious of his behavior asks him to spill everything as she can figure that mama has sent him to convince her on having bodyguards.  Finally Inder some how manages to get Damini to at least think about it and she agrees.

Fire situation.….Varun saves Roshni from fire and she gets more impressed by him; he asks her if she’s got hurt but she says no and he again says that if she decides anything like this again she must inform and go……..a cute smile on both their faces. And just then, everyone comes looking for them both and are glad to see them all right!!! and too praises him for doing such a heroic act of walking into fire to save Roshni. And when the professor says well and calls Varun a hero, Roshni gets happy.

Back in Mumbai, Damini’s office, she starts up to go home and Inder says he’ll accompany her but she says that there’s no need for it; Inder insists on being her bodyguard until she’ll keep one…… this Damini says that if he (bodyguard) decides to leave in single day then neither him nor mama should complain.

At the police station Sam and Prithvi meet with their father but he seems to be in bad health, both brothers comfort him and tells him about the coming lawyer.  Then enters the lawyer, Naresh who tells him that he won’t let any injustice happen to him for this he wants to hear the entire sequence/truth from Mr. Saxena himself; but says later ‘coz he has important things to do, today.  All three are a bit taken aback with shock.  And as the lawyer gets a phone call, he excuses himself…both the brothers follow him to ask something and overhears him talking to someone (from Gujral side) saying that he’ll make it impossible for Mr. Saxena to go free………  Prithvi gets all angry and heads towards to him to beat him up but Sameer stops him and says that this’ll only cause harm to their father’s case.  Right at that moment, their Mom calls…Prithvi isn’t able to answer properly so Sameer takes the phone and lies that Papa is busy in work that’s why they aren’t able to let her speak to him…she says okay and they both hang up…………prithvi says to Sameer that now he’ll be happy ‘coz his right way didn’t turn out to be so right but Sameer says its nothing like that and asks to have a (jadoo ki jappi) hug to relive tension…….both seem ok yet still in tension!!

10th July (15th Episode): Varun says to Roshni that he no longer will be ad at her, and that they both will work together hard to complete their assignments…….he asks her to be friends and as they shake hands on it Roshni very quickly hugs her, which makes Varun a bit uncomfortable….

There at the police station, Prithvi says to Sameer that all their lives they have been told to on right side but now when they got no support from law, he says that now they will opt for ways which Sameer

Varun gives his presentation on product marketing, the product for their team, is security device and Varun gives a fine presentation but when Roshni comes on the mic, she starts talking about a security device cum vanity case for women……Varun gets so annoyed hearing this, that why did he ever trust this silly girl. Also, this makes the professors very angry and they give the team of Varun-Roshni a big zero………

Back in Mumbai, Prithvi on phone with Sameer, asking him, whether he found any lawyer or not………..and as he looks for taxi………..Damini is also coming by the same route going home and her phone rings so she just misses, as she was about to hit Prithvi; Damini stops her car but they do not see each other’s face ‘coz she’s on the phone and he gets a taxi and goes away………….

Varun getting ready for his interview, when Roshni comes in and starts talking all filmy dialogues and asks him to forgive what she did at the presentation but he ignores her………….so she locks him up and runs away………Varun screams at her……….outside the room Roshni while swinging the keys drops them in a muddy pot…………..there Varun is screaming, and Roshni says she got a manicure this week but still she takes out that key…………..

Prithvi is in Gujral Mansion, in the stable, where he sees some workers……caressing, gazing horses and one trying to feed toofan; Prithvi walks close and says if you’ll feed him with fear he’ll eat with fear……..animals understand the feeling of fear; the worker replies its ‘Toofan’ and even Damini mam cannot control him…….at this Prithvi says there are many things girls cant do. The worker is delighted to see Prithvi ‘coz now his job is safe and replies to Prithvi that everyone is scared of Damini. Prithvi says, “I’m not scared of girls” and asks where’s this Damini madam; the stable boy points to the direction Damini’s coming from, riding a horse. Prithvi turns and looks at her………..End!!!!

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