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June 30, 2009

Pavitra Rishta……….22nd to 30th June!!!

22nd june:

Recap: Manav’s father in police station

Satish n his parents invited on dinner from Archana’s family

Ajit’s mother after anonymously calling at Satish’s house, telling them wrong rumors about Archana comes to A’s residence to give a great apologizing act. Finally she successeds in convincing A’s mom to forgive her, just then Manjusha stops her mother inviting her for dinner as too is family member,….few minutes later in the kitchen she (Rasika) says, ‘i’m here to see for myself, the insult of Archana and her family’ ….

Satish with his parents enters the scene, they are invited to the dinner table but they say first we need to talk to you in private about what we heard about Archana today……Satish, his parents and Archana’s parents go into the next room………..outside all are making assumptions about what is going on inside btw them????

They all come out in a silent mode but as Manjusha asks them, should I set the table………they reply, why not, as they are here to have their daughter-in-laws hand cooked food. Rasika is shocked seeing all planning going into vain but she doesn’t give up and calls up her son Ajit to tell him everything and also a new plan of action (here we don’t get to hear anything, -to keep the surprise element in the show) !!!!!

Manav at a theatre with his father (Ajay Wadhavkar), who narrates to him the stories of his glorious days in theatre line. The director recognizes manav’s father reffering to him as ‘guruji’, and when he is given a role in an upcoming play, ……..he says ‘ now i will be charging Rs.500/- instead of Rs.300/-……..and leaves when he is refused at this by the director.

Manav returns back inside alone, to say to the director, ‘sir, please give my father what he is asking for ‘coz if he doesn’t work he falls to drinking; i’ll pay to the extra amount of 200 to give to my father’,  and to this director agrees and appreciates him.

Dinner time at Archana’s place, with everyone in a jolly mood except Rasika. Just then a ring,…..its Satish’s mother mobile ringing####  Rasika gives a smile full of craftiness and says now this marriage will be called off for sure!!!!!!!!!!

In the episode of 23rd June, Archana n her family along with Satish n his parents at Archana’s place to celebrate the alliance of Archana and Satish. Rasika is also there…..……waiting for her plan to successed. Satish’s mother cell rings and again someone trying to break this alliance ……..but his mother pays no attention to it and scolds the person on phone “I know the difference between good and bad. That girl is not bad, you are. You are spreading rubbish about such a good girl. Don’t ever call this number again, GOT IT!”. Manju and her mom are shocked, so she asks “what happened??” Satish’s mother replies “it was someone telling all wrong things about Archana. But don’t worry, our decision will not change ‘coz of this”. Then she says “to be careful as only few people know about this alliance and whoever it was on phone was asking why didn’t, we break this marriage. May it’s someone your close to your family………” Vinod asks for the number, to find the area call came from; this scares manju and her mom. And satish’s mom says, “leave it son. Why talk about such stuff when you have such good food on the table” and everyone goes back smiling.

Next morning, Archana is shown with newspaper in her hand, everyone is in hurry so they’re calling to Archana, “where’s my chai, where’s my book??”……..seeing this Archana’s mother (Sulochana) smiles and say what will they all do without Archana; Sulochana continues with her prayer and just as she is done the phone rings. She picks it up and its Satish. Satish says, “Hello, Mom! Uhhmm, I was wondering if could take Archana out today”. Sulochana says “Yes, talk to Archana yourself” Varsha and Vaishali get all excited about it, so their father tells them not to bug Archana and their mom says “aren’t you two getting late??”. Satish says “Archana will you go out with me??” Sulochana tells her to say yes, so finally Archana says “YES” Satish says “I’ll pick you at 6”……….so Varsha and Vaishali takes the responsibility of Archana dressed up acc to a date and not aunty type. Everyone is very happy. After getting her ready Varsha says, “WOW!! You are looking beautiful. Hurry! Satish must be coming’. Then a car is showed, it is Satish and as they all walk Archana to the door her mm says to her, “This is your chance to know Satish better; Ohhh and make sure you talk to him and not that he’s the only one talking” As Archana walks towards the car, she keeps looking back (we can guess She is nervous!!). Satish opens the door for her. On the way, Satish asks, “What did you do today??”, Archana replies, “WORK!” ……….. “I too had a lot work today. We only get this Sunday as off, so tell me what do you do on Sundays??” …….she replies, “WORK….or sometimes I go to the temple”. Then Satish starts talking about his favorite music, concerts, etc…………this leaves Archana all lost!!!. Just then, a passerby tells Satish that his car front tire is losing air…….so he after asking for nearby garage, gets there………its Manav’s garage. Manav sees Archana and is lost in her beauty, secretly looking at her while doing work on another car. Chotu handles Satish’a car and when he gives Rs. 500 instead of 5/-, chotu goes to Manav for change…………..but Manav tells Satish that he does not have change………..just then Archana says, “I have change”. Satish tells Manav to collect it from Archana and she doesn’t even look at him (Manav) and handovers the Rs.5 coin in his hands. They leave, smiling at each other. They reach a restaurant and we see someone again puncture the car tire. Inside, Satish asks Archana as to what she would have and she agrees on Ice tea, which Satish orders for himself.  Later, as she takes a look at the prices in menu, she says, “250 rupees, just for DAL!! In this amount my family can have whole week’s rashan………Satish says, “its Bandra’s top restaurant, that’s why; he then starts talking and goes on and on and on……….Archana seems uncomfortable ‘coz she’s not used to sort of lifestyle. When leaving, Archana says to Satish, “you forgot 100 rupees”……and he says “that is for tip….” They leave. Outside the chauffer tells Satish about the deflated tire and he blames mechanic (that’s our Manav) and so to get a taxi they walk to the nearby stop. Mid way a gut comes up to them and starts talking to Archana, “hey! Archana, you told me you were sick, when I called you today. Oh! So you’re with him today?? Call me OK!!” he leaves………….Archana is like “He knew my name……….how???”…….Satish says, “lets go……..its getting late!”. That fellow goes to a car and says that I’ve made a bad impression of that girl as you asked. Then he’s paid up by none other then Manju’s brother that Ajit (with a evil grin on his face ) …………END!!!

24th June: Satish and Archana returning home in a taxi………Archana looks very uncomfortable and by the time time they reach home she’s crying. Satish asks her about what happened to her…why is she crying??………..she replies, “I didn’t know that man, who was he, how he knew my name, what he wanted, nothing….believe me”. At this Satish says “I do believe you, that’s the reason I didn’t question you!!” Archana says, “But you were silent the whole way back, didn’t talk to me either, so…..”. Satish replies, “ohh! That’s ‘coz I didn’t wanted to make you more upset. Don’t you worry; I know what is good and bad. But still Archana is all confused on how that man knew her name………Satish says “He might be mistaken, may be he knew other girl named Archana”………he then gives her a tissue saying, “Wipe you’re tears or else your family members will think that I made you cry on the first date!! (how sweet of Satish)………… Archana says “But…”, Satish tells her “No Buts, I told you naa”. As they get out of the taxi…….Archana’s family members come out and Sulochana says, “You….in a taxi??”……Satish says, “Aai! Our car broke down that’s why we took a taxi” and when Sulochana asks him to come in, but he says that he’s getting late……..and he leaves.

As Archana enters inside, Varsha and Vaishali start teasing her and asking about stuff, etc………. Sulochana stops them and says, “Archana you must be tired; you go get some sleep”………she goes to her room silently. Sulochana asks Vinod to come with her, inside. Manju all shocked up calls her mother (Rasika) and says, “Mom! Archana is back but she’s all quite. Something must be wrong”. Rasika says, “I know…..its all part of our plan”. They say bye and hang up the phone.

Next we see, Sulochana and Vinod with Archana in her room……..she told them all what happened.  Sulochana says getting all worried, “WHO…..who wants to break this marriage and why???” Vinod says, “I think, someone is doing this on purpose. Someone who cannot stand Archana’s happiness and wants to ruin her life”. Manju is outside all tensed up. Vinod continues, “I will figure this out and surely find the person behind all this”. Manju thinks to herself, “If they find out about Ajit is doing all this. My marriage will be broken”.

Ajit is shown saying, “I will ruin that girl, Archana’s reputation so much that she won’t be able to show her face to anyone”.

Then, they show Manav’s home. There’s a knock at the door, Manav looks outside and sees it’s the producer. Manav calls him in and calls his father. When his father comes, the producer says, “I’m sorry, I said NO to you without thinking twice. You’re the only one who can do that role, Guru ji”. Manav’s father replies, “and what about my deal??”. The producer says that he agrees to it and asks him to come by the office tomorrow and then leaves. Manav’s father then starts being boastful and says, “SEE!, the producer, himself came to me to apologize and gave me the role! And he’s going to pay me 500 rupees per show and now if I get 20 shows it means I’ll be making Ten Thousand rupees!” (Manav is happy for his father) “I’ll be able to share your burden Manav and also be able to send my daughter to college”. His wife says, “First, let the money come then take pride”……he replies “Where will the money go?? I’m a KING”………. “KING, in the day and at night in jail”………Manav gets up and tells them not to fight as father has got work today and after asking his father not to drink today, he leaves. His father slaps him jokingly and agrees not to. Finally their family is shown all HAPPY!!!

Archana shown making chapattis and burns it, thinking something about that man whom she met near the taxi…………

Then they show Varsha and her mom fighting ‘coz Varsha wants to go movie 6to9 and mom refuses. Varsha tries to explain Sulochana but…….when she doesn’t Varsha storms off in anger saying that no one tries to understand her.

Next we see, Satish getting into his car, when a man comes to him and starts asking what kind of girl he wants. Satish all confused…….then angrily tells that man to stop his nonsense talk and bug off. As Satish tries to push the man away…….the man’s photos fall and scatters everywhere. Satish notices Archana’s pic with the others……..he picks it up and is SHOCKED!!!

25th June: Satish picks up the photo of Archana and is shocked to see it. The man says, “Wow! You’ve found the best girl but i must tell you that she’s a bit different… she only works on Sundays” (Satish starts thinking of what Archana said that she goes to the temple on Sundays) the man continues that this girl lives with her family and not too literate; they too have no clue about this, as she lies to them and comes to work with me. Satish seems confused. Then the man says, “If you want this one it can be arranged”. Satish leaves without saying anything (he’s all Heart Broken) but at home he keeps thinking about what happened today and also on their first date, which put together can prove Archana wrong. But denying his own thinking he says, “I don’t believe Archana can do this. But, I have seen it with my own eyes. Whom should I listen to ‘My Heart OR My Mind’ ??????” …………..He calls up Archana but her mom picks the phone and on asking for Archana Satish gets to know that she is out. They hang up the phone and Satish getting all tensed that where could Archana be at 7 in the evening in this rain. At the same time, Archana seen trying her home number several times but no one picks up.

Then, we see Manav washing his face.

Manav is driving off to drop a client’s car, when he sees Archana on the way looking for an auto or taxi. Manav stops and offers ride to Archana. Just then satish’s mom passes them and seeing Archu with another man she is SHOCKED!! There, Archana recognizes Manav from the last time she saw him at the coffee shop (in the rain). She refuses, when Manav offers her a ride; then Manav asks her, “how will you go home then??”. Archana says “I’ll manage….don’t worry”. Manav then calls a taxi for her and she leaves. And all this happening is seen by Satish’s mother, who thinks to herself “she came in his car then why is she leaving in taxi from here (OMG!!!…..)

At home Sulochana is worried sick! and Archana comes all sneezing. Her mom asks what happened. Archana tells all about how she met the guy who gave her umbrella, and she returned it and he got Archana a taxi to get home quickly and about how good Manav is. To this her mom says “May be he (Manav) is good but Satish is better”. Also she tells Archana that Satish had called and poses her to call him back right now and Sulochana goes in to make tea for her.

Archana calls Satish……….he picks up……….she says “you called..??” Satish replies, “Yes, but tell me where were you??” …….she replies, “Nothing much, some work….”. Satish says, “I need to talk to you, can we meet tomorrow??”……..when Archana replies NO to him, he asks “why not??” and to this Archana replies that tomorrow she has to go to mandir (temple) and asks can we go day after tomorrow. Satish agrees to this and hangs up. (OMG!! He’s suspicious!)

Next we see Manju at her mom’s place………Vinod calls her and asks her to come back home ‘coz everyone has work tomorrow; Manju agree. Then her mom asks “What happened??” manju replies, “nothing, i have to go home now……….that Archana will go to mandir tomorrow so they want someone to do the work at home”…she leaves. Ajit (manju’s brother) then calls the man and tells him everything to do……..his plans for ruining Archana’s life~!!

Back at Archana’s place all are busy in the arrangements for the marriage and Varsha and Vaishali teasing their sister and demanding great dressed for them.

Next we see, Satish having dinner with his family when his mom says, “Today, I saw Archana….outside a store”…….Satish says, “may she was buying something”…….his mom says, “No, She was with a man and then she got out of his car and went in a taxi”…………….Satish is now VERY SUSPICIOUS!!!!!

26th June:  Two men getting their bike fixed at Manav’s garage………..Manav overhears them talking about some girl whom they’re planning against. He doesn’t bother and gets to his work. Next day we see Archana going to the mandir and Satish starts following her. He follows her to the mandir and feels relieved seeing her going inside but his happiness doesn’t last long………..just then…..

Archana gets a call on her mobile that her sister Varsha had an accident and she’s asking for Archana…..hearing this she immediately gets into a taxi to go to her sister. Satish who was following her gets upset to see this……….

Archana while going to her sister, her taxi stops at a signal……. And just across the road is standing Manav who sees Archana. Then a man (same who met Satish earlier) comes to Archana and says “My mom is very sick and I’m not getting a taxi either. Can you help and drop me few blocks on the way????” ………….Manav see the man and recognizes him from the garage, who was going to ruin some girl’s reputation. He thinks to himself, “Is that girl ARCHANA???”…………. Manav follows Archana and Satish is also after her. Archana tells the taxi driver to go faster. ………… they reach the bunglow and getting off the taxi that man very smoothly hides some thing in Archana’s purse and after thanking Archana, he leaves. And she goes inside…….. (OH NO!!!!)

Then that man calls Satish (he knows tht Satish was following them) and says, “The girl has come, you can meet her and for next time you do have my card”………then he calls Ajit and tells him everything and feel happy that now Archana’s life will be ruined for sure. Ajit asks him to call Satish and he says, “Don’t worry he is already here.” Manav hears all this and runs to help Archana. ………….

Inside the bunglow Archana sees people involved in one another and feels bad about the place and right then someone screams, “RUN the police is here”. Everyone starts running and Archana getting in the midst of all this……….just then she is pulled by someone in a closet, It’s MANAV. Archana tries to scream but Manav calms her and says, “Please listen to me, and don’t scream. Someone had trapped you. I’m here to help you, believe me. Then after the police are gone Manav takes Archana out from the back way and gets into a taxi. Archana is crying and Manav tries to console her and she says “I’m not that kind of a girl”…….. Manav says “I know that you’re not one of them that’s why I came for to help you”. {Then we see Ajit and his mother talking and feeling happy how he has destroyed Archana’s life.}…………… Manav stops the taxi, at a distance to Archana’s house and says, “I could have dropped you to your house but people would make things up if they saw us together, so…..” Archana says thanks to him and walks to her home and Manav keeps looking at her.

Archana gets home and Varsha starts talking to her about wedding cards but she seems uninterested; ………….. AND enters Satish with his parents. Vinod says that they have come at the right time ‘coz they were just selecting the wedding cards and now they can have their pick too. Satish’s mother says, “One Minute! We need to speak to you first”. Everyone is shocked and scared………

29th June: in the last episode we saw, Archana gets home all shocked up. Her family members are talking to her about wedding cards but she seems uninterested; ………….. AND enters Satish with his parents. Vinod says that they have come at the right time ‘coz they were just selecting the wedding cards and now they can have their pick too. Satish’s mother says, “One Minute! We need to speak to you first”. Everyone is shocked and scared………

Satish’s mother says that this marriage cannot take place ‘coz Satish is being sent to US (for 3-4yrs) by his company. Everyone is shocked and Archana is flustered. Sulochana gets furious and says, “This cannot happen. How can you’ll do this??”……….then she gets very hyper and ask then to tell the correct reason for their refusal……… “if they dowry or…”

Satish’s mom says “we are not after dowry. But we have seen Archana go places where decent girls don’t go”……..hearing this Sulochana gets angry and says that her daughter went to the temple and they are mistaken……….and so they get into an argument and finally Satish’s mom to prove her saying brings in the man that Archana gave lift to. The man comes and says that he knows Archana as she meets him everyday; Vinod gets to beat him up so he asks to check Archana’s purse…………. Sulochana getting angry says there’s nothing in her purse but as she opens it, it’s full of money (Rs. 20000/- which were put by the same man in 26th june epi.)……….the whole family is shocked!!!!

Archana is crying and tries to tell everyone what happened but the man doesn’t give her a chance to say anything. And when Archana says that she got a call………..but the man says that it was he who called her to work and no accident; Vinod gets infuriated and pounces on that man but Satish stops him. Now Satish’s mom says that they’re calling off the wedding ‘coz of this reason and Satish himself saw Archana at the brothel; that’s why they didn’t wanted to bring it up in front of Archana’s family as they would be hurt to know this. Vinod again tries to explain then but they don’t listen and go away.

Sulochana faints as she got an asthma attack; everyone runs to her except Archana ‘coz she’s crying and all shook up.

“She’ll be fine by morning”, says the doctor after examining Sulochana. Later, Varsha says that she won’t go to work tomorrow ‘coz she wouldn’t be able to answer her friends when they’ll ask about the wedding being called off and Vaishali also decides to do the same. She then asks, “where is Tai (Archana) ???”……….and Archana is shown crying alone in the balcony corner, getting all wet in the rain; she’s remembering all what happened with her today.

Then we see Manav at his place, sitting at the door step, getting all wet and thinking of Archana’s tears. But he feels relieved that he was able to save her from such a place……………….The screen then, splits into half and we see both Archana and Manav, thinking about the day’s happening and getting wet in the rain!!!

30th June: The episode starts with the newspaper walas outside Archana’s house working and discussing how in so many years this is the first time that the light are out at Archana’s place and its 5:30am and wonder ‘what could be the reason???’………… inside Archu is awake still crying. The milk and newspaper is also not picked, ‘coz everyone is gathered around Sulochana, who is still lying sick. She blabbers in her sleep, “my Archana is not like this, my Archana is not like this………” Punni comes and asks Archana to get her ready for school but seeing her not react, Manju comes and takes her. Then they both leave as Manju said that she would drop punni to school and got to her office. Vinod doesn’t go to work ‘coz of his mom and Varsha, Vaishali says the same about their going……

Their father tells them to take care of the food today. But Vaishali says, “there aren’t any vegetables at home……..aai (mom) was supposed to go to the market today but……..” her father says “I’ll go to the market”……….he steps outside, he picks up the milk and newspaper and he is shocked to read the news of prostitutes getting arrested the night before!!!

Simultaneously, Manav’s dad is reading the same news and Manav thinks “thank God, Archana is safe”……..and his dad says “oh! Leave this news and do read tomorrows newspaper ‘coz I’ll be in it” Manav gives a sweet smile at this……

Archana’s father is going to the market and people around him are discussing that something has happened at his house…….

After this we see, Manju at her mom’s place and there she finds out that her mother and bother Ajit are behind the breaking of Archana’s marriage. Manju gets angry and slaps ajit saying, “How can they stoop so low?? Did you not think of that she is a girl and what about her reputation??? Then she asks her mother that how she forgot that it is her daughter’s sasural, however it is, it’s her home now……. How could you being a daughter’s mom yourself, do this to someone else’s girl???” at this Manju’s mom says that whatever they did was to have their revenge and she should understand her brother’s pain too. But Manju leaves from there in anger……

Sulochana gains consciousness and asks for Archana………and finds her in the room crying and quickly hugs her (both start crying)……. .. later, Sulochana asks Varsha and Vaishali why didn’t they go to work and college??…….. Varsha says that if people asked about why Archana’s wedding was called off…..what would they say?? Sulochana scolds her saying that she knows Archana was not wrong and Varsha says , “mom we too know tai (Archana) is innocent, but people don’t…..they’ll very easily believe that tai is…..” ….Vinod yells at her; Archana comes and tells everyone of what exactly happened.

Then comes a guy to finalize the wedding card design and Sulochana bursts into tears. Last scene we see, its mid night……everyone’s asleep and Archana’s father gets up and walks out of the house thinking and sad……

June 29, 2009

Love ne Mila di Jodi…………29-30th June!!!

6th Episode (29th June) In Mumbai, its Damini’s engagement party and Ila Gujral gets the shock of her life on seeing the mysterious man from the phone (shown in the last episode), he’s in the party. He calls up Ila and says to her that he’ll be coming to introduce himself to all, if he is not given the money (may be a case of blackmail)……

As he starts to move towards her, lights are gone…….oh! switched off…………its Roshni’s performance on the song “Chalka Chalka re” from the movie ‘Sathiya’…………..and celebrations take over;

And in Manali, Prithvi, Sameer and Varun are also shown enjoying the rains and dancing…………..and in middle of all this that unknown man is giving missed calls to mom (Ila Gujral). As the song finishes Prithvi seeing his family photograph says, that he is very happy as his father is coming back home tomorrow and after so many days they all be together.

Then we see the ring ceremony at the party where first Inder makes the scene funny by taking his hand off when Damini is trying to put him the ring…….but Roshni to help her sister holds up inder’s hand. On the terrace that unknown man, ila comes to him and offers him money but he asks for more……………downstairs at the party Damini gets a gift from her in-laws (dadi) and just then she sees that her mom is missing from the party and goes to look for her.………..back on the terrace, after much argument Ila gives him his wanted amount and folding her hands she asks him to leave………..Damini sees all this and when that man leaves he questions her mother as to who was this unknown man and why was her mother Ila Gujral folding her hands in front of him………………mom makes excuse that he is as ex-worker and is not behaving well these days. Damini gets angry that he is just a worker and still her mom was folding hands in front of him and promises her to punish him after the party………….mom tells her to be quite.

The in-laws of Damini are just praising her and her family and a bang catches their attention………’s that same man throwing a glass at the waiter who refused him another drink and creates a scene. Damini comes and slaps him……….then enters Mr. Saxena (Prithvi’s father) and tells him to leave the party but he refuse and insults him as well as Ila and Mr. Saxena pulls a gun at him……..END

7th Episode (30th June) At Ila Gujral’s party, where mr. Saxena has pulled a gun on that mysterious man and then takes him away………Avni, Roshni and Inder trying to stop Damini, who is out of control in anger and then she says how can you all ake it so lightly as that man was insulting their mom……and she goes into her room. Ila goes after her to talk to her, where Damini is sitting in the dark when mom comes and says her to quite…Damini says that man insulted you and for that i could have killed him and mom holds Damini tight in hug to control her anger……….Inder is consoling Damini where avni says that they all know how possessive Damini is for her family and they like it……….inder says i agree that these two sisters are very serious (Damini and Avni) and look at this Roshni she never worries about anything………then asks rocshni ‘did you read that book i sent you’ she said yes but i didn’t find any desent guys………..only one was there and he too is now taken away by this serious Damini di, saying this she points to Inder and everyone’s mood is lightened………

In Manali, Prithvi with his mother at bus stand to receive their father. He asks about Sameer and Varun and his mom points up to the stairs where Varun is with binoculars for the next bus and excitedly announces that the bus is coming……..hearing this Sameer signals the band people to welcome their father but as they see the bus getting vacant they start enquiring to the conductor about their father and the conductor replies that the seat number what Prithvi booked for his father was empty and also denies the possibility of missing the bus as the flight at Kullu came on time. They all get worried……

At Gujral house, Damini is walking rounds in tension………Avni sitting on the bed with her book and Roshni playing with her teddy……….Damini breaks the silence by saying that she is going to see mom, as she must be under lot of stress after what happened last night but Avni stops her and tells to have control and Roshni joins them in a group hug and she asks Avni to say something nice as she is feeling low……..when a voice says, “Can I be of any assistance to these three beautiful girls” its Inder!!!

In Manali, family worried about Mr. Saxena Prithvi, Sameer and Varun all trying to find a source to reach their father and their mother is getting worried, seeing this Prithvi relieves her by saying that may be their father got into some extra work after the engagement and so couldn’t inform……….Varun informs him that he found another number for Gujral enterprise on the internet.

Back in Mumbai, Inder tells Damini to forge what happened last night and takes her for outing to cheer her up………Roshni asks Avni if thety will ever get some on who love them………Avni says ‘sure’!!! with good people always good happens hearing this roshni says it means Avni di, you will the best guy as you are so good yourself!!!!

Ila Gujral at her office passing by the reception, when Prithvi calls there to enquire about his father Mr. Balraj Saxena and Ila hearing this tells the receptionist to tell that Mr. Saxena had left form here last night………this is heard by Prithvi, he again tries to ask her for ila’s number and what happened last night but she refused and hung up. Prithivi’s mom all tensed when he asks her that she trust her son and so she should to worry and go in the kitchen and make tea for all…….as she leaves Sameer signals Varun to go after mo to look after her and he asks Prithvi what happened and he replies that they are not helping or are not willing to help………?? Sameer says bhaiya there’s something fishy in all this after this he calls up Gujral office and tells that he is from a newspaper to find out what’s up but didn’t get a convincing answer……..and tells Varun to book two tickets online for him and Sameer and what ever happens they need to get to Mumbai by tomorrow morning………..END!!!

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June 26, 2009

LNMDJ…..Title song!!


Kabhi yuhi !!!

Kabhi milte hai dil..

Koi jane na mil jaye kahan…….

Kabhi yuhi !!!

Jab pehla hi pyar… yaar…kar de deewana samaaaaa……

Jab dil ki taar milti hai…

Tab ho yahi bahaanaa….

Ki love ne…..

Haa Love ne………..

Haa………..Love ne mila di jodi…..

Love ne mila di jodi…..

Love ne mila di jodi…..

It was pretty tough to know the words……and still there may be a few slip-ups, so if you have any suggestions………..plzzzzzzzz do comment.

June 25, 2009

Love ne mila di Jodi………..Kahani ab Tak!! (1st Week)

love ne mila di jodi 1_96The 1st episode started with the scenes of the beautiful city Manali, where these three brothers live with their mother and their father is in Mumbai for work.

Then we see two girls on horses, the guide tells them that ‘badal’ (black horse) is the widest and can only be tammed by Prithvi (an intro of Gaurav Khanna in a great sizzling manner) and suddenly one of the horses gets out of control; the guide shouts out to Prithvi and like any hero (saviour of girls) comes running and saves the girl. Later when that same girl tries to thank him with a hug, he stops her and tells her to be more careful next time……Nikhil, friend of Prithvi asks him how come i bring all the tourists and these girls are dancing around you, why don’t you loosen up friend, then Prithvi says, let me the way I’m otherwise our family will have no one serious………then Nikhil asks about his younger brothers, Sameer and Varun, Prithvi replies Sameer is on to a new business everyday (kabhi hotel mein, kabhi photographer, etc)

And so we see the entry of Sameer, at a poolside ordering his assistant (how’s my house in Sydney, get my chopper , etc…) and flirting with girls……just when he gets a call from his mom telling him to get up………OMG! He was dreaming about all that stuff; later in the day, he stops a family to check-in a hotel, in disguise……and makes them stay in another hotel but this he did for the  commission, he received from the manager;

Sameer in conversation with that same manager, where they discuss about Varun, the youngest of the lot who studies in college….

Entry of Varun, at the annual function of the college, where he is awarded ‘Best Student of the Year’ award. Then, he dances to the tunes of Dhoom2 song……..ravishing!!!

After the function, Varun along with his friends is impeded by a beautiful girl,………she tries to charm him but he leaves her and runs away!!!!!!

The episode concludes with Varun coming back from college to hi mother and brothers, Prithvi and Sameer………and praying for their father to soon return from Mumbai.

2nd Episode (23rd June): All family members at the dinner table, their mother sees them together and remembers their father who’s not here yet…………then the conversation leads to the topic of their marriage, so Sameer says, “mother you have such handsome sons, need not worry”, then Prithvi says that lets make a promise when ever we get married we’ll do it in same ‘mandap’ (in a way same venue), to this Varun gives a sweet smile. Their mother wishes for this pray to be true………and Sameer says, “surely we’ll get three rich girls’….Varun thinks differently and say, “three girls who are smart and intelligent”,…………Prithvi has his own opinion which says, “girls who can manage to be with you mama’s boys”.

And so we have the entry of all the three main leads……

Damini, a girl who is the man of the house and looks after the family business; she is introduced taking aim of bottles while riding a horse and then she calls her younger sister Avni, a sweet, simple, down-to-earth girl, who is the home maker of the family, looking after the her relations. Avni is shown at a restaurant waiting for a guy, whom her friend has fixed with as blind date……….a boy asking for Avni Gujral arrives there but crosses over her to the next table and takes girl sitting there as Avni and when he finds out his mistake still he says, “Oh! Its not that girl and points to Avni, look how ugly she is”….Avni hears this, she feels hurt and leaves from there; This incident makes her believe more to the fact that she is not beautiful or lovable by any boy;……..right then sheshe gets a call from Roshni, she is the youngest and the naughtiest of all, party lover and loves to have attention of all.

3rd Episode (24th June): In this episode, both stories go side by side, that is, in Manali and Mumbai. It started with Prithvi working out his muscles, Sameer dreaming about some girl, when Varun comes and teases him………so Sameer complaints about to their mother that he was awake till late hours in the night seeing something mysterious on the net. Varun replies that he was searching about ‘Ila Gujral’, a rich famous lady in Mumbai who has her business worth Rs. 5000/-crores………..hearing this Sameer goes ga-ga all over. Next, the entry of Ila Gujral, busy in her meetings………..back to Sameer drooling over the news of so much money. His mother says how come you al never knew about Ila Gujral being so rich……….Prithvi says, “It’s good your boys don’t know some things”……….”like what”, Sameer and Varun ask. Prithvi replies, “That she has three daughters”……..Sameer again all excited and says that not to worry now she’ll no longer have to search for son-in-laws.

Ila Gujral at the breakfast table, where she doesn’t find her daughters as its Mother’s Day today. Then, at her office Ila Gujral, in a meeting with Mr. Saxena (father of Prithvi, Sameer and Varun), who was up till now their chief of security; They are discussing his leaving for Manali today but she insists him to stay for two more days as her eldest daughter (Damini) is getting engaged, to which he agrees.

Again, a sweet scene at Manali, with Varun teasing Sameer that he is the favourite of their mom………..but Sameer refuses and says if that was the case then why did mom give  him Varun’s room after he left for hostel. On this Varun is like no ways mom, my room to Sameer……..then they get a call from their father who asks Prithvi to tell everyone that his trip has delayed by two days and tells all about Damini’s engagement………..when he tells this to all, his brothers tease him. Then, Ila Gujral is taken off by surprise when she comes home to see all celebrations of Mother’s Day.

A mixed scene in which, Mr. Saxena is praising his sons and wishing for great girls for them…………on the other side, Ila Gujral admiring her daughters and desiring loving life partners for them.

4th Episode (25th June): The episode starts in Manali, with Saxena brothers discussing their father’s delay outside doing some yard work, when Sameer says, “These rich people just need a reason to show off and its all in ones destiny on how often they meet their own parents”, at this Varun bewails that papa will be coming 2 days late………….”No worries, he’ll bring him by plane”, says Sameer upon hearing this Prithvi scolds him that he doesn’t need to do this as he’ll surely forget it and tells him that he’ll do it himself. Sameer goes after annoyed Prithvi inside the house where he says, “I know why Prithvi is sad, it’s ‘coz the eldest Gujral daughter getting engaged and his 5 crore share is gone”….….at this Prithvi replies to him, “kahan gaye, Sameer, ek sagaii todne me kitna waqt lagta hai, hah??” and winks at him. Sameer is like thunderstruck at this and says, “Wah!! Bhaiya waise toh kabhi kuch nahi bolte, lekin jab bote ho toh Sameer ki bhi bolti band kara dete ho!!!!!”. Prithvi smiles at this and leaves then as usual Sameer picks on Varun by calling him ‘chotey’ and they start to chase one another.

Next scene in Mumbai, where Damini is on the phone talking to some clients and Avni takes it away saying that it’s her engagement day and she needs to excuse herself from the phone at least for today. Damini complains to their mom (Ila Gujral) that everyone thinks that Damini is the boss but in real Avni is in control of everything, and mom says, “Damini your phone will remain with Avni”……..hearing this Damini tells Avni not to complaint of headaches later, ‘coz her phone will ring all day……….just then Roshni comes downstairs dancing and practicing some steps for her dance for the engagement and starts to beg Avni to dance with her as she doesn’t have anyone to dance with her and asks Damini to tell Avni to dance with but Damini refuses… Roshni scoffs Damini saying just because she found her prince charming she’s not willing to help anyone and starts on as to when she’ll find her Mr. Right. Damini notices that their mom is feeling all sad on this engagement/shaadi talks and Damini and Avni comfort their mom……Roshni makes it light with her jokes.

Back in Manali, Prithvi at his work sight (tourist camp??) with Nikhil, who tells Prithvi about his plans on extending the business by putting up a rafting place…….seeing Prithvi not interested, Nikhil tries to convince Prithvi by saying it’ll be good for business and he’ll make Prithvi a co-manager of all of it…….Prithvi asks, “what’s the catch??” so Nikhil tells him that he’ll have to go to New Zealand for 3months training and Prithvi says, “it all depends on, where Sameer and Varun will be in the next 3 months and also that his father is coming back home after a long time” and leaves.

Next, we see Damini talking to Inder, (Sandeep Rajora) and asking why he sent so much jewelry to her and they joke about if they’ve changed their minds upon the union…….and Inder mentions that he has a surprise for her, right then Roshni and Avni come in all yelling and excited that they’ve got gifts for everyone……..for mom its a record of K.L. Sehgals song collection, and when she asks him what was the need for all this, Inder says, “Its a bribe to make sure that Damini doesn’t change her mind”. Roshni finds a book ‘On how to get Mr. Right’ as her gift and. gets all excited. And its a sliver plated leaf that Avni gets as her gift, then Damini asks for her gift, and Inder tells her to go near her window and WOW there’s this cute white horse, with a baby pink ribbon tied on its back, all three are astonished at this sight. Damini is extremely happy seeing this and thanks Inder.

Next, Sameer is pulled into a gangster type van and they kidnap him at gunpoint and throw him in an unknown room.

Avni is supervising all the engagement preparations and when she makes a few changes in settings, a man is gets upset on her for making so much changes in the order, Avni keeps quite at this…………and Ila hears this and scolds the man and tells him to do as Avni says or else it’ll be his last contract with the Gujrals.

Later, in Manali, where Sameer is kept, a man comes into the room…he is the same man who owns the hotel that Sameer had put rats in. He comes and pours two glasses of wine…..Sameer tries to talk himself out of the mess by talking big at which the owner signals the security guards to get out. The owner asks Sameer to work with him but Sameer says he cannot afford him……….and then when the owner mentions Mumbai, very quickly Sameer gets excited and after this the owner introduces himself as the owner of best hotels in Mumbai and handing over his business card to Sameer he says that if he ever comes to Mumbai……….he be sure to call him to work something out………

Avni’s mom try to explain her that she needs to stand up for herself or else she’ll always have to face this………..Avni says, “its better to stay silent, other wise the fight wont stop. Damini and Avni are sitting, when Roshni comes in asking about how she is looking…….mom says that she doesn’t look any different from morning……upon hearing this Damini and Avni mock at her. Roshni exclaims that she put a special face pack on. Right then, mom gets a call from a private number and gets uncomfortable at it. The moment she picks up the call she scolds and says that she doesn’t want him calling here again…..on the other side, an unknown man, (with his face in dark) says that he’s coming to meet Ila as its a big day for her and after all its Damini’s engagement………Ila tries to threaten him but he says he’s coming and she can’t do anything about it……….Ila hangs up and has a worried look on her face.

5th Episode (26th June): In Manali, Sameer, Varun are cooking dinner in the kitchen (with their faces covered in flour), Prithvi is there telling them to hurry and also calls them Bandar……….Prithvi tells both of them about the offer to go NZ at this Sameer too excited ‘coz then he’ll be permitted to go to Mumbai….

In Mumbai, Damini and Roshni are trying to give makeup to Avni forcefully……….

Back in Manali, Sameer says to Prithvi, “ok! Here you run horses that’s career and if I go to Mumbai that’s crime…… Varun says, “bhaiya! deal you can go to Mumbai  when Prithvi bhaiya goes to NZ………Prithvi applauds this ideas but then Varun try to convince Prithvi to go to NZ…….Sameer  excitedly nods his head.

Mumbai – Mom comes to rescue Avni from Damini and Roshni……..then shows them the gifts she brought for them………..similar pair of earrings.

In Manali, Prithvi says, “3 months is a long time” and worries about his mother father…….Varun tells him to go ahead and accept NZ offer as it’ll make papa happy too and then assures him that he’s here to look after everything……….At this Sameer peeps from the kitchen window and says that that’s what he has  been saying……..…Prithvi says, “Varun you’ve been with Sameer only 2 days and already started acting like him……….…and about NZ   I think I’ll go………..Sameer, “Ok! my long limo will come to the airport to fetch you……….”Ok Sameer”, replies Prithvi, “but after 3 months also I wont be able to have burnt food”……….…hearing this Sameer and Varun rush off to the kitchen.

After putting on their earrings…….Avni hugs mom and says, “it’s only you mom, who can tie up us (all three) in one thread……….then both Roshni and Avni ask Damini to get ready.

Prithvi on phone……. Sameer and Varun  playing ball in the house……seeing Prithvi on phone, they ask whether it was a girl……..he replies that it was papa, they say “we also wanted to talk to papa” Prithvi tells them that even he too wanted but he is too busy in all arrangements (Damini’s engagement)………..Sameer asks Prithvi to play a game……he says he’s not in a mood, to this Sameer says, “I know, you wont be in mood ‘coz Damini Gujral getting engaged”, and Varun says that if one will go another will come………Sameer calls Varun as tail to his brother for always taking his side….…….and they again start to chase each other…………after coming back to Prithvi, Sameer asks him about what type of girl he wants, and Prithvi replies, “I want a girl, who is simple” Varun joins in, “I know bhaiya wants someone who is cool headed and can get along bhaiya’s short temper”…………..Prithvi says, “In simple terms, a girl who know her limits”……..and smiles.

Back in Mumbai, Avni says to Damini that she looks beautiful………then asks her, “you are happy nah!?? ……’re not worried about anything or did you have a  fight with inder jiju”..……..Damini tells her that Inder is a nice guy and he is nice to all………..still Avni asks her then why does not she has a bride’s grace on her face.

In the party, Ila Gujral anxiously searches for that person (unknown man from the phone), and is relaxed on not seeing him……………..Inder arrives with his family…….all welcome n hugs…….Mrs. Ila again in sad mood and says that it’s the same feeling of every mother……..then praising Damini she says that she appears tough ‘coz she had to grow up in just one day after her father left……………….back in Damini’s room where Damini is assuring Avni that she is happy, its just that she’ll miss everyone……..Avni says, “di you look tough but you’re real soft at heart”………then asks her if she loves Inder or not,………..and Damini says that eventually love will happen……………Avni says what ”love will happen means??”

Ila Gujral to Inder, again telling him about Damini that she appears to be tough as she has seen her mother struggle so much but she is good at heart…………Inder says  i know mom I love Damini and you don’t have to worry………………………and after this as they move forward…… sees that same man, who was on the phone.……..and worries what will happen if Damini sees him????

Precap: Roshni dancing on ‘chalka re’, Damini giving a slap to that same mysterious man and Mr. Saxena pulls a gun on him after him creating a scene……

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June 22, 2009

Love ne mila di Jodi………1st Episode

love ne mila di jodi_96The 1st episode started with the scenes of the beautiful city Manali, where  these three brothers live their mother and their father is in Mumbai for work.

Then we see two girls on horses, the guide tells them that ‘badal’ (black horse) is the widest and can only be tammed by Prithvi (an intro of Gaurav Khanna in a great sizzling manner) and suddenly one of the horses gets out of control; the guide shouts out to Prithvi and like any hero (saviour of girls) comes running and saves the girl. Later when that same girl tries to thank him with a hug, he stops her and tells her to be more careful next time……Nikhil, friend of Prithvi asks him how come i bring all the tourists and these girls are dancing around you, why don’t you loosen up friend, then Prithvi says, let me the way I’m otherwise our family will have no one serious………then Nikhil asks about his younger brothers, Sameer and Varun, Prithvi replies Sameer is on to a new business everyday (kabhi hotel mein, kabhi photographer, etc)

And so we see the entry of Sameer, at a poolside ordering his assistant (how’s my house in Sydney, get my chopper , etc…) and flirting with girls……just when he gets a call from his mom telling him to get up………OMG! He was dreaming about all that stuff; later in the day, he stops a family to check-in a hotel, in disguise……and makes them stay in another hotel but this he did for the  commission, he received from the manager;

Sameer in conversation with that same manager, where they discuss about Varun, the youngest of the lot who studies in college….

Entry of Varun, at the annual function of the college, where he is awarded ‘Best Student of the Year’ award. Then, he dances to the tunes of Dhoom2 song……..ravishing!!!

After the function, Varun along with his friends is impeded by a beautiful girl,………she tries to charm him but he leaves her and runs away!!!!!!

The episode concludes with Varun coming back from college to hi mother and brothers, Prithvi and Sameer………and praying for their father to soon return from Mumbai.

Lets see what happens when they come across Damini, Avni and Roshni – their total opposites!!!!

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June 21, 2009

Love ne mila di jodi

I guess by now we all are aware of Star One’s new show “LOVE NE MILA DI JODI” of Shakuntalam Telefilms starting tonite (22nd June) at 9:00p.m and like me many are waiting to witness the first episode.

The show, as far as, I have read in different news articles it a ‘love story’, well it’s not like any other love stories but a love story with a blend of family drama; this I can say b’coz the punch line of the show tells the theme itself – ‘Plan main nahi thi love story, par love ne mila di jodi’. And also it has an underline theme of ‘opposites attract’.

Now a bit about the show, the story is about six youngsters – three brothers Prithvi, Sameer & Varun and three sisters Damini, Avni & Roshni who play the central characters. The brothers come to Mumbai with a purpose in hand but love changed everything; means, they all had planned a set of goals for themselves which never included love in them but along the way Love made its presence felt and affected all their plans.

The eldest of the brothers is Prithvi, played by Gaurav Khanna, (finally bagging for himself a main lead, after being sidelined in ‘JeevanSathi’), he is an adventurous and simple fellow, who believes that it’s a man’s duty to protect women; he finds his match in Damini, played by Chandana Sharma, (known by her remarkable role of Tara in ‘Yeh Dil chahe more’) the eldest of three sisters, who thinks differently, equally adventurous, who wants to make her mark in this male dominated society.

The second jodi is of Varun and Roshini – total opposites; Varun, played by newcomer Dishant Arora, has a silent character of being focused to his career plans and all his plans revolutionized, when fate makes sure of him running into Roshni, (Simran Kaur) the ever bubbly, fervent believer of romance and Prince Charming. .

The third jodi, again, is of two total opposites, oldest from the book, Casanova guy and girl next door. Sameer, played by Karan Thacker, can be considered as rowdy, fun-loving and bright of the three brothers. He is bold, extrovert, a charmer always surrounded by girls; he falls for Avni, (his toughest challenge) played by Parmeet Chauhan, who is a simple, shy, down-to-earth introvert girl, the responsible one of the lot.

Prithvi a.k.a. Gaurav Khanna

Damini a.k.a. Chandana Sharma

Sameer a.k.a. Karan Tacker

Avni a.k.a. Parmeet Chauhan

Varun a.k.a. Dishank Aror

Roshni a.k.a. Simran Kaur

Let’s see what happens when these, totally distinct personalities confront each other through the series and with love kicking in – more excitement.


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June 18, 2009

Sabki Jodi wahi banata……….Bhagyavidhata!! *Ed.*

18th June:

The episode starts with Bindiya’s little sister thinking of past memories when they were all together, having a nice time with her mother, father and sisters on the topic of Bindiya’s marriage; and this silence was broken by their mother who brought the dinner for the girls but they have it…….

And then Vinay’s elder brother, Vimlesh (second in the family) comes back from work and he’s surprised to see a girl all dressed like a newly wed standing in the corridor……..and finally gets the answer in the form of a full-fledged story from his bhabhi (punpun wali), that she is bride of Vinay……….his reaction was not that of shock instead he started blaming his own father and brother that history has repeated itself and whatever they did years back for their girl’s marriage (his bua)…….now it has happened to them; after this there is a big argument among them and finally Vimlesh is able to convince everyone to think of Vishal’s life and accept Bindiya as the ‘bahu’ of the house but Vinay himself says there is no chance of him ever accepting Bindiya as his wife and leaves the scene;

The grandmother agrees that they should think of Vinay’s life and the brother says till then what they expect Bindiya to do……..stand in the corridor, at this punpun wali gets furious and says “toh ka kare, iska aarti utare kya??,……” the brother tells the servant to take Bindiya’s stuff to the guest room at this punpun wali again has a problem – “hum eei ko aapna bagal mein bilkul bardasht nahi karenge” and gives he shelter in the “goshala” (where cows r tied)………

Ab jaise hi Bindiya goushala ki taraf badti hai, bhabhi fir usse tokti hue, uski sandals utarne ko kehti hai, kyuki samne mandir hai. Ek baar fir uske aage badne par bhabhi ki chikh par, dari Bindiya se pass hi tulsi par rakhe paani or sindoor girr jate hai……….iske baad jab who chalna shuru karti hai toh uske paron ke nishan zameen par padte hai (bikhare paani-sindoor se hote hue………aisa har nayi dulhan ke sath hota hai – custom n all)

So what should we call it, coincidence or Bindiya was destined of getting married to Vinay????

*Edited* 19th June:

The episode started with Bindiya walking towards the goushala, place given to her to stay….leaving her foot marks behind she reaches the goushala; she thinks about what all happened with her throughout the day and things said to her…….crying!!

Next, Raja (Bindiya’s brother) reaches home and is enquired by his mother and uncle about Bindiya……..he says he has made sure that his sister is taken care of by her in-laws; his uncle says its only a matter of time till when the families are angry but with time they will accept Bindiya as their daughter-in-law. At dinner time they all think of how will Bindiya’s father react at the news and her sisters are thinking of her.

Next, in the goushala, Bindiya cries and remembers her family after seeing the photos and on the other side Vinay is also thinking of what happened with him the past night (his forceful marriage)……..and as he sees Bindiya from the window he gets more furious and shuts it on her face……

Last part of the episode, Bindiya’s father is back home………….as he enters, he shouts Bindiya’s name, searches for her and one of her sisters starts crying and tells all what happened – about their mother forcefully convincing Bindiya for the marriage and it taking place.

He is shocked………

*Edited* 22nd June:

Episode started at Bindiya’s place with her father all shocked at the news of her getting married…….he goes into his room, there he dirges and  thinks of Bindiya; finally gets a hold of himself ……..comes out and asks where Bindiya is married.

Next, Punpun bhabhi is after Bindiya and tells her to wipe the floor, clean the utensils and wash the clothes……and says only after this she will be given something to eat……

Bindiya’s father with gifts reaches her house (in-laws), where he is not welcomed by anyone, but when he says at least let me see my daughter; he is answered by bua ji, who directs him towards goushala……………there he sees Bindiya washing clothes and thinks how a new bride is doing that……….

He does not interrupt her…………instead he goes back into the hall and calls out her name……………she hears him and very quickly she washes her face and meets him………during their conversation they both lie to each other about how they are, i.e, father says he is happy to see his daughter married and Bindiya says that she is also happy as she is now married in such a rich and reputed family. (pretty emotional…………)

In the last episode, Bindiya’s father came to see her and found her daughter, a new bride washing dirty clothes, but both Bindiya and her father tried to console each other by lying that they are happy.

Today’s episode, (23rd June) started with the conversation between Bindiya and her father, and later he tried talking to the family members (Bindiya’s in-laws) again……..praising his daughter that she is a humble, nice, quite, homely girl and how he is proud to have her as daughter and some day they all will think same for Bindiya…..

As he is begging for his daughter in front of everyone’s door, Vinay enters the scene and questions him, about what all this drama is going on???

Bindiya’s father tries to present gifts to Vinay, him being his son-in-law…….but he throws it all away and tells him to stop all this act of apologising and they are accompanied by all the family members.  So giving a chance to Punpun bhabhi to insult Bindiya and her father, saying, ‘kitte besharm ho sakte hai, itna kuch kehne ke baad bhi uyahan khade hai……hum hote toh ab tak sharm se marr gaye hote’.

Binidiya’s father again apologises but Vinay once more screams at them and says, that he wont accept this dark, ugly girl as his life partner………at this Bindiya’s father explodes into anger saying that he wont bear anything wrong said to his daughter and forces her to come along back home……..

……just as they the front door step (ghar ki chaukhat), she stops and tells her father……refuses to go with him saying that under whatever circumstances but now she is married……she is ‘bahu’ of this house and with time she will win over her in-laws.

Her father leaves and she goes back inside the house……….

*Punpun Bhabhi’s onscreen name is SHOBHA*


Kal ke episode me humne dekha ki, Vimlesh (Vinay’s second brother) brings in Bindiya to give her somthing to eat but again Punpun bhabhi makes a scene and threatens to kill herself if Bindiya enters the kitchen…… Vimlesh says that Bindiya has been hungry since last day (she arrived) and if anything happened to her, then what?……so dadi maa gives the solution and tells the servant to make a chulha (stove) in the goushala and provide some rashan to Bindiya and she’ll cook food for herself………but for today she was given food but Punpun bhabhi miuxex phenol in her food (trying to kill her)……..

just as Bindiya is about to have her food, Vinay’s bua comes to her and gives her a murti (statue) of Goddess Durga. Bindiya takes her blessings and places the murti on a clean cloth………while all this is happening, a calf (baby cow) comes and eats up from her plate……..and falls ill.

today’s episode started with the same scene of the calf eating up Bindiya’s food and getting sick….Punpun bhabhi is walking rounds in her room thinking why hasnt Bindiya cried out for help yet………just then Bua, who was also in the goushala screams and gathers everyone to tell how the calf suddenly fell………..seeing this Punpun bhabhi to save herself blames all this on Bindiya that has done somthing to the cow………later in their room punpun bhabhi with her husband, who is scolding her on trying somthing so stupid and risking to ruin their plans……….then with everyone of the family get together and their plan is out in the open that they are planning to perform and register Vinay’s marriage on some previous date so that his and BIndiya’s marriage dont stand legal and make sure that this news doesn’t get out of the room…….punpun bhabhi again taunts bua, who shows sympathy towards Bindiya.

Vinay’s eldest brother asks his assistant to be very catious with everything but……….he comes out of the house and calls up Raja bhaiya (Bindiya’s brother). Next day, at the mandir, where Vinay is getting married, Raja comes with his gun men and tries to stop everything but Vinay’s brother shows him the court papers and say now nothing can be done, ………at this Raja’s mamaji comes and tells him that they are legal people and everything will be sorted out legally and taks Raja away………..both families again get to the marriage business…………….and just then they hear a scream of their sister, aho went in to get Vinay. Everyone rushes in and sees that Vinay is not in the room and the people with him are all lying tied up……..Vinay;’s brother gets furious and thinks how Raja and his men have fooled him!!!!


Kal ke episode (29th June) mei hamne dekha ki kis tarah Raja ke aadmi Vinay (Vishal Singh) ko kidnap karke, ek godown mei band kar dete hai………and dusri taraf awadesh (Vinay’s big brother) is looking everywhere for Vinay. coming back home, ek baar fir Punpunh bhabhi saraa blame Bindiya ko deti hai ki its all her fault, from the day hse has arrived intheir home their lives have become hell…….Vinay mom comes and starts to cry her out to Bindiya for her son.

Raja comes to Vinay’s place and again threatens everyone that if they try anything like this again, he will not spare their family……….Bindiya comes there and slaps Raja (he is Bindiya’s younger brother), and tells him to bring back Vinay at once for it is their family matter and he is her husband………he says that its ok that she slapped him because she is his sister and obeying her sister he calls up his men to bring back Vinay………..after some time Vinay is with his family…………and Raja says that he only did this ‘coz his sister told him to and before leaving threatens them, if the family ever tries to do this (Vinay’s second marriage), he will be watching Vinay and saying this he points his finger towards Vinay…………..again Bindiya comes in between and lowers his finger and holding his hand she drags him to the door and shuts the door on his (raja’a) face……..

Today’s episode started with the same scene of Bindiya shutting the door at Raja’s face………everyone is looking at her in astouned manner. Bindiya walks towards everyone but without saying anything she walks into the goushala, where she is given place to stay!!!!!!!

Vinay’s mother is in front of God thanking them for the safe return of Vinay…..bua comes and says that its all because of Bindiya. In the hall, punpun bhabhi is shouting that what should she answer to her uncle, who is calling her again and again…………enters Vinay’s mom and tells everyone to stop thinking of his second marriage and tell sthem it was all ‘coz of Bindiya that Vinay is safe today but they must remember Raja’s threat and try to accept what has been done………she says that from now on no one will bother Bindiya and also give her two time food……….punpun bhabhi again has a problem with it and says that she cannot forget about what happened with her lalla ji (Vinay)………dadi maa explains her that all mom is saying  is to give food to Bindiya like we do all animals…….

Vinay is in his room thinking about all what happened with him……….he hears a knock on his room window and when he opens it he sees Bindiya standing there……….as he tries to shut the window she says “please! listen to me for a moment, I know what happened with you was jot right………….so I’m asking you to forgive me”………Vinay says that there is no question of him forgiving her and shuts the window on her face………she continues to apologise standing near the window. END!!!

June 13, 2009





Welcome readers to my blog, I would like to be the first one to share this with you which characters have this year’s Star Parivaar; I used to note all this information but wasn’t aware how to share it with people and so this is how got to blogging.

I’ll try to bring to you the reviews of movies and serials in the manner, what I observe or like in the serial; i know many of you’ll must be aware of the winners but i’ll let you know about the entire function and the various nominations…………and I could only hope that you’ll like it.

Coming back to Star Parivaar awards, the Red Carpet was as usual gr8 with Mohit and Aditi hosting them with sharing the backstage excitement with us…….

The Awards…the opening act included artists like Ragini, Ranveer, Mohan, Bhakti, Vishambharnath, Rajshri, Dadi, (serial names), etc…..

The first round hosts were Ragini (Parul) and Sadhna (Sara); and the earliest award announced was….

v     Favourite Buzurg for which the nominations were:

  • Nani          from                Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai
  • Dadi          from                Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
  • Kashi         from                Hamari Devrani
  • Dadaji       from                Bure bhi Hum Bhale bhi Hum

Akshara and Naitik were called on stage to present the opening two awards and the award was won by Dadi from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

v     Favourite Maa– nominations were:

  • Kaushalaya            from                Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai
  • Gayatri                  from                Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
  • Gayatri                  from                Kis Desh mein hai Meraa Dil
  • Rajshri                   from                Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

And the award was won by Gayatri Maa from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai;

v     Favourite Pita – nominations were:

  • Prakashchand        from                Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
  • Kuku Narang        from                Sabki Ladli Bebo
  • Lalit Juneja            from                KDMHMD
  • Raja Sahib             from                Raja ki aayegi Baraat
  • Vishambharnath    from                Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

And the award was won by Kuku Narang from Sabki Ladli Bebo;

Next section, was two funny acts former being as a milk man (doodhwala) steps on to the stage and shares his feelings about his favourite characters; and Mona Singh depicting Kiran ki Kachori to solve a few cases……….

Next, Sadhna (Sara) was joined on-stage by her on-screen husband Alekh (Angad) to announce the second round of awards with calling Vishambharnath (Avinash Wadhvan) and Kuku Narang (Kawaljeet) on stage to present the following awards:

v     Yaadgaar pal- Fiction ( scenes not artists) – nominations were:

  • Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai
  • Hamari Devrani
  • Raja ki aayegi Baraat

And this award was won by the team of Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai;

v     Yaadgaar pal- Non-Fiction ( scenes formreality shows) – nominations were:

  • Jo Jeeta wahi Superstar
  • Nach Baliye 4
  • Aapki Kachhari….Kiran ke sath
  • Voice of India 2
  • Chote Ustaad

And this award was won by the team of Aapki Kachhari….Kiran ke sath;

Then Came award for-

v     Favourite Beta – nominations were:

  • Ranvir       from                Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai
  • Shauraya   from                Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
  • Alekh        from                Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai
  • Mohan       from                Hamari Devrani

And the award was won by Alekh from Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai;

This was followed by the award for ladli beti, that’s:

v     Favourite Beti – nominations were:

  • Sadhna      from                Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai
  • Ragini        from                Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai
  • Rani           from                Raja ki aayegi Baraat
  • Akshara     from                Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
  • Bebo          from                Sabki Ladli…Bebo

And this award was won by Bebo from Sabki Ladli…Bebo;

After this there was a dance act by the entire cast of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai on a song parody…….Akshara and naitik looked stunning!! WOW!!..

And this act gave way to next section of awards to be presented by Shlok (Puneet) and Malti(Ashita) from Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai for:

v     Favourite Bhai – nominations were:

  • Shauraya               from    Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai
  • Vineet                   from    Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai
  • Preet                      from    KDMHMD
  • Yudhishtir             from    Raja ki aayegi Baraat
  • Jay                         from    Bure bhi Hum Bhale bhi Hum

And the award for fav. Bhai was won by Yudhishtir from Raja ki aayegi Baraat;


v     Favourite Behen – nominations were:

  • Ragini        from                Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai
  • Hetal         from                Bure bhi Hum Bhale bhi Hum
  • Sadhna      from                Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai
  • Meher        from                KDMHMD
  • Rashmi      from                Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai

And the award for fav. Behen was won by Hetal from Bure bhi Hum Bhale bhi Hum;

This made way for the next two awards –

v     Favourite Sasur – nominations were:

  • Vishambharnath    from                Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
  • Prakashchand        from                Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
  • Raja Sahib             from                Raja ki aayegi Baraat
  • Lalit Juneja            from                KDMHMD

And the award was won by Prakashchand from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai;

v     Favourite Saas – nominations were:

  • Vasundhara        from                Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai
  • Gayatri                  from                Kis Desh mein hai Meraa Dil
  • Dadi                      from                Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
  • Devki                    from                Hamari Devrani

And the award was won by Dadi from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai;

After this there was a Special Award for the person for priceless contribution to the Television Screen- it was awarded to two persons:

v     Rajan Shahi – the maker of two most populart serials of Indian television  nowadays, that is, Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai and Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.

v     Kiran Bedi for being the fair judge of serial Aapki Kachhari….Kiran ke sath

Next set of awards was presented by Arjun Rampal, that of –

v     Favourite Naya Sadasya (Female) – nominations were:

  • Bebo                from                Sabki Ladli Bebo
  • Akshara           from                Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
  • Suhani             from                Shauraya aur Suhani
  • Vrinda             from                Tujh sang preet lagai Sajna
  • Krishna            from                Bure bhi Hum Bhale bhi Hum

And Naya Sadasya (female) became none other than Akshara from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai;


v     Favourite Naya Sadasya (Male) – nominations were:

  • Shlok         from                Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai
  • Naitik        from                Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
  • Amrit         from                Sabki Ladli Bebo
  • Shaurya     from                Shaurya aur Suhani
  • Jay             from                Bure bhi Hum Bhale bhi hum

And Naya Sadasya (male) became none other than Naitik from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai;

Subsequently we saw a gr8 funny act related to political characters like Soniya Gandhi, Manmohan Singh and Lalu Yadav with basic song of “Emotional Aatyachar”……..

Then came next set of awards of –

v     Favourite Dushman – nominations were:

  • Rishabh Rampal    from    KDMHMD
  • Badi Bhabhi          from    Hamari Devrani
  • Choti Rani             from    Raja ki aayegi Baraat
  • Simba                    from    Shaurya aur Suhani

And Choti Rani from  Raja ki aayegi Baraat won the award for Favourite Dushman;

v     Favourite Mazedaar Sadasya – nominationa were:

  • Shankari tai           from    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
  • Jalpa                      from    Hamari Devrani
  • Mansukh               from    Bure bhi Hum bhale bhi Hum

And the award was won by Jalpa from Hamari Devrani;

v     Favourite Bahu – nominations were:

  • Varsha       from    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
  • Sadhna      from    Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai
  • Ragini        from    Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai
  • Heer          from    KDMHMD
  • Rani           from    Raja ki aayegi Baraat
  • Bhakti       from    Hamari Devrani

And this year the favourite bahu award was won by Ragini from Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai

Then the television screen was mesmerized by the performance of Yudhishtir (kapil)

And Rani (Anjali) on the songs ‘Guzarish’ from the movie ‘Gajini’, on ‘Mahi’ from Raaz-2 …….which could only mean that now it was time to give away the award for fav yogya jodi presented by the same couple –

v     Favourite Yogya Jodi – nominations were:

  • Akshara & Naitik              from                Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
  • Shaurya & Suhani             from                Shaurya aur Suhani
  • Bebo & Amrit                   from                Sabki Ladli…Bebo
  • Jay & Krishna                   from                Bure bhi Hum Bhale bhi hum

And again you could have guessed it that who won it, its our Akshara & Naitik from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai;

Next category of awards was presented by nigar Khan and Manish from the new serial Mitwa ( Mohit of Splitsvilla), that of –

v     Favourite Jethani – nominations were:

  • Sadhna                  from    Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai
  • Bhabhi maa           from    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
  • Alpa                     from    Hamari Devrani
  • Rasila                    from    Bure bhi Hum Bhale bhi hum

And the award was won by Bhabhi maa from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai;

v     Favourite Devrani – nominations were:

  • Gayatri      from    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
  • Ragini        from    Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai
  • Ambika     from    Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai
  • Bhakti       from    Hamari Devrani
  • Choti bahu            from    Bure bhi Hum Bhale bhi hum

And the award was won by Gayatri from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai;

v     Favourite Bhabi – nominationa were:

  • Varsha                  from    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
  • Malti                      from    Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai
  • Sadhna                  from    Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai
  • Heer                       from    KDMHMD

And this award was won by Varsha from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai;

After this, we saw the sweetest performance by Mohan and Bhakti of Hamari Devrani, on title song of movie ‘kisna’ (Bhakti looked cute!!!) ………..followed by an attention-grabbing act from Shaleen and Daljeet- the winners of Nach Baliye 4…….

..…..which lead to the next category of awards of judge and pratiyogi, that is,and they were presented by Prem(Harshad Chopra) and Heer(Aditi Gupta):

v     Favourite judge – nominations were:

  • Shreya                                from    Chote Ustaad
  • Farah khan                        from    Nach Baliye 4
  • Farah Khan                       from    Jo jeeta wahi Superstar
  • Shekhar                              from    Jo jeeta wahi Superstar
  • Vishal                                 from    Jo jeeta wahi Superstar

And the winner of this award was Farah Khan from Jo Jeeta wahi Superstar;

v     Favourite Pratiyogi – nominations were:

  • Rahul Vaidya                    from    Jo jeeta wahi Superstar
  • Shaleen & Daljit                from    Nach Baliye 4
  • Abhijeet Sawant               from    Jo jeeta wahi Superstar
  • Mona Singh                       from    Arre Dewano mujhe pehchano
  • Aishwarya                         from    Chote Ustaad

And the winner of this award was our very own lovable couple from Nach Baliye 4,that’s  Shaleen & Daljit;

v     Favourite Host – nominations were:

  • Rahul & Vineet     from                Aaja mahi vay
  • Shaan                    from                Voice of India
  • Abhaas                  from                Chote Ustaad
  • Mandira                 from                Jo jeet wahi Superstar
  • Hiten & Gauri       from                Nach Baliye 4

And as anyone could have guessed it, it was our Shaan who won this award for Star Voice of India;

And after this was the most anticipated performances of the three known jodis of Star Plus today, thts, Sadhna (Sara) & Alekh (Angad), Ranvir (Kinshuk) & Ragini (Parul), and the sweetest Naitik (Karan) and Akshara (Hina)on the song “Marjani”from Billu Barber……….and surely they left everyone amazed with their stunning and sizzling act……..

This made the way for the final set of awards of pati, patni and jodi and for this on-stage were called Lata Sabarwal and Sanjeev Sethi, who are not only onscreen but also off-screen couple (as said by them on the Red Carpet….);

v     Favourite Pati – nominations were:

  • Ranvir                   from                Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai
  • Alekh                    from                Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai
  • Yudhishtir             from                Raja ki aayegi Baraat
  • Prem Juneja           from                KDMHMD

And the award was won by Alekh (Angad) from Sapna Babul ka….Bidaai;

v     Favourite Patni – nominations were:

  • Sadhna      from    Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai
  • Ragini        from    Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai
  • Heer          from    KDMHMD
  • Bhakti       from    Hamari Devrani
  • Rani           from    Raja ki aayegi Baraat

And this award was won by the on-screen wife of Alekh that’s Sadhana from Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai;

And closing stages the function with the best award of –

v     Favourite Jodi – nominations were:

  • Ranvir & Ragini                from    Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai
  • Prem & Heer                     from    KDMHMD
  • Yudhishtir & Rani            from    Raja ki aayegi Baraat
  • Mohan & Bhakti               from    Hamari Devrani
  • Alekh & Sadhna               from    Sapna Babul ka…Bidaai;

And the winner of this category of award was (finally a win for Balaji serial) Prem and Heer from the very known and loved Kis desh mein hai Meraa Dil.

Lastly, i would just like to say that i’ve just tried to share this award function with people who might have missed it, coz it was really an evening full of excitement ……

So i would really appreciate if you all who read it left a comment……thanx

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June 12, 2009

Pavitra Rishta…..1st June to 17th June!!!(Ed.)

As i have mentioned earlier, this serial “pavitra rishta” is all about a simple down to earth maharashtrian girl and a boy who will be entering her life ( that’s sushant aka preet from Kis desh mein hai meraa dil’) In the first week we saw  the introduction of Archana’s family and also that how Archana gets refused just because she is not well educated……………and as destiny has written for them they get to pray together at the famous SIDDHI VINAYAK mandir although they dont get to see each other…..

…then in the fifth episode we witnessed how Archana helps a poor boy jo ki chori karta pakda jata hai and usse bachati hai hamari Archana….and right here usko dekhta hai Manav (aka Preet aka Sushant) ….

par woh Archana ka chehra dekh nahi pata bas uski aankhen dikhti hai Manav ko and he’s all into her after this……

*Edited* 10th June:

In the second week we got to know that Manav (Preet) isn’t a rich bloc but a garage owner and he doesn’t believe in the word Love as he wants a simple girl for himself who can manage his home in 15-16 thousand with 5-6 mouths to feed,…..yet his friend forces him to have faith that he will find love in his life………

Or dusri taraf Archana’s mom is makes preparations to go for Ajit’s engagement;…………on the way in the local train again Manav (aka Preet) is there; he recognizes Archana who’s standing with her back towards hi by a burn mark on her wrist however this time for second time he is not able to catch a proper glimpse of her (here, the background music from movie LOVE is perfectly suited).

At the function Archana’s mother where she notices a suitable boy for Archana (Satish an acquaintance of Manjusha’s mom) and woh Manjusha ki mom se Archana ki baat chalane ko kahati hai……………….but she doesn’t instead she makes her aware of some realities and being rude she goes on to say that Satish would never want an illiterate girl for himself as he himself is a Management graduate……………..and here this conversation is over heard by none other than Archana……..

Later at their place Archana tries to console her mother but her sister-in-law (bhabhi) hears it and all this takes the shape of a big fight with Varsha and Vaishali joining in to support their mother…….….as this argument increases Archana bursts into tears and apologizes and asks them to stop fighting over her …….

11th June:

Next morning Archana’s father tries to make her realize that her mother and sisters love her and so they were just standing up for her……..right then enters her friend Madhuri to call her to find a boy who has ditched Swati, their other friend.

Although (in rainy background) the person they are encounter with is no one else but Mannav (Preet) and this mistake lead to coming face-to-face of Manav and Archana; She tells her friends that Manav is not the fellow who has cheated with their friend. They apologize to him but Manav is too happy to meet the girl of her dreams and is completely mesmerised with her; yahan aapna hero  barish mein bhegti heroine ko help karte hue usse umbrella offer karta hai…….

Swati notices the name of Ajit from Archana and gets even more alarmed when she tells her that ajit’s full name is Ajit Lokhande…..

12th June:

The next day, at the wedding Swati is there and she tells Archana that her boyfriend and Ajit are same persons; she creates a scene by raising finger at Ajit and also adds that she was helped by Archana………..

*Edited* 15th June

Well jaisa ki last episode ki ending ke baad hum sabne socha tha, something similar happened that Swati created a scene and so calling off the marriage of Ajit and like we thought sara ka sara blame Archana par aata hai (Swati commented “Archana ki vajah se mujhe Ajit ki sachhaai pata chali hai);

And after this again a lot of crying – (rona dhona n all) with Manjusha’s mom shouting and blaming Archana that whatever happened it was all because of her and she did on purpose coz being 26+ she wasn’t married yet, not only she insults Archana but her mother too…..that their family being poor doesn’t have any values and blah blah blah!!!!

This finally evokes Vinod, Archana’s brother to stand for her sister and to say,” Agar aap Archana ko aapne ghar se nikal sakti hai, toh mein bhi Manju ko………” this leaves Manju (his wife) in shock;  he’s stopped by his mother saying that we aren’t like them and we have treated our daughter-in-law as our daughter from the first day……..she also warns her other two daughters (Varsha and Vaishali) not to be offensive or rude towards Manju when they reach home………after all this drama they all leave for home;

Now, there’s a Manav (aka Sushant) scene that portrays how he was able to concentrate on his work……so enters his friend Tarun, to ask the reason for the same, and to this he replies, “Yaar, aaj meine usko dekha”

Tarun, “Usse matlab”??

Manav, “Ussi train wali ko”…

Tarun, “Jiski tu sirf aanken dekh paya tha, chehra dekhne ke liye taras raha tha (desperate to see her face, he meant)

Manav, “Yaar, aaj meine uska chehra dekha, usne mujh se baat bhi ki”……this gets tarun all excited to ask a chain of questions like who is she, what’s he name, where does she live, etc…..

Manav, “Nahi puch paya, yaar”………… “But why”, asked Tarun and Manav replied, “Arre Tarun, kaise puchta yaar, sharm aa rahi thi mujhe uske samne khade rahne mei; (he was embarassed to stand in front of her) is, is halat mei gaya tha; agar kuch bolta nah toh mawali samjhti muhje, aur waise bhi naam puch ke mein karta kya…..use raaste toh mujhe jana nahi hai”

Tarun, “ Raaste par toh tu nikal chukka hai, ab bekaar ka drama matt kar;……pasand karta hai naa tu usse (manav is silent) ….chal fir uska thikana dundte hai”

Manav, “Yaar, tarun kya bol raha hai yaar tu”

Tarun, “Yaar, mein chahe job hi kahu, tu chahe kuch bhi bol, kitni bhi baar bol,……….lekin tere chehre se saaf zahir ho raha hai kit u kya chahta hai”. “Yaar Tarun chahne se kya hota hai” says Manav…………just repeating that what’s the meaning of thiking of what he cannot get and blah blah……finally saying, “Toh kya hua ki who meri zindagi mei nahi hai, meri aankhon mei toh hai nah who. Jab bhi chahuga aapni aankhen band kar lunga; sapne tutne se acha hai who palkon mei hi ghar kar le”.

Next scene, at Archana’s house it’s an atmosphere of tension; Manju again thinks that all of this happened because of Archana and decides to make her life a living hell..

Let’s see what happens next…….!!!!

16th June

In this episode, both parents of Archana discuss on what happened at the wedding; as they go to sleep she starts crying, thinking all what was said to Archana. In the morning, she wakes up to see Archu again to her routine work; she thinks “don’t these things affect Archu or she has adjusted her life to all sufferings”. She helps Archana in the kitchen where she observes that her mom had been crying all night and so consoles her. Then she takes her niece school.

Again a lady, neighboring Archana takes on the same topic and tells her how this could affect Archana’s marriage prospects……this overheard by Vinod (Archana’s bro)…..leading to another argument with his wife Manjusha, who like her mother blames Archana for the calling off of Ajit’s marriage.

After what happened with Archana at Ajit’s wedding her father tries to change the view of his wife, of finding a rich, educational boy for Archana; and so takes on the responsibility of her marriage and says that whom ever i choose for he may not suit your conditions but Archana will be happy with him; at this her mother gets worried.

Tarun and Manav going to work when they stop at a signal and Manav notices Archana (dropping her niece at school) and as soon as tarun hears it, he takes a u-turn to follow her and see her stopping at a store – tarun notices her to be the same girl he saw at saree store(mall), at this Manav says that he 1st saw her on the road, then, in the train and then at the coffee shop…….tarun all excited what man “baar baar milna, its all Kismat Connection”; after she leaves, he very quickly goes to the same store to enquire about her and finds out that she lives nearby.

Again, a convo between Archana’s parent’s about her marriage…….its interrupted by a call for Archana’s father at the neighboring kirana store…….the call is about a marriage proposal for Archana, hearing this her mom starts asking all questions and worries.

17th June

A = Archana

A’s = Archana’s mother

The episode begins with Tarun asking Manav to get fresh and come along, and that too without telling him about the place they are going….Manav agrees.

At Archana’s home, her mother is all tensed thinking about the coming boy and prays for her daughter…..

Next, Manav again asks his friend about where he’s taking him….

Vinod reaches home to know about the proposal for Archana and talks to his mother, consoling her that if the boy is not suited according to her then they will not think further…

Next, in the car Manav thinking of all the moments he saw Archana (with a sweet smile on his face)…

The boy who arrives at Archana’s place for marriage is none other than Satish, (whom A’s mom liked for A); she’s surprised and tells Vinod about it……..he says may be God has answered their prayers, she thinks otherwise and decides to tell all truth about A’s education to the boy.

A’s mom tells Satish n his family that she doesn’t agree to this alliance……when asked for the refusal by Satish, she replies how up until now many proposals came for A but things didn’t go well as they found about A being only 8th pass………and it always hurts A and her family.

Satish proves her wrong by telling her that he witnessed what happened at wedding , how A was being shouted at by Ajit’s mother but A didn’t utter a word instead she was trying to look out for her mother and family image…….also how he was impressed by how she takes care of her eight family members, always with a smile on her face and keeping in mind likes n dislikes of all. He continues, “my mother is also a house-wife and he knows that if house-wives stop what they do then no man in the house will be able to go out and earn….” A’s mom is all in tears and realizes she thought wrong about Satish.

Next, Tarun brings Manav here, at Archana’s place and tells him that she’s just like him in status n all. But instead he finds out about Archana’s alliance with Satish and is devastated (poor guy)……

June 11, 2009

Kismat Connection – Khel Niyati Ka


Jo Ishq Ki Marzi Woh Rab Ki Marzi”

gets a new name “Kismat Connection – Khel Niyati Ka

Hey folks! do you all know that yet another serial of Sahara One is about to change its packaging……….meaning like we all saw how Kaisi Lagi Lagan changed its name into “Shubh Kadam”……….same way..

…..Sahara One’s legendary love saga, Jo Ishq Ki Marzi Woh Rab Ki Marzi, produced by Sagar Arts is all set for getting a new name, that is, Kismat Connection – Khel Niyati Ka.

It will be aired on Monday, 15th of June..

According to sources- “The show is landing itself a re-launch with this new name and also a change in the story…… (like as the promos depict now the story will take place in a modern city background…)

…nevertheless the main lead two characters will be same meaning

Neha Marda and Neil Bhatt..

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