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November 7, 2009

Agla Janam Mohe BItiya hi Kijo: AJMBHK……Kahani Ab Tak!!!

“Agla Janam Mohe Bitiya hi Kijo” is a story of a young village girl named “Laali”, played by Ratan Rajput ….who was previously seen playing the character of  ‘Ruchi’ from ‘Radha ki betiyan kuch kar dhikhengi’.

Laali, a seventeen year old, who’s born into a farmer family, living in a remote area in Bihar. Her family is from a low cast background and by profession are rat killers or ‘Musahars’ who help the Zamindaars to protect their land and homes from infestation. In her family she has her father Nanku (played by Aditya Lakhia), her mother Majri (played by Tuhina Vora), n their four children; n Laali is the eldest among her siblings of four girls n a boy.

Nanku, father of Laali, also has a limb in his foot, so he’s not physically that fit ….still he ties hard to earn money for his family. So many-a-times their family sleeps with a hungry stomach. And Laali who’s a caring, family girl …..being the eldest among siblings tries everything she can to help her parents, by doing any petty job or just taking care of her siblings …….But here we should you that Laali is already married. As still happens in most of the parts of India, (till this time it happens) Laali too has been married at a very tender age by her parents, with a boy Ganeshia from the neighboring village ….but still she stays with her parents, till she gets a little mature n they do her “Gauna” (sort of ceremony for the girl’s Bidaai to her in-laws).

Now the main story, Laali being the eldest she feels it as her responsibility to look after her siblings n help her parents, without ever asking anything in return. Then, apart from her family (n dreaming of Ganeshia ofcourse) Laali is much attached to her two friends namely, Phulbatiya n Shanichari …n like Laali these two girls have also been married at young age ….n Gauna’ of the first one has been done …..So now whenever this friend comes back to the village, Shanichari n Lali are just too excited to have their new live with their husband resp.

Then, the Laali’s story takes a major turn when, she gets the good news of her friend Shanichari’s ‘Gauna’ been finalized  ….both the girls are pretty happy!!. But not for long, soon out of the blue, Laali is shocked when she see Shanichari tries to commit suicide ….well she is saved …but just like a loath of flesh! ….and then, when Laali investigates, she’s traumatized to know that in the name of ‘Gauna’ Shanichari has been sold to the local village goon, Bali (involved in these kind of activities) by her parents, n where is she taken to, even they have no clue!!.

Now coming back to Laali’s family problems, seeing all this selling of daughter ‘coz of money issues…. Laali’s father gets worried that their financial problems might also let the goons to target Laali …..So next thing he does is go to Laali’s in-laws to ask for a Gauna …..but there he’s again faced with another reality …the in-laws of Laali demand ten thousand cash for the ceremony (well in simple terms they want Dowry)  …..instead of being a poor farmer, for the sake of his daughter, Nanku Laali’s father agrees to the condition n sets off back home.

At home, Nanku is tensed n he shares this with his wife ….then to get the situation resolved, he does what he shouldn’t have …..he tries to steal some of the cattle from the Zamindaar …but his bad luck that he’s caught n put into jail ….so bringing more problems on the family  …..and as she (Lali) goes to the zamindaar for help , that filthy fellow tries to have a dirty eye on her, but some how she manages to escape.

Here luck too seems to be against Laali n her family. As it is her father is in jail, n to worsen things…..her younger brother falls sick …..n to get some money for medicines…..Laali tries her hand at running for the prize in the village men’s race …there too the guys try to harass her but she again saves her self n wins …..but who’s the judge, the same zamindaar, so he instead of awarding Laali ……says that it was a men’s race n this girl (Laali) was just participating …that’s why she’s not eligible for the prize money. Hearing this, Laali is devastated ….she loses all her hope …..n while running the distance she exhausts herself, with an empty stomach …..n so we see Lali too falling unconscious n sick. Now all alone, her mother has to face three challenges simultaneously, Nanku in jail…little son down with high fever n Laali with her weakness  ……so the story takes another twist when the local goon comes in the picture and offers money to Nanku’s wife on the a/c to buy Laali  …..Initially, Laali’s mother throws back the offer right to his face but soon giving in to the unavoidable circumstances, she agrees to it. So, Nanku is released from jail ……n when Nanku finds about as to where did his wife got the money from ……so being helpless parents, they try to run away from the village taking their sick children in the same condition …but here again luck not favoring them …..they are forced back to the village by heavy rains n storms n so get caught by Bali.

So again accepting everything as their destiny, they decide to go ahead with the dealing of Laali but without telling her that she’s being sold ….instead they tell her that its her Gauna n so she’s going to her Husband n in-laws place. And to take her enters the character of RannVijay (thakur’s elder son). While all the rituals for ‘Gauna’ are being performed …then after Laali’s so called ‘shudhikaran’ (a ritual to pure her as she belonged to a lower cast) ….she isn’t allowed to touch or go near her parents …..she bids them goodbye from a distance n leaves with some people! Later on the way she finds out at a Dhaba (eating corner), that they are instead of going towards Ganeshia’s village, are going the opposite way ….so to put off her doubt, Rannvijay (the person incharge of bringing her) tells her that her husband Ganeshia works in another village n so she’s been taken to him there!

Now its almost dark as she reaches her destination, n there she finds herself in a large mansion sort of place (like that of zamindaars) ….n also she finds it confusing when she’s not welcomed like a new bride. Then Dai (a maid played by Sushmita Ganguly) to a small hut area n wait for Ganeshia to come …but in comes “Loha Singh” to have a look at his worth!

And so we have an introduction of the Thakur family   ….…the introduction of the main negative character of the show, “Loha Singh” (played by Sudesh Berry) …he’s the one who has bought Laali, for his younger son, Shekhar! ‘coz there’s no male heir to the Thakur family, RannVijay has two twin daughters, and Shekhar has no child …and like any orthodox family Loha Singh too is gritty to have a grandson!

Now, something about Shekhar, he’s the second son to Loha Singh …he’s married to Siddheshwari (played by Sukirti Khandpal) n he’s very happy with her too!! But coz Siddheshwari cannot beget children …..that’s the reason why Loha Singh has bought Laali to become the surrogate mother to give his family an heir. And in all these proceedings, Rannvijay the elder son of Loha Singh has been the one to do all the dealing part!  …..But also we should know that even if Laali has been bought n even brought to this house, Shekhar doesn’t approve of all this, just to get a child ….he’s somewhat the odd duckling out….means he’s very polite instead of being from the family of dictators!!

Again coming back to Laali, she is waiting for her husband to come …right then she hears the sound of flute playing (bansuri) …n feeling an attraction to the sound, Laali starts walking to it  ….and as she finally reaches the place, that’s under a tree, she see Shekhar …n remembering her last faded memory of ‘Ganeshia’ (her husband) Laali assumes Shekhar to be her ‘Ganeshia’ ….n like any wife, she instantly starts admiring her husband. After, Loha Singh finding out about this latest happening, (Laali thinking of Shekhar to be Ganeshia)  ….n so he orders everyone to keep their silence n illusion of Laali ….n also asks Shekhar to trick Laali by playing along this Ganeshia act ….and use Laali to conceive a child  … that his wish of a grandson (heir) could be fulfilled without any obstacles.

Then we see, different scene where, Laali is trying to get Shekhar’s attention ….to an extent he agrees but the thought of betraying his wife, Siddheshwari (whom he dearly loves)  …every time Shekhar backs out, leaving Laali in mess of unanswered questions. One time, Laali even asks Shekhar to fill her maang with sindoor …but he again hesitates.  But as the circumstances unfold, Laali comes face to face with this reality that Shekhar is not her husband  ….however the younger son of the zamindaar …n also that she has been sold by her parents to these zamindaars. Initially she doesn’t believe them. So after the identity of Shekhar being revealed, now Loha Singh openly tries to force Laali n Shekhar to be with one another ….he even locks them both in the small hut, but Shekhar doesn’t even touch Laali let alone sleep with her.

However next morning when asked, Shekhar lies to his father n says that he has done what he was asked to do. To which Loha Singh is super glad that he’s gonna have a grandson. But Laali knowing the whole truth tries again to escape and after various attempts to break out, which also leads to her being punished cruelly by Loha Singh!!  ….she finally manages to escape from their trap, with the help of Jamuni (Dai’s

Daughter) n Shekhar!! And as she escapes, Loha Singh again orders Bali to re-capture Laali ‘coz he thinks that Laali is carrying the family’s heir (as lied by Shekhar). So, Bali head to her village, assuming that she’ll first return to her family!!

Now for her way home, Laali she catches a bus home, but as she had no money with her, she’s almost thrown out of the bus, when a women passenger comes to her rescue  …she shouts at the bus people n agrees to pay for Laali’s bus journey. And then this woman takes the seat next to Laali …..well she seemed quite interested in Laali. In a formal intro, this woman introduces herself as Daali (oh no, later we come to know that this Daali is the owner of a brothel). At her village stop, Laali expresses her gratitude to this Daali  ….n starts walking towards her home  …..but just a few steps away from her home, she finds Bali talking to her father, Nanku. Where, Bali is threatening Nanku not to hide Laali, if she returns home as she has been sold to the Thakurs!!   ……..hearing this, right in the presence of her father, Laali realizes that she’s actually been sold, n so she’s heart broken. Laali all devastated by this truth decides to leave without meeting her parents …but eventually she has to go home, when she’s spotted by her mother, Majri passing their home. Now, at home, Laali isn’t talking much to her parents …she’s spending all her time with her siblings. She ‘s still shocked by her reality …but in a way she’s happy for her brother n sisters. And here Laali finds out about Rekha getting married {{but still not knowing that Rekha is getting married to her Ganeshia…(it all so happened, that while she’s been away, her family still is in turmoil  ….well, Nanku n his wife only uses the amount needed for the treatment of their son, n save the rest for the marriage of their remaining two daughters  …but when, the father-in-law of Laali come to enquire about her …n on coming to know about her being sold for such a huge amount  …he too demands a share in it. This fellow gives Nanku two options, 1. to marry her second daughter to his son, Ganeshia (husband of Laali) ….n 2. Or else he threatens to give Nanku to the police. Again feeling all incarcerated in the hands of their destiny, Nanku n wife agrees to the first condition of marrying Rekha (their second daughter) to Ganeshia  …and so they start preparing for the marriage}}      …..So after some time, Laali decided to leave  …her parents beg for her forgiveness …n she explains them that she has nothing against them …..n she’s leaving coz of Bali, who’s constantly threatening her family, looking for her!

And as she cannot be with her parents no more, Laali decides to go to Ganeshia. She reaches the village, n his home  ……there she sees her Ganeshia (played by Karan Mehra) …….she tells him how much long n obstacles she has crossed to meet him. Ganeshia seems stunned by her arrival. Laali is really happy to be with her husband at last  ……but soon all her happiness vanishes, when she realizes that Ganeshia is getting married again …n the would be bride to her husband is none other than her own younger sister Rekha  ….now this revelation totally smashes Laali n she chooses to sacrifice her love for her sister  …..n putting up an act, she tells Ganeshia that she cant return now, as she has become someone’s mistress. Hearing this, Ganeshia backs off feeling dismayed with Laali …n also doesn’t allow to take his blessings. And so she leaves from there too!!

But as the ceremony takes place n the groom is addressed as Ganeshia, Rekha realizes that she’s getting engaged to her Laali didi’s Ganeshia  ….n so she refuses to marry him.

Rest I’ll update soooooon ……as I get time to finish writing! 🙂 🙂

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