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November 7, 2009

Agla Janam Mohe BItiya hi Kijo: AJMBHK……Kahani Ab Tak!!!

“Agla Janam Mohe Bitiya hi Kijo” is a story of a young village girl named “Laali”, played by Ratan Rajput ….who was previously seen playing the character of  ‘Ruchi’ from ‘Radha ki betiyan kuch kar dhikhengi’.

Laali, a seventeen year old, who’s born into a farmer family, living in a remote area in Bihar. Her family is from a low cast background and by profession are rat killers or ‘Musahars’ who help the Zamindaars to protect their land and homes from infestation. In her family she has her father Nanku (played by Aditya Lakhia), her mother Majri (played by Tuhina Vora), n their four children; n Laali is the eldest among her siblings of four girls n a boy.

Nanku, father of Laali, also has a limb in his foot, so he’s not physically that fit ….still he ties hard to earn money for his family. So many-a-times their family sleeps with a hungry stomach. And Laali who’s a caring, family girl …..being the eldest among siblings tries everything she can to help her parents, by doing any petty job or just taking care of her siblings …….But here we should you that Laali is already married. As still happens in most of the parts of India, (till this time it happens) Laali too has been married at a very tender age by her parents, with a boy Ganeshia from the neighboring village ….but still she stays with her parents, till she gets a little mature n they do her “Gauna” (sort of ceremony for the girl’s Bidaai to her in-laws).

Now the main story, Laali being the eldest she feels it as her responsibility to look after her siblings n help her parents, without ever asking anything in return. Then, apart from her family (n dreaming of Ganeshia ofcourse) Laali is much attached to her two friends namely, Phulbatiya n Shanichari …n like Laali these two girls have also been married at young age ….n Gauna’ of the first one has been done …..So now whenever this friend comes back to the village, Shanichari n Lali are just too excited to have their new live with their husband resp.

Then, the Laali’s story takes a major turn when, she gets the good news of her friend Shanichari’s ‘Gauna’ been finalized  ….both the girls are pretty happy!!. But not for long, soon out of the blue, Laali is shocked when she see Shanichari tries to commit suicide ….well she is saved …but just like a loath of flesh! ….and then, when Laali investigates, she’s traumatized to know that in the name of ‘Gauna’ Shanichari has been sold to the local village goon, Bali (involved in these kind of activities) by her parents, n where is she taken to, even they have no clue!!.

Now coming back to Laali’s family problems, seeing all this selling of daughter ‘coz of money issues…. Laali’s father gets worried that their financial problems might also let the goons to target Laali …..So next thing he does is go to Laali’s in-laws to ask for a Gauna …..but there he’s again faced with another reality …the in-laws of Laali demand ten thousand cash for the ceremony (well in simple terms they want Dowry)  …..instead of being a poor farmer, for the sake of his daughter, Nanku Laali’s father agrees to the condition n sets off back home.

At home, Nanku is tensed n he shares this with his wife ….then to get the situation resolved, he does what he shouldn’t have …..he tries to steal some of the cattle from the Zamindaar …but his bad luck that he’s caught n put into jail ….so bringing more problems on the family  …..and as she (Lali) goes to the zamindaar for help , that filthy fellow tries to have a dirty eye on her, but some how she manages to escape.

Here luck too seems to be against Laali n her family. As it is her father is in jail, n to worsen things…..her younger brother falls sick …..n to get some money for medicines…..Laali tries her hand at running for the prize in the village men’s race …there too the guys try to harass her but she again saves her self n wins …..but who’s the judge, the same zamindaar, so he instead of awarding Laali ……says that it was a men’s race n this girl (Laali) was just participating …that’s why she’s not eligible for the prize money. Hearing this, Laali is devastated ….she loses all her hope …..n while running the distance she exhausts herself, with an empty stomach …..n so we see Lali too falling unconscious n sick. Now all alone, her mother has to face three challenges simultaneously, Nanku in jail…little son down with high fever n Laali with her weakness  ……so the story takes another twist when the local goon comes in the picture and offers money to Nanku’s wife on the a/c to buy Laali  …..Initially, Laali’s mother throws back the offer right to his face but soon giving in to the unavoidable circumstances, she agrees to it. So, Nanku is released from jail ……n when Nanku finds about as to where did his wife got the money from ……so being helpless parents, they try to run away from the village taking their sick children in the same condition …but here again luck not favoring them …..they are forced back to the village by heavy rains n storms n so get caught by Bali.

So again accepting everything as their destiny, they decide to go ahead with the dealing of Laali but without telling her that she’s being sold ….instead they tell her that its her Gauna n so she’s going to her Husband n in-laws place. And to take her enters the character of RannVijay (thakur’s elder son). While all the rituals for ‘Gauna’ are being performed …then after Laali’s so called ‘shudhikaran’ (a ritual to pure her as she belonged to a lower cast) ….she isn’t allowed to touch or go near her parents …..she bids them goodbye from a distance n leaves with some people! Later on the way she finds out at a Dhaba (eating corner), that they are instead of going towards Ganeshia’s village, are going the opposite way ….so to put off her doubt, Rannvijay (the person incharge of bringing her) tells her that her husband Ganeshia works in another village n so she’s been taken to him there!

Now its almost dark as she reaches her destination, n there she finds herself in a large mansion sort of place (like that of zamindaars) ….n also she finds it confusing when she’s not welcomed like a new bride. Then Dai (a maid played by Sushmita Ganguly) to a small hut area n wait for Ganeshia to come …but in comes “Loha Singh” to have a look at his worth!

And so we have an introduction of the Thakur family   ….…the introduction of the main negative character of the show, “Loha Singh” (played by Sudesh Berry) …he’s the one who has bought Laali, for his younger son, Shekhar! ‘coz there’s no male heir to the Thakur family, RannVijay has two twin daughters, and Shekhar has no child …and like any orthodox family Loha Singh too is gritty to have a grandson!

Now, something about Shekhar, he’s the second son to Loha Singh …he’s married to Siddheshwari (played by Sukirti Khandpal) n he’s very happy with her too!! But coz Siddheshwari cannot beget children …..that’s the reason why Loha Singh has bought Laali to become the surrogate mother to give his family an heir. And in all these proceedings, Rannvijay the elder son of Loha Singh has been the one to do all the dealing part!  …..But also we should know that even if Laali has been bought n even brought to this house, Shekhar doesn’t approve of all this, just to get a child ….he’s somewhat the odd duckling out….means he’s very polite instead of being from the family of dictators!!

Again coming back to Laali, she is waiting for her husband to come …right then she hears the sound of flute playing (bansuri) …n feeling an attraction to the sound, Laali starts walking to it  ….and as she finally reaches the place, that’s under a tree, she see Shekhar …n remembering her last faded memory of ‘Ganeshia’ (her husband) Laali assumes Shekhar to be her ‘Ganeshia’ ….n like any wife, she instantly starts admiring her husband. After, Loha Singh finding out about this latest happening, (Laali thinking of Shekhar to be Ganeshia)  ….n so he orders everyone to keep their silence n illusion of Laali ….n also asks Shekhar to trick Laali by playing along this Ganeshia act ….and use Laali to conceive a child  … that his wish of a grandson (heir) could be fulfilled without any obstacles.

Then we see, different scene where, Laali is trying to get Shekhar’s attention ….to an extent he agrees but the thought of betraying his wife, Siddheshwari (whom he dearly loves)  …every time Shekhar backs out, leaving Laali in mess of unanswered questions. One time, Laali even asks Shekhar to fill her maang with sindoor …but he again hesitates.  But as the circumstances unfold, Laali comes face to face with this reality that Shekhar is not her husband  ….however the younger son of the zamindaar …n also that she has been sold by her parents to these zamindaars. Initially she doesn’t believe them. So after the identity of Shekhar being revealed, now Loha Singh openly tries to force Laali n Shekhar to be with one another ….he even locks them both in the small hut, but Shekhar doesn’t even touch Laali let alone sleep with her.

However next morning when asked, Shekhar lies to his father n says that he has done what he was asked to do. To which Loha Singh is super glad that he’s gonna have a grandson. But Laali knowing the whole truth tries again to escape and after various attempts to break out, which also leads to her being punished cruelly by Loha Singh!!  ….she finally manages to escape from their trap, with the help of Jamuni (Dai’s

Daughter) n Shekhar!! And as she escapes, Loha Singh again orders Bali to re-capture Laali ‘coz he thinks that Laali is carrying the family’s heir (as lied by Shekhar). So, Bali head to her village, assuming that she’ll first return to her family!!

Now for her way home, Laali she catches a bus home, but as she had no money with her, she’s almost thrown out of the bus, when a women passenger comes to her rescue  …she shouts at the bus people n agrees to pay for Laali’s bus journey. And then this woman takes the seat next to Laali …..well she seemed quite interested in Laali. In a formal intro, this woman introduces herself as Daali (oh no, later we come to know that this Daali is the owner of a brothel). At her village stop, Laali expresses her gratitude to this Daali  ….n starts walking towards her home  …..but just a few steps away from her home, she finds Bali talking to her father, Nanku. Where, Bali is threatening Nanku not to hide Laali, if she returns home as she has been sold to the Thakurs!!   ……..hearing this, right in the presence of her father, Laali realizes that she’s actually been sold, n so she’s heart broken. Laali all devastated by this truth decides to leave without meeting her parents …but eventually she has to go home, when she’s spotted by her mother, Majri passing their home. Now, at home, Laali isn’t talking much to her parents …she’s spending all her time with her siblings. She ‘s still shocked by her reality …but in a way she’s happy for her brother n sisters. And here Laali finds out about Rekha getting married {{but still not knowing that Rekha is getting married to her Ganeshia…(it all so happened, that while she’s been away, her family still is in turmoil  ….well, Nanku n his wife only uses the amount needed for the treatment of their son, n save the rest for the marriage of their remaining two daughters  …but when, the father-in-law of Laali come to enquire about her …n on coming to know about her being sold for such a huge amount  …he too demands a share in it. This fellow gives Nanku two options, 1. to marry her second daughter to his son, Ganeshia (husband of Laali) ….n 2. Or else he threatens to give Nanku to the police. Again feeling all incarcerated in the hands of their destiny, Nanku n wife agrees to the first condition of marrying Rekha (their second daughter) to Ganeshia  …and so they start preparing for the marriage}}      …..So after some time, Laali decided to leave  …her parents beg for her forgiveness …n she explains them that she has nothing against them …..n she’s leaving coz of Bali, who’s constantly threatening her family, looking for her!

And as she cannot be with her parents no more, Laali decides to go to Ganeshia. She reaches the village, n his home  ……there she sees her Ganeshia (played by Karan Mehra) …….she tells him how much long n obstacles she has crossed to meet him. Ganeshia seems stunned by her arrival. Laali is really happy to be with her husband at last  ……but soon all her happiness vanishes, when she realizes that Ganeshia is getting married again …n the would be bride to her husband is none other than her own younger sister Rekha  ….now this revelation totally smashes Laali n she chooses to sacrifice her love for her sister  …..n putting up an act, she tells Ganeshia that she cant return now, as she has become someone’s mistress. Hearing this, Ganeshia backs off feeling dismayed with Laali …n also doesn’t allow to take his blessings. And so she leaves from there too!!

But as the ceremony takes place n the groom is addressed as Ganeshia, Rekha realizes that she’s getting engaged to her Laali didi’s Ganeshia  ….n so she refuses to marry him.

Rest I’ll update soooooon ……as I get time to finish writing! 🙂 🙂

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September 14, 2009

10th-11th Sept: MJHT………true SG episodes!!!

WOW!!! I’m totally flattered over these two episodes….they totally belong to Samrat-Gunjan love track…..everything was great about them….samrat’s confusion, Gunjan’s worry, Samrat’s asking God for a hint, the ‘Khaabr nahi’ song sequence, then finallt the SG kiss….totally unexpected!!!

It was just Fantastic, WOW, Excellent, Brilliant….n much more!!! Now starting with the update….

10th Sept 2009:


Then, a Benji-Uday scene, …….so Benji in his style starts explaining, ‘yeh world …hai naa world… world ke andar hum aadha heart le kar aate hai..{in this world we all only come with half heart}’  …..Samrat is still gazing at Gunjan but somewhere inside he’s getting affected by what Benji was saying. Now again Uday being Uday in an irritated tone says to Benji, ‘dude coulne you have told me this before I would have used my heart (half heart) little-little….(but soon getting serious)……but dude, where will I find this other half heart of mine…with whom??”  …..samrat gets conscious at this question ……then Benji replies, ‘yahin kahin, just look around…..tumhara baki ka half heart tumhe yahin kahin dekhai dega’  …..Uday is confused, so Benji explains him in more clear terms saying, ‘tera jo dusra heart hai, jab woh tujhe dekhai dega ….toh jo tera pehla heart hai, jo already tere paas hai ….woh ‘dhak-dhak dhak-dhak karne lag jayega..’  …..samrat breaking him off, with a cute smile says, ‘aur samne sirf ussi ka chehra dekhai dega…’ …..Gunjan is shocked to hear this from Samrat   ……and Uday n Benji r like ‘uska ….kiska??”

11th Sept 2009:

………Then, its continuation of Samrat and Gunjan scene ……it’s t not a scene actually ….but the Khabar Nahi song sequence….

Gunjan is now standing face to face with Samrat, and Gunjan asks him if he has seen her friendship band  ….and he sweetly shows off that he has it  …..and then, Gunjan says, ‘thnx Samrat, I don’t ever wanna lose the mark of our friendship … may I have it back”    ….at this Samrat holding the friendship band in his hand,  says, ‘pass aakar le lo … Gunjan takes a step forward ….Samrat takes back his hand and says, ‘aur paas’ …….so Gunjan moves again takes a step forward …..again Samrat says, ‘aur paas’ …..Gunjan moves another step forward …….Samrat is saying, ‘aur paas …..aur paas’   …..till they are so close to each other that there’s no distance left between them…….and he’s just lost in her essence…

SaJan 11th Sept

…..and then, Samrat throws back Gunjan’s hair falling on her shoulder  …….and holding her Samrat leans forward, and leaves a soft kiss on Gunjan’s neck …..Samrat comes out of it and his eyes are still closed ……and he again hears, his name being called out at a distance, ‘Samrat’ …..and as he opens his eyes, to see Gunjan standing at the top of the stairs …..and so he realizes that he was again imagining Gunjan with him.

Hey friends, I dont know as to how many know abt my other blog…..and these two episodes of MJHT were superb ….so for the complete written update ….

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August 28, 2009

Apnareviews……….Picture Gallery!!!

Hey dear readers, these are a few of my creations…..

Yes these r made by me!!

If u like my work……PLZZZZ DO COMMENT!!

*Edited*1st Sept:


love ne mila di jodi 1_96

love ne mila di jodi_96


For this pic the bg credit is not mine!!




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MayUr 5



Karan 1_96







August 27, 2009

DIL MILL GAYE……..14th-19th Aug’09 !!!

14th August 2009:

The episode starts with Abhi coming to the garden looking for Nikki but she’s not to be found……….then he notices the broken pieces of Nikki’s bangles; right then he hears two criminal type of characters talking about some ‘bhabhi sa’ (ref to Nikki) ………..(one criminal goes to get fresh) so Abhi getting suspicious tries to find the real matter…………he walks up to the van, hiding in the bushes, when he notices someone’s voice like its comes when a person is tied up………and on finding that its Nikki, Abhi plans to free her and slowly walking to the goon, he hits him on the head to leave him unconscious………but as there is one more he carries this unconscious goon in the van. There he sees Nikki all tied up in a jute bag……..he opens her straps……..but just then the other goon and Su’s brother enter the van…………and to avoid any suspicion of him being in the van he holding the unconscious man’s head nods to make other two assume that he’s just sleeping………….so Abhi hides himself and waits for an opportunity to escape…

Back at Gupta house, Armaan taking her to her bedroom (as she’s totally out ‘talli’) ……he’s just blabbering on Anjali and Atul for making him do this. And so enters Atul and when Armaan asks him where was he, to this Atul replies, “I was outside keeping watch, and then I went to get something to eat as I was getting hungry” …….Armaan scolds him but Atul not reacting much leaves telling him to put Riddhima to sleep…………….at this Armaan is like ‘am I her baby sitter or what??

Armaan covers Riddhima with a bed sheet and just when he’s about to go………she stops him by holing him collar……..and despite not being herself she looks at him with all love, adoration and a sweet smile (with flashbacks of all their cute moments)…………Armaan is also lost in her eyes…. Then, Riddhima falls to sleep……….and Armaan coming back to reality, irritated on himself says, “This would turn me mad……… sleep well ok!”………..and just when he’s about to put a pillow under her head, she rolls over…………so blocking his arm. After a moment, Armaan still was trying to free him arm, when Dr. Shashank Gupta (SG) walks in on him and………….Armaan in a split second gets up freeing his arm…….and posing them as he’s been told ‘hands up’. Dr. S. Gupta enquires his coming at this late hour……….and Armaan starts telling him….its more like he tries telling him…………finally he says, “Sir, I came to drop off Anjali and Riddhima” “here, in the bedroom?” asks Dr. SG in a harsh tone. But Armaan tells him that he was told by Anjali ‘coz she herself is outside……………and when Dr. SG tries to wake Riddhima up he finds out that she’s drunk……… he again gives Armaan a suspicious and angry look; now Armaan getting all defensive says that she didn’t drink herself but she was tricked into it by someone…………and so Dr. SG asks who did it???

Anjali comes to rescue and tells her dad that some idiot villainous sort of person had mixed alcohol in Riddhima’s drink…..and Armaan is making faces at her. Then, Dr. SG tells Armaan to leave and he does.

Next we see, the van stopping……..and Su’s brother with his accomplice again getting off to get fresh……….and in these few minutes Abhi and Nikki gets down the van from the back door…………and hide there itself till the van drives off. Nikki so relived to see Abhi………she thanks God that Abhi came to save her, otherwise…….Abhi calms her and they share a hug. Then Abhi tells her that they must find their way back from this unknown area. In the van, when Su’s brother tries to wake his man……..he then finds out that he’s unconscious and Nikki’s escaped………he screams to stop the van…..

Back in Mumbai, it’s a new day, Riddhima walking in Sanjeevani, (with a bit hangover) where everyone is giggling at her, behind her back…………she’s surprised when a college tells her that she was fab in the party last night but she cant remember anything. Next scene, in the locker room, Riddhima sees Anjali and asks her, “di why didn’t you come with me?” ……….at which Anjali replies, “I thought you wouldn’t like coming with a bossy person like me…….(Atul joins them, now Anjali scolding him)…..after Atul I’m bossy, am I not? huh!!” Riddhima is surprised and she asks Atul as what’s wrong with Anjali and then Atul and Muskan too start taunting her………..but Riddhima is shocked at their behavior…………….and as all three are about to leave the locker room, walks in Armaan and he starts talking to Riddhima, “a bit headache……..cant remember anything? ……I can help you; and he walks up to her…………and starts enacting the way she was behaving at the party…………so it all comes back to her that how badly she behaved and is like, ‘oh” and Armaan says to her, ‘oh yes, I never thought teacher, you could be soooo rocking” and then as usual Armaan mocks her………..which as usual leads to their argument…………and then fight. Anjali, Atul and Muskan stop them. Armaan leaves from there………….Riddhima then, gets upset on his behavior and so Anjali consoles her saying that he has forgotten all about their relation…….but Riddhima (knowing this) still is upset and says ‘this isn’t the Armaan I fell in love with” and she leaves the locker room.

Later in the cafeteria, Anjali with Atul and Muskan having discussion on Ridz situation and how bad she felt…….. at this Atul says that Armaan too must be feeling bad though he might not show it. But next we see, Armaan in the reception area flirting with a kid-patient’s mother…….she then insist on completing the paper work quickly.

Back in the cafeteria, discussions going on, where Anjali decides to tell Armaan everything about his memory loss………but Atul stops her saying that it might be dangerous for him… informed by Dr. SG…..

Back at the reception, Armaan gives the filled forms to the lady (with patient) where she points out that the date is correct but the year isn’t 2007……..but its 2009………..and shows him the nearby hanging calendar. Armaan is shocked……….and he faints and all this is seen by Riddhima.

17th August 2009:

In this episode we see, Abhi n Nikki taking shelter in a lonely house after escaping from Su’s brother  ……..and then when, Abhi tells her not to be scared ………at this Nikki tells him (teasingly) that she wasn’t scared for herself but for Abhi as she was about to beat up the goons when he came   ……..Abhi is surprised to hear this yet he goes on with her teasing and calls her ‘Jhansi ki Rani’ ……..and then referring to himself as just normal human he says that he’s hungry and so he goes out to fing anything to eat  …….just then the lights go off….

Back in Mumbai, Armaan is under observation as he fainted in the previous episode after getting to know that it’s 2009 and not 2007   ……Riddhima n all friends are outside praying for him  ……..later, Dr. Kirti n Dr. S.G come out and tell them that Armaan is all right. Riddhima takes permission to see Armaan and goes in  ……..and sitting next to him she holds his hand    …..and when he opens his eyes, Ridz asks her if he’s ok    ……to this he all confused asks as to what happened to him and Ridz replies that he fainted!!!

Next we see all interns with Dr. Kirti n Dr. S. G in a discussion about Armaan that they should or shouldn’t tell everything to him …….at this Dr. Kirti says that Armaan’s health may decline if he came to know about himself so instantly ……so they all agree to hide it from Armaan.

Then back with Ridz where Armaan questions him that how did he not know that its 2009 as he saw the calendar …….Riddhima tying to think of an excuse but just then the whole gang comes in and brushes him off saying that he’s mistaken… its 2007 only. But when he insists that he surely saw a calendar with 2009 dated …… this Anjali says that there was no calendar and he had imagined it ‘coz it happens with her too sometimes. And then Atul starts off with his silly logics and when Armaan threatens to beat him up, Ridz ties to convince him that its 2007  ……..and finally Armaan thinking that he might be mistaken agrees with them. But in the next second remembering that lady who pointed him to the calendar he asks if that lady was too imagining it …… this Atul n all laughing like crazy tell him that she was an actress, playing joke on Armaan  …….he gives them an irritated look and rushes to see that calendar….

Next, light go off where Abhi n Nikki have taken shelter, Nikki gets scared and runs in Abhi’s arms ……and it starts to rain ……and Abhi smilingly says, ‘ok so my Jhansi ki Rani got scared?” ……to this Nikki with a sense of fear says that what if he couldn’t come to her rescue? ……but Abhi reassures her and says that till he’s with her he wont let anything happen to her …….and they both make a promise to this …..and hug. Then Abhi tells her to change her clothes as she got all wet.

Back in Sanjeevani, Armaan reaches the wall where he saw that 2009 calendar but now its not there ……and he turns to Ridz n all asking if he’s still imagining …….and behind, Muskan hangs the calendar back  ……and so Ridz n all make him believe that he was hallucinating ………but he getting totally mad at them leaves from there. they all are happy ……yet next moment they realize that he’s Armaan and he cannot be convinced so easily.

Next, Abhi n Nikki in a romantic song sequence on the song ‘bol na halke halke’ from the movie ‘Jhoom barabar Jhoom’:

Dhaage tod laao chandani se noor ke
Ghoonghat hi banalo roshini se noor ke
Sharma gai to aagosh mein lo
ho Saaaso se uljhi rahi meri saasein
[Bol Na Halke Halke 2
hooth se halke halke
bol na halke ]2

Aa neend ka sauda karein
Ek khwaab de ek khwaab le
Ek khwaab to aankhon mein hai
Ek chand ke takiye tale
Kitne dino se yeh asmaan bhi
soya nahi hai
Isko sula de…
[Bol Na Halke Halke 2
hooth se halke halke
bol na halke ]2

…………………episode ends at the song!!!!!

18th August 2009:

The episode starts at Sanjeevani, where Armaan not convinced by the reasons given by all ……….and he’s just conforming from a patient in the hospital …….but he turns out to be a deaf patient  ………..and when Armaan asks him what year it is  …….as the patient is about to answer Atul along with Anjali n Muskan (they were spying on Armaan) indicate him to say that it’s 2007.

Next with Abhi n Nikki  …….as the song sequence ends Abhi tries to kiss her …….but Nikki stops him and says “I love u ……please don’t ever leave me”    after this they hug and  Abhi asks if she trusts him, she replies in affirmation …….knowing this Abhi tries to tell her something about his past but Nikki stops him and says, “Abhi, please just once say what I wanna hear from you (I love u)”.  Abhi tries again n again to tell her but every time she says that she’s not interested in his past  …….and her talks lead to the topic of marriage  ………at this Abhi in a tensed and worried tone says, “Nikki, I’m married!!”   ……….Nikki is shocked and so she slaps him and tells him to get lost.

Back at Sanjeevani  ….finally the deaf patient after understanding what Atul n gang are trying to hint him, tells Armaan that the year is 2007    ……yet, Armaan is not convinced. He goes looking for some other way when he notices a patient reading newspaper     ….so Armaan thinking that the newspaper would never be wrong walks up to the person and sees the paper   ……….and he sees the newspaper is dated August 2007 (replaced by Ridz as the patient showed her a thumbs up).  Outside the window, Ridz n Muskan and when Muskan says that she’s fed up of this 2007-2009 game, at this Riddhima in a serious tone says, “it’s difficult take in the fact that my Armaan, who loved me so much, doesn’t even know me anymore”   seeing Ridz upset Muskan tells her that she should grateful ‘coz at least her love is still with her  ………and not like Rahul who ran away, they both hug each other   …..and then go back to their duties.

Later in the cafeteria, Armaan is confused wondering what’s wrong with him, when Riddhima comes   ……and tells him that his duty for the day is cancelled ‘coz he’s not well.  But as usual they get into argument and then fight.  So, Riddhima walks out in anger while Armaan turns on the TV   ……and Ridz stop ‘coz she notices Armaan seeing Independence Day special news on TV   …..and as she feared Armaan hearing the news comes to know its 2009!!

Next, we see Riddhima quickly turns off the TV  ….but Armaan in a serious tone asks, “What year it is?”   ….she replies that it’s 2009    ……hearing this Armaan gets all confused and wonders where did 2 years of his life go and why he doesn’t know it   …..seeing him getting hyper Riddhima tries to calm but when Armaan’s not ready to listen, Ridz is forced to tell him that he had an accident, which caused head injuries and so he has forgotten 2 yrs of his life’s memory.  Armaan is shocked to know this and says that eh cannot remember anything of the past 2 yrs   …….Riddhima tries to console him. Then he asks her about what happened in these 2 yrs   …..but when Ridz is unable to answer him he holds her hand and insists to tell him everything that happened in these two years…..

19th August 2009:

The episode starts with the same scene, at Sanjeevani cafeteria, Armaan still in shock and asking Riddhima to tell him the whole truth as to what happened with him in these past 2 yrs ….to this Riddhima tells him that he’s the same as he was before  ……..Armaan still in a shock and Ridz consoles him.  All this is heard by Anjali, Atul n Muskan …..and Anjali rushes to tell this to Dr. Kirti, to ask her if they can tell him the whole truth……but Dr. Kirti refuse saying that nothing should be done till Dr. S.G. allows them to….

Meanwhile something else is going on in café, where Ridz has told Armaan that he joined Sanjeevani in 2007 and its 2009    …… this he asks tell me what happened in the last 2 years……  Ridz then tells Armaan about his mom dad ……he ask how does she know this …..and she replies that she met them in the hospital. Then, Armaan asks, “how many friends do I have?”  Ridz tells her that he’s friends with almost everyone ………to this he asks about his friendship with Ridz??? ……..Anjali asking Dr. Kirti that why they cannot tell Armaan everything ……..she replies that if he’ll find out about his personal life so instantly, he might not be able to tolerate it and it can be dangerous for him. Right then, Atul and Muskan enter and tell Dr. Kirti all happening in the cafeteria…

There, Ridz answers Armaan’s question that they are just good friends ……then, Armaan ask if there was any girl in his life??   Just when, Ridz is about to tell him all Dr. Kirti n all arrive and handles the situation saying that he cannot know everything about the 2 yrs so soon and he needs to be kept under observation  ……Dr. Kirti asks Dr. Atul to admit Armaan  ……but he is persistent that Ridz was about to tell him something and he wants to hear it  ………and so as Ridz is about to leave, Armaan holds her hand and tells her to answer his question…. but Dr. Kirti makes him leave with Atul ……and as he leaves Riddhima starts crying….

Later, we see Nikki back at her home, remembering what Abhi said of him being married……….just then she gets a call from Abhi but she disconnects it. Her phone rings again n again so she finally picks it up and tells Abhi to stop calling her………after which she bursts into tears saying that she can never forgive Abhi…..

Back at Sanjeevani, Ridz is roaming here and there…….Dr. Kirti asks her to get some rest… but she refuses saying that she’s ok…  now Anjali asks her to have something as she didn’t had anything since morning, but again Ridz says ‘No’ ………Then Ridz insists on staying at the hospital with Armaan  … first Dr. Kirti refuses her but noticing her situation she agrees and allows Ridz to be with Armaan …… this Riddhima give thanks to Dr. Kirti   ……and Dr. Kirti replies that Armaan has different relation with you all but first he’s my intern ….you guys are my responsibility {sabse pehle mera haq hai aap logo par}.  Then, Riddhima goes to Armaan’s room with tears in her eyes…….remembering all her sweet moment with Armaan…..(flashbacks shown)….also when walking through the corridor she’s lost in his thoughts….


August 16, 2009

DIL MILL GAYE………….12th Aug’09

Hello friends,

Welcome to my blog and this is the update of ‘Dill Mil Gaye’. Well exactly I’ve not been following the serial since the so called ‘partial amnesia’ of Dr. Armaan Mallik (but still i’m truly in love with KSG) but on a friends request now I’ll be writing the updates of DMG.

Karan 1_96Ok so today, i.e, 12th Aug’09 starts, where farewell party of Rahul ‘daddu’ Garewal is going on……….and he’s been tortured over by Muskaan (well she herself is getting tortured). In the last scene of the previous episode we saw that Armaan stops Muskaan from drinking but he couldn’t stop Riddhima for the same and she gets full tight (talli) after drinking. And she pulls on to Armaan’s cheeks saying that he’s soooo cute and with it she continuously keeps slapping him……and he’s like soooo irritated yet does nothing. And then walking out of the kitchen (yes they were in the kitchen) Riddhima is about to fall but our Armaan like alwaz gets hold of her and saves her and they share a sweet moment……well exactly its sweet for Riddhima, who’s looking at him with all cuteness (n Armaan with frowns). Ridz then starts crying and saying sorry to Armaan and finally when he tells her its fine…..she places a slap on his cheek calling him, “Good Boy!!”………and she falls conscious right back at him……….so Armaan makes her sit next to the door leaning her head to the wall he goes outside…..may be to call Anjali.

Next we see, Atul standing on the door welcoming guests, with a flower pot on his head and he’s telling the people that he’s been punished by his love (i guess Anjali….I don’t know the reason). And Armaan comes to him to tell about Riddhima but before he could they hear someone saying, “STOP” and on turning to the voice direction they see, Ridz standing on the sofa…..all drunk!!

Then, well I cant tell the place but the little I knew, at Sumanlata’s (Su) hometown…….where her wedding is getting somewhat fixed with Dr. Abhimanyu (Abhi)……………and Dr. Nikita (Nikki) is being liked by Su’s brother and so for some reason they both (Abhi n Su’s bro) are getting ready for a fight……….and Abhi is fighting like an underdog that’s coz he himself wants to lose the fight {he’s saying, ‘shaadi na karne ke liye kya kya karma padta hai}…….and finally Su’s bro throws Abhi away………and turns to Nikki…

Back at the party, everyone is stunned to see Ridz all drunk and she pointing to Armaan says, that she isn’t boring n teacher like he thinks…….instead she’s very sweet. Atul trie to calm her but she then tells him that he’s very nice guy but he’s a “phissu”…and Armaan tells the meaning “phissu” as in loser……..and Atul shouldn’t be this scared. And now when Anjali intervenes Ridz starts off at her for alwaz scolding people especially Atul ‘coz by doing this she can loose a nice guy like him and so she should be little more calm and at this Anjali starts crying and so does Riddhima being all drunk herself……. and right then she sees Rahul “daddu” Garewal walking out the door and stops him and again says all sort of things against him that how he’ll alwaz regret leaving Muskan for a silly reason that he cant be a dad……and also he’s not ready to adopt; she tells him like whispering in his ears that she too is adopted………and hearing this all, including Anjali have tears in their eyes.

At the fight scene, where Su’s bro walks up to Nikki and asks her as to who’ll save her now and snatches her duppatta away……..right then Abhi is behind him seeing everything and he goes madly angry on Su’s bro and beats him up.

Back at the party, Ridz tells Rahul to leave and then she tells Muskan to forget all about him and get on with her life……..and now when she sees Muskan crying Ridz again starts crying giving her a hug; Armaan breaks them off and Ridz now finds her new target in him and says, ‘you….you ‘junior Hulk’…..why do you irritate me so much…..I know ‘coz you think you’re soooo coooool”… this Armaan says he doesn’t think he’s cool….however actually is COOL. And while this Rahul walks out the door. Then once again, Riddhima to Armaan, “you’re not cool instead you’re suppper fooool; you do sometimes do childish acts but still you’re….(Armaan completes her sentence…cute ho)….yes bahut cute ho; …..and I …..” and just before she blow out all truth Anjali stops her, yet Armaan wants to know what Ridz was bout to say………but to distract Armaan’s attention Dr. Kirti asks him if he walk her to the exit…………finally Ridz frees herself and says that she needs to talk to Armaan……….Ridz facing Armaan.

Episode ends!!!

13th August: the episode starts with Armaan and Ridz face to face and she says, ‘you forgot everything….hah?’… all their friends (gang) is in tears……armaan asks, ‘what, what did I forget?’……Ridz being drunk still controlling her emotions tells him, ‘you?…not you silly;…you don’t love me; I talking about the one who loved me….he forgot all about me!” and as Armaan asks her who was it?…….all she did was to try to feel some emotions in his eyes and before she could answer she totally collapses on Armaan.

Outside in the garden, Rahul is in tears, when Muskan comes to him and try to justify what Ridz as she drank too much…….to this Rahul says, ‘I wish I was able to tell you so much’ then he takes out a gift wrap and presents her……..but when she refuses to accept, Rahul tells her that the gift actually is for her daughter (whenever she comes into the world) so give it to her telling its from her Rahul uncle; both of them crying and Muskan asks, ‘what if it’s a boy?’…….. “No Muskan, it’ll be a girl…….just like you, curly hair and big eyes’ replies Rahul; they burst into tears and hug each other………and then he kisses her on the forehead and walks……….but Muskan stops him to tell him that he’ll for all his life regret that there‘s a girl somewhere who more than herself loves you now and forever; he doesn’t stop and leaves her crying and heart broken.

Next scene, at Su’s house……her father introducing Dr. Abhi to few relatives as his future son-in-law…….but Abhi is constantly searching for Nikki in the crowd. Nikki sees him and takes a few steps to him but he’s cornered by Su’s dad to have private talk and she too is talking to other ladies but they both giving each other looks. Su’s dad asks Abhi if he’s willing for engagement with Su…… ‘coz there are so many guests already in the house so why not grab the opportunity and save money (how cheap)……at this Abhi says, that he needs time…….and Su’s dad tells him if he wants time or money (I think he’s funding for some project). Abhi walks up to Nikki and in his hurriedness as he pulls her hand……she gets hurt with a broken bangle and he apologizes……..and he tells her he wants to talk to her and as they walk towards exit Abhi again is taken off a n old relative (masi or dadi no clue).

Back in Mumbai, Armaan drops home Anjali, Ridz and Atul…….Ridz is totally out (drunk) and when Atul offers help Anjali refuses saying, ‘why…..why you would help??’ and then turning to Armaan she tells him to pick up Ridz…….and he replies. ‘kya uthao isse….tumhari behen….tunhara bojh…tum khud uthao…….aur waise bhi deal yahin tak thi {what pick her up…..your sis….your burden….you pick her up and that was the real deal}……….to this Anjali gets all hyper and says, ‘now you remembers the deal, when he was getting her little innocent sister all drunk, where was his deal then??……….Armaan replies, ‘i treis to stop your little innocent talli (drunk) sister but she wouldn’t listen. But Anjali in no mood of argument tells him that it was his party so now its his responsibility to get Ridz inside………..and so Armaan says that her sis was right about Anjali alwaz bossing people around. “yes I’m bossy so don’t argue and pick her up and take her to the room’ says Anjali…….and Armaan is, “room….why in the room??” at this Atul says that he’s so acting as he hasn’t ever seen her room……….but soon correcting himself he tells Armaan the room’s direction. And Anjali goes off to switch on the lights. He is able to bring her till the entrance but here she’s again stuck like a record and says that she doesn’t wanna go inside and starts crying saying that no one loves and everyone hates her……Armaan too…..and she sits down. At this Armaan says, its not true, people don’t hate you……some people just don’t like you, its cool!!; she again starts playing that cool-cool, super fool game and Armaan gets irritated………Ridz again starts crying saying, ‘you don’t like me….you hate me”………Armaan almost at the edge of pulling his hair with frustration calms himself and says that he doesn’t hate her…..Ridz gets happy and says ok you don’t hate me it means that you like me……….hearing this Armaan is like, ‘look teacher, i don’t hate you and I like you are very different statements, Ok!” but when she again stats crying he tells her that he likes her………Ridz all happy and excited asks him what he likes about her….her face….her eyes (she’s making all sort of faces n eye expressions) and on her hints he says yes she has great face and eyes……..but when she insists on more praises Armaan again baffles and she again starts crying that it was ‘coz of her hints and so now he must say something from her side……….Armaan tells Ridz that he’s thinking and quiets her by putting his hand on her face…..and once again a cute KaJen (Karan n Jennifer) scene with DMG background music plying…….and then he pulls off his hand and says, that he’s heard that by looking into a person’s eyes you see their heart and looking into your eyes I can tell that your heart’s a real pure one {she’s just staring him with all love}……and he says that he’s unable to understand how can her boyfriend have left her??………so Ridz tell him that her boyfriend isn’t gone, but he’s still here (and he starts looking here and there)……..and Ridz just before pointing her to Armaan turns it back to her and says, ‘he’s here…in my heart!!’……….and again all talli falls into his arms…….so he carries her inside.

Next we see, Nikki waiting for Abhi in the backyard as asked by him…….and inside he’s all surrounded up with Su’s relatives……and right then while waiting Nikki is kidnapped by Su’s brother….

July 17, 2009

KMH…………WOW! what an episode!!!

KITNI MOHABBAT HAI………………the remarkable & unforgettable 16th of July’09

But what led to this episode………..its a long story…

Well it all started in the 8th July Episode, when Abhay tells Arohi the actual reason of his love confession to Sur (Arohi’s sister) ‘coz he doesn’t want to be like Arjun Punj. Abhay says, “You know he came to Mumbai from Shimla for a girl, whom he loves with all his heart………….but he still hasn’t been able to confess his feelings to her; he left his home, his money, fame, comforts everything for this girl…..but she does not know about it………..that’s why I don’t wanna be like Arjun Punj”……….Arohi starts to remember all what has been happening with her and Arjun in he past days, then finally she decides to find the truth and says, “Now I’m gonna find out the truth and what is it that’s been right in front of my eyes but still hidden and I’m not able to see it??”

Then in the next episode again all her suspicions are broken, when she finds out that Arjun and Karan’s driver got into a fist fight……WHY???…….. ‘coz Arjun was saying sooooooo cheap things about Arohi and Karan that the driver couldn’t bear them…..

And its later in the episode that Arohi finds out about the real culprit, when she overhears the driver that it was him who was saying wrong things about Arohi and so Arjun had beaten him up!!!…….Arohi realizes of her mistake and is shattered that once again she has misunderstood Arjun……..

Then in the rest episode, Arohi is shown crying and roaming the streets of Mumbai (looking amazingly realistic and beautiful) asking herself the same question that how could she not understand before how much Arjun loves her………Kitani Mohabbat Hai.

Then on 15th July we saw the engagement of Abhay and Sur……….but Arohi seems uninterested ‘coz she has been trying to talk to Arjun since yesterday but could not……….. she then tells Purvi di that she’s going to the office for some work and leaves the party {she’s actually going to see Arjun, as she knows he’s staying in the office}…….

Another sub plot is in the making……Karan has an EX (she left him or dumped him….its not clear yet) who now wants a share of his studio but Karan having no wish to do that……… plans to get his office burnt down while he is at Abhay’s engagement……..but his bad luck Arjun and Arohi both are there.!!

Arohi reaches her office and just as she places the sitar on the table……….a short circuit and the entire room is on fire within seconds. She tries to find an escape but no use……..then seeing a glass window she cries for help {she turns to the fire} and enters {our HERO} ARJUN……….

Now its 16th july, it starts and we see….kmhjuly16th

Arjun is shocked to see her, while Arohi is crying. For few minutes they forget that she is trapped in a fire and keep looking at each other……… ……wanting their hands to meet/be felt through the glass…………how cute a scene can get when Arjun wipes Arohi’s tears through the glass door.

Firstly you must know that while all this is happening the sweet background music of the title song is going on adding an extra something to the scene……

Arjun signals Arohi to move backwards and breaks open the window with his hand covered in his coat and then smashes the door too……..WOW!! He runs in and hugs Arohi and when they try to come out the same exit, it too catches fire. While Arjun stands thinking of an escape he sees Arohi’s duppata catching fire. Arjun very quickly pulls it off her and throws it away and then enwraps his coat around Arohi. Finally Arjun notices an open window as their way out of the room. He goes to the window and tells Arohi to come, when Arohi falls down. Arjun runs to her and Arohi tells him to leave and save his life. Arjun picks her up and say, “Mein apni zindagi sath leke jaunga Arohi, aur meri zindagi tum ho” {I will go but will take my life with me and you’re my life Arohi}. Arohi touches his face, while Arjun wipes her tears. Seeing Arohi not able to walk Arjun picks her up in his arms, and walks to the window. In between these few steps, Arohi sees Karan’s Ganesh Murti (belonging to his grandfather) and she picks it up.

Well i didn’t want to write this part disturbing Arjun-Arohi……….but for the sake of continuity…….In the party Purvi tells her father that Arohi has gone to the studio. Karan hears this and right then he gets a call telling him that the studio is on fire and there is a girl in the studio. Karan is shocked to hear this and he along with Arohi’s father leave for the studio……..

Arjun tells Arohi, “Arohi, hamme yahan se kudna hoga {we’ll have jump out from this window}……….she looks out and then back at Arjun and he says, “Tumhe kuch nahi hoga {he assures ‘that nothing will happen to you’}. She’s scared but she agree to it………….they jump out of the window. And start worrying about each other and for a while keep staring one another. {Song: Tere Ishq ne….. playing in the background}…………

……..Arjun realizes what he’s doing, he turns away and says, “It was lie…..…whatever I told you in the cabin, it was a lie……..I had to, to save your life”………. “Oh! really Arjun” says Arohi……the she says, “IS that the only lie you’ve told me…… left your house and stayed in a store room, was that a lie…… came to Mumbai to help me, was that a lie….helping Sur and then showing off attitude to me, was that a lie…….was all that a lie”. kmhjuly16th2009 Arjun turns to her and says, “I don’t know what are you saying……….you, you just stay away from me; I hate you”. Arohi comes in front of him and tells him, “even I hate you”……….and then she getting on her toes, holds his face, wipes his tears and kisses him on the forehead…….(how sweet!!!)

Then, she asks him, “why didn’t you tell me anything??”……he replies, “Tumhe bata deta toh, tum maan jati??? {if I had told you would you have believed me??}. She says, “you’re right, I wouldn’t have believed you. You love me so much and I……I don’t deserve you” and she starts walking away…….

He catches her hand, pulls her towards him and says, “you can’t leave me, I wont let you…….do you get me Ms. Arohi Sharma I have you I won’t let you go anywhere, not today, not tomorrow nor after that…….do you get that”. Both have tears in their eyes. And Arjun continues, “after so many days my life has returned to me,… I wont let it go now……..Arohi I want to tell you many things……that night…..” he starts telling her but she stops him by putting her hand on his lips and says “I LOVE YOU”     Arjun replies, “I LOVE YOU TOO…………tumhe nahi pata mujhe tumse Kitani Mohabbat Hai” {you have no idea how much I love you}.


Finally they hug each other…..episode ends……..WOW!!!!


Tumko chuke bhi chune ko karta hai dil……
Paake bhi paane ko karta hai dil…………..
awaargi aane lagi…………
Saanson mein khushboo chaane lagi……….
Dil pe deewangi chaagayi iss kadr…………..
Bandh aankhon se bhi mujhko aaye nazar…………..
Kaise kahe hamme kitani mohabbat hai………..haan mohabbat hain …………..(2)


July 15, 2009

HUm Dono Hai AlAg Alag!!!…..

Title Song…..

Tu jo kahe din toh, mujhe lage raat..

Bolo ab kaisi hai, yeh shuruwat..

Jinke alag ho raaste, woh kaise chale sath sath…

Jo tujhko pasand woh mujhko nahi..

Dekhi hai kabhi aisi jodi kahin..

Main toh udna chahu, tujhko pyaari lagti hai zameen…

Hum dono hai alag alag..

Manzil apni juda juda..

Rab ne milaya jo humko,

Toh Rab hi dekhaye raasta..

The main lead is played by:

Yash Pandit as Tappu (the sweet but dumb boy)


Dimple Jhangiani as Avantika (the modern girl)


Manish Raisinghania as Adi (the cool good looking boy)


Harsha Khandeparkar as Rajshri (the not-so-cool girl)


For  Written updates of  ‘Miley Jab Hum TUm’  you may please log on to my other blog page:

July 14, 2009

Pavitra Rishta………title song!!!

Pavitra Rishta…


Aasmaan mein jab tak, sitare rahenge
Hum ek dusre ke sahare rahenge
Nazdikiyan ya ho duriyaan
Bas pyar hi, rahega darmiyaan

Raho mein, nahi dhoop ka gham
Thandi chaaya dega, har dum
Pavitra Rishtaaa….
Pavitra Rishtaaa….
Tere mere mann ka…..

Pavitra Rishtaaa….
Pavitra Rishtaaa….
Tere mere mann ka…..
I seem to get a lot of comments tht they want this song in English, which I too didn’t find when Googled. So, here’s me trying my hand at d translation. plzzz feel free to give ur comments on the translated version.
here’s it…
Till when ther are stars in the Sky,
We’ll be there for one another,
When close or even Distant from each other,
Only LOVE will exist between us.
On the ways, never fear of the hard shining Sun,
It will always b there like a pleasant shade…
Holy Relationship…
Holy Relationship…
Of ur heart wid mine…
Holy Relationship…
Holy Relationship…

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June 30, 2009

Pavitra Rishta……….22nd to 30th June!!!

22nd june:

Recap: Manav’s father in police station

Satish n his parents invited on dinner from Archana’s family

Ajit’s mother after anonymously calling at Satish’s house, telling them wrong rumors about Archana comes to A’s residence to give a great apologizing act. Finally she successeds in convincing A’s mom to forgive her, just then Manjusha stops her mother inviting her for dinner as too is family member,….few minutes later in the kitchen she (Rasika) says, ‘i’m here to see for myself, the insult of Archana and her family’ ….

Satish with his parents enters the scene, they are invited to the dinner table but they say first we need to talk to you in private about what we heard about Archana today……Satish, his parents and Archana’s parents go into the next room………..outside all are making assumptions about what is going on inside btw them????

They all come out in a silent mode but as Manjusha asks them, should I set the table………they reply, why not, as they are here to have their daughter-in-laws hand cooked food. Rasika is shocked seeing all planning going into vain but she doesn’t give up and calls up her son Ajit to tell him everything and also a new plan of action (here we don’t get to hear anything, -to keep the surprise element in the show) !!!!!

Manav at a theatre with his father (Ajay Wadhavkar), who narrates to him the stories of his glorious days in theatre line. The director recognizes manav’s father reffering to him as ‘guruji’, and when he is given a role in an upcoming play, ……..he says ‘ now i will be charging Rs.500/- instead of Rs.300/-……..and leaves when he is refused at this by the director.

Manav returns back inside alone, to say to the director, ‘sir, please give my father what he is asking for ‘coz if he doesn’t work he falls to drinking; i’ll pay to the extra amount of 200 to give to my father’,  and to this director agrees and appreciates him.

Dinner time at Archana’s place, with everyone in a jolly mood except Rasika. Just then a ring,…..its Satish’s mother mobile ringing####  Rasika gives a smile full of craftiness and says now this marriage will be called off for sure!!!!!!!!!!

In the episode of 23rd June, Archana n her family along with Satish n his parents at Archana’s place to celebrate the alliance of Archana and Satish. Rasika is also there…..……waiting for her plan to successed. Satish’s mother cell rings and again someone trying to break this alliance ……..but his mother pays no attention to it and scolds the person on phone “I know the difference between good and bad. That girl is not bad, you are. You are spreading rubbish about such a good girl. Don’t ever call this number again, GOT IT!”. Manju and her mom are shocked, so she asks “what happened??” Satish’s mother replies “it was someone telling all wrong things about Archana. But don’t worry, our decision will not change ‘coz of this”. Then she says “to be careful as only few people know about this alliance and whoever it was on phone was asking why didn’t, we break this marriage. May it’s someone your close to your family………” Vinod asks for the number, to find the area call came from; this scares manju and her mom. And satish’s mom says, “leave it son. Why talk about such stuff when you have such good food on the table” and everyone goes back smiling.

Next morning, Archana is shown with newspaper in her hand, everyone is in hurry so they’re calling to Archana, “where’s my chai, where’s my book??”……..seeing this Archana’s mother (Sulochana) smiles and say what will they all do without Archana; Sulochana continues with her prayer and just as she is done the phone rings. She picks it up and its Satish. Satish says, “Hello, Mom! Uhhmm, I was wondering if could take Archana out today”. Sulochana says “Yes, talk to Archana yourself” Varsha and Vaishali get all excited about it, so their father tells them not to bug Archana and their mom says “aren’t you two getting late??”. Satish says “Archana will you go out with me??” Sulochana tells her to say yes, so finally Archana says “YES” Satish says “I’ll pick you at 6”……….so Varsha and Vaishali takes the responsibility of Archana dressed up acc to a date and not aunty type. Everyone is very happy. After getting her ready Varsha says, “WOW!! You are looking beautiful. Hurry! Satish must be coming’. Then a car is showed, it is Satish and as they all walk Archana to the door her mm says to her, “This is your chance to know Satish better; Ohhh and make sure you talk to him and not that he’s the only one talking” As Archana walks towards the car, she keeps looking back (we can guess She is nervous!!). Satish opens the door for her. On the way, Satish asks, “What did you do today??”, Archana replies, “WORK!” ……….. “I too had a lot work today. We only get this Sunday as off, so tell me what do you do on Sundays??” …….she replies, “WORK….or sometimes I go to the temple”. Then Satish starts talking about his favorite music, concerts, etc…………this leaves Archana all lost!!!. Just then, a passerby tells Satish that his car front tire is losing air…….so he after asking for nearby garage, gets there………its Manav’s garage. Manav sees Archana and is lost in her beauty, secretly looking at her while doing work on another car. Chotu handles Satish’a car and when he gives Rs. 500 instead of 5/-, chotu goes to Manav for change…………..but Manav tells Satish that he does not have change………..just then Archana says, “I have change”. Satish tells Manav to collect it from Archana and she doesn’t even look at him (Manav) and handovers the Rs.5 coin in his hands. They leave, smiling at each other. They reach a restaurant and we see someone again puncture the car tire. Inside, Satish asks Archana as to what she would have and she agrees on Ice tea, which Satish orders for himself.  Later, as she takes a look at the prices in menu, she says, “250 rupees, just for DAL!! In this amount my family can have whole week’s rashan………Satish says, “its Bandra’s top restaurant, that’s why; he then starts talking and goes on and on and on……….Archana seems uncomfortable ‘coz she’s not used to sort of lifestyle. When leaving, Archana says to Satish, “you forgot 100 rupees”……and he says “that is for tip….” They leave. Outside the chauffer tells Satish about the deflated tire and he blames mechanic (that’s our Manav) and so to get a taxi they walk to the nearby stop. Mid way a gut comes up to them and starts talking to Archana, “hey! Archana, you told me you were sick, when I called you today. Oh! So you’re with him today?? Call me OK!!” he leaves………….Archana is like “He knew my name……….how???”…….Satish says, “lets go……..its getting late!”. That fellow goes to a car and says that I’ve made a bad impression of that girl as you asked. Then he’s paid up by none other then Manju’s brother that Ajit (with a evil grin on his face ) …………END!!!

24th June: Satish and Archana returning home in a taxi………Archana looks very uncomfortable and by the time time they reach home she’s crying. Satish asks her about what happened to her…why is she crying??………..she replies, “I didn’t know that man, who was he, how he knew my name, what he wanted, nothing….believe me”. At this Satish says “I do believe you, that’s the reason I didn’t question you!!” Archana says, “But you were silent the whole way back, didn’t talk to me either, so…..”. Satish replies, “ohh! That’s ‘coz I didn’t wanted to make you more upset. Don’t you worry; I know what is good and bad. But still Archana is all confused on how that man knew her name………Satish says “He might be mistaken, may be he knew other girl named Archana”………he then gives her a tissue saying, “Wipe you’re tears or else your family members will think that I made you cry on the first date!! (how sweet of Satish)………… Archana says “But…”, Satish tells her “No Buts, I told you naa”. As they get out of the taxi…….Archana’s family members come out and Sulochana says, “You….in a taxi??”……Satish says, “Aai! Our car broke down that’s why we took a taxi” and when Sulochana asks him to come in, but he says that he’s getting late……..and he leaves.

As Archana enters inside, Varsha and Vaishali start teasing her and asking about stuff, etc………. Sulochana stops them and says, “Archana you must be tired; you go get some sleep”………she goes to her room silently. Sulochana asks Vinod to come with her, inside. Manju all shocked up calls her mother (Rasika) and says, “Mom! Archana is back but she’s all quite. Something must be wrong”. Rasika says, “I know…..its all part of our plan”. They say bye and hang up the phone.

Next we see, Sulochana and Vinod with Archana in her room……..she told them all what happened.  Sulochana says getting all worried, “WHO…..who wants to break this marriage and why???” Vinod says, “I think, someone is doing this on purpose. Someone who cannot stand Archana’s happiness and wants to ruin her life”. Manju is outside all tensed up. Vinod continues, “I will figure this out and surely find the person behind all this”. Manju thinks to herself, “If they find out about Ajit is doing all this. My marriage will be broken”.

Ajit is shown saying, “I will ruin that girl, Archana’s reputation so much that she won’t be able to show her face to anyone”.

Then, they show Manav’s home. There’s a knock at the door, Manav looks outside and sees it’s the producer. Manav calls him in and calls his father. When his father comes, the producer says, “I’m sorry, I said NO to you without thinking twice. You’re the only one who can do that role, Guru ji”. Manav’s father replies, “and what about my deal??”. The producer says that he agrees to it and asks him to come by the office tomorrow and then leaves. Manav’s father then starts being boastful and says, “SEE!, the producer, himself came to me to apologize and gave me the role! And he’s going to pay me 500 rupees per show and now if I get 20 shows it means I’ll be making Ten Thousand rupees!” (Manav is happy for his father) “I’ll be able to share your burden Manav and also be able to send my daughter to college”. His wife says, “First, let the money come then take pride”……he replies “Where will the money go?? I’m a KING”………. “KING, in the day and at night in jail”………Manav gets up and tells them not to fight as father has got work today and after asking his father not to drink today, he leaves. His father slaps him jokingly and agrees not to. Finally their family is shown all HAPPY!!!

Archana shown making chapattis and burns it, thinking something about that man whom she met near the taxi…………

Then they show Varsha and her mom fighting ‘coz Varsha wants to go movie 6to9 and mom refuses. Varsha tries to explain Sulochana but…….when she doesn’t Varsha storms off in anger saying that no one tries to understand her.

Next we see, Satish getting into his car, when a man comes to him and starts asking what kind of girl he wants. Satish all confused…….then angrily tells that man to stop his nonsense talk and bug off. As Satish tries to push the man away…….the man’s photos fall and scatters everywhere. Satish notices Archana’s pic with the others……..he picks it up and is SHOCKED!!!

25th June: Satish picks up the photo of Archana and is shocked to see it. The man says, “Wow! You’ve found the best girl but i must tell you that she’s a bit different… she only works on Sundays” (Satish starts thinking of what Archana said that she goes to the temple on Sundays) the man continues that this girl lives with her family and not too literate; they too have no clue about this, as she lies to them and comes to work with me. Satish seems confused. Then the man says, “If you want this one it can be arranged”. Satish leaves without saying anything (he’s all Heart Broken) but at home he keeps thinking about what happened today and also on their first date, which put together can prove Archana wrong. But denying his own thinking he says, “I don’t believe Archana can do this. But, I have seen it with my own eyes. Whom should I listen to ‘My Heart OR My Mind’ ??????” …………..He calls up Archana but her mom picks the phone and on asking for Archana Satish gets to know that she is out. They hang up the phone and Satish getting all tensed that where could Archana be at 7 in the evening in this rain. At the same time, Archana seen trying her home number several times but no one picks up.

Then, we see Manav washing his face.

Manav is driving off to drop a client’s car, when he sees Archana on the way looking for an auto or taxi. Manav stops and offers ride to Archana. Just then satish’s mom passes them and seeing Archu with another man she is SHOCKED!! There, Archana recognizes Manav from the last time she saw him at the coffee shop (in the rain). She refuses, when Manav offers her a ride; then Manav asks her, “how will you go home then??”. Archana says “I’ll manage….don’t worry”. Manav then calls a taxi for her and she leaves. And all this happening is seen by Satish’s mother, who thinks to herself “she came in his car then why is she leaving in taxi from here (OMG!!!…..)

At home Sulochana is worried sick! and Archana comes all sneezing. Her mom asks what happened. Archana tells all about how she met the guy who gave her umbrella, and she returned it and he got Archana a taxi to get home quickly and about how good Manav is. To this her mom says “May be he (Manav) is good but Satish is better”. Also she tells Archana that Satish had called and poses her to call him back right now and Sulochana goes in to make tea for her.

Archana calls Satish……….he picks up……….she says “you called..??” Satish replies, “Yes, but tell me where were you??” …….she replies, “Nothing much, some work….”. Satish says, “I need to talk to you, can we meet tomorrow??”……..when Archana replies NO to him, he asks “why not??” and to this Archana replies that tomorrow she has to go to mandir (temple) and asks can we go day after tomorrow. Satish agrees to this and hangs up. (OMG!! He’s suspicious!)

Next we see Manju at her mom’s place………Vinod calls her and asks her to come back home ‘coz everyone has work tomorrow; Manju agree. Then her mom asks “What happened??” manju replies, “nothing, i have to go home now……….that Archana will go to mandir tomorrow so they want someone to do the work at home”…she leaves. Ajit (manju’s brother) then calls the man and tells him everything to do……..his plans for ruining Archana’s life~!!

Back at Archana’s place all are busy in the arrangements for the marriage and Varsha and Vaishali teasing their sister and demanding great dressed for them.

Next we see, Satish having dinner with his family when his mom says, “Today, I saw Archana….outside a store”…….Satish says, “may she was buying something”…….his mom says, “No, She was with a man and then she got out of his car and went in a taxi”…………….Satish is now VERY SUSPICIOUS!!!!!

26th June:  Two men getting their bike fixed at Manav’s garage………..Manav overhears them talking about some girl whom they’re planning against. He doesn’t bother and gets to his work. Next day we see Archana going to the mandir and Satish starts following her. He follows her to the mandir and feels relieved seeing her going inside but his happiness doesn’t last long………..just then…..

Archana gets a call on her mobile that her sister Varsha had an accident and she’s asking for Archana…..hearing this she immediately gets into a taxi to go to her sister. Satish who was following her gets upset to see this……….

Archana while going to her sister, her taxi stops at a signal……. And just across the road is standing Manav who sees Archana. Then a man (same who met Satish earlier) comes to Archana and says “My mom is very sick and I’m not getting a taxi either. Can you help and drop me few blocks on the way????” ………….Manav see the man and recognizes him from the garage, who was going to ruin some girl’s reputation. He thinks to himself, “Is that girl ARCHANA???”…………. Manav follows Archana and Satish is also after her. Archana tells the taxi driver to go faster. ………… they reach the bunglow and getting off the taxi that man very smoothly hides some thing in Archana’s purse and after thanking Archana, he leaves. And she goes inside…….. (OH NO!!!!)

Then that man calls Satish (he knows tht Satish was following them) and says, “The girl has come, you can meet her and for next time you do have my card”………then he calls Ajit and tells him everything and feel happy that now Archana’s life will be ruined for sure. Ajit asks him to call Satish and he says, “Don’t worry he is already here.” Manav hears all this and runs to help Archana. ………….

Inside the bunglow Archana sees people involved in one another and feels bad about the place and right then someone screams, “RUN the police is here”. Everyone starts running and Archana getting in the midst of all this……….just then she is pulled by someone in a closet, It’s MANAV. Archana tries to scream but Manav calms her and says, “Please listen to me, and don’t scream. Someone had trapped you. I’m here to help you, believe me. Then after the police are gone Manav takes Archana out from the back way and gets into a taxi. Archana is crying and Manav tries to console her and she says “I’m not that kind of a girl”…….. Manav says “I know that you’re not one of them that’s why I came for to help you”. {Then we see Ajit and his mother talking and feeling happy how he has destroyed Archana’s life.}…………… Manav stops the taxi, at a distance to Archana’s house and says, “I could have dropped you to your house but people would make things up if they saw us together, so…..” Archana says thanks to him and walks to her home and Manav keeps looking at her.

Archana gets home and Varsha starts talking to her about wedding cards but she seems uninterested; ………….. AND enters Satish with his parents. Vinod says that they have come at the right time ‘coz they were just selecting the wedding cards and now they can have their pick too. Satish’s mother says, “One Minute! We need to speak to you first”. Everyone is shocked and scared………

29th June: in the last episode we saw, Archana gets home all shocked up. Her family members are talking to her about wedding cards but she seems uninterested; ………….. AND enters Satish with his parents. Vinod says that they have come at the right time ‘coz they were just selecting the wedding cards and now they can have their pick too. Satish’s mother says, “One Minute! We need to speak to you first”. Everyone is shocked and scared………

Satish’s mother says that this marriage cannot take place ‘coz Satish is being sent to US (for 3-4yrs) by his company. Everyone is shocked and Archana is flustered. Sulochana gets furious and says, “This cannot happen. How can you’ll do this??”……….then she gets very hyper and ask then to tell the correct reason for their refusal……… “if they dowry or…”

Satish’s mom says “we are not after dowry. But we have seen Archana go places where decent girls don’t go”……..hearing this Sulochana gets angry and says that her daughter went to the temple and they are mistaken……….and so they get into an argument and finally Satish’s mom to prove her saying brings in the man that Archana gave lift to. The man comes and says that he knows Archana as she meets him everyday; Vinod gets to beat him up so he asks to check Archana’s purse…………. Sulochana getting angry says there’s nothing in her purse but as she opens it, it’s full of money (Rs. 20000/- which were put by the same man in 26th june epi.)……….the whole family is shocked!!!!

Archana is crying and tries to tell everyone what happened but the man doesn’t give her a chance to say anything. And when Archana says that she got a call………..but the man says that it was he who called her to work and no accident; Vinod gets infuriated and pounces on that man but Satish stops him. Now Satish’s mom says that they’re calling off the wedding ‘coz of this reason and Satish himself saw Archana at the brothel; that’s why they didn’t wanted to bring it up in front of Archana’s family as they would be hurt to know this. Vinod again tries to explain then but they don’t listen and go away.

Sulochana faints as she got an asthma attack; everyone runs to her except Archana ‘coz she’s crying and all shook up.

“She’ll be fine by morning”, says the doctor after examining Sulochana. Later, Varsha says that she won’t go to work tomorrow ‘coz she wouldn’t be able to answer her friends when they’ll ask about the wedding being called off and Vaishali also decides to do the same. She then asks, “where is Tai (Archana) ???”……….and Archana is shown crying alone in the balcony corner, getting all wet in the rain; she’s remembering all what happened with her today.

Then we see Manav at his place, sitting at the door step, getting all wet and thinking of Archana’s tears. But he feels relieved that he was able to save her from such a place……………….The screen then, splits into half and we see both Archana and Manav, thinking about the day’s happening and getting wet in the rain!!!

30th June: The episode starts with the newspaper walas outside Archana’s house working and discussing how in so many years this is the first time that the light are out at Archana’s place and its 5:30am and wonder ‘what could be the reason???’………… inside Archu is awake still crying. The milk and newspaper is also not picked, ‘coz everyone is gathered around Sulochana, who is still lying sick. She blabbers in her sleep, “my Archana is not like this, my Archana is not like this………” Punni comes and asks Archana to get her ready for school but seeing her not react, Manju comes and takes her. Then they both leave as Manju said that she would drop punni to school and got to her office. Vinod doesn’t go to work ‘coz of his mom and Varsha, Vaishali says the same about their going……

Their father tells them to take care of the food today. But Vaishali says, “there aren’t any vegetables at home……..aai (mom) was supposed to go to the market today but……..” her father says “I’ll go to the market”……….he steps outside, he picks up the milk and newspaper and he is shocked to read the news of prostitutes getting arrested the night before!!!

Simultaneously, Manav’s dad is reading the same news and Manav thinks “thank God, Archana is safe”……..and his dad says “oh! Leave this news and do read tomorrows newspaper ‘coz I’ll be in it” Manav gives a sweet smile at this……

Archana’s father is going to the market and people around him are discussing that something has happened at his house…….

After this we see, Manju at her mom’s place and there she finds out that her mother and bother Ajit are behind the breaking of Archana’s marriage. Manju gets angry and slaps ajit saying, “How can they stoop so low?? Did you not think of that she is a girl and what about her reputation??? Then she asks her mother that how she forgot that it is her daughter’s sasural, however it is, it’s her home now……. How could you being a daughter’s mom yourself, do this to someone else’s girl???” at this Manju’s mom says that whatever they did was to have their revenge and she should understand her brother’s pain too. But Manju leaves from there in anger……

Sulochana gains consciousness and asks for Archana………and finds her in the room crying and quickly hugs her (both start crying)……. .. later, Sulochana asks Varsha and Vaishali why didn’t they go to work and college??…….. Varsha says that if people asked about why Archana’s wedding was called off…..what would they say?? Sulochana scolds her saying that she knows Archana was not wrong and Varsha says , “mom we too know tai (Archana) is innocent, but people don’t…..they’ll very easily believe that tai is…..” ….Vinod yells at her; Archana comes and tells everyone of what exactly happened.

Then comes a guy to finalize the wedding card design and Sulochana bursts into tears. Last scene we see, its mid night……everyone’s asleep and Archana’s father gets up and walks out of the house thinking and sad……

June 18, 2009

Sabki Jodi wahi banata……….Bhagyavidhata!! *Ed.*

18th June:

The episode starts with Bindiya’s little sister thinking of past memories when they were all together, having a nice time with her mother, father and sisters on the topic of Bindiya’s marriage; and this silence was broken by their mother who brought the dinner for the girls but they have it…….

And then Vinay’s elder brother, Vimlesh (second in the family) comes back from work and he’s surprised to see a girl all dressed like a newly wed standing in the corridor……..and finally gets the answer in the form of a full-fledged story from his bhabhi (punpun wali), that she is bride of Vinay……….his reaction was not that of shock instead he started blaming his own father and brother that history has repeated itself and whatever they did years back for their girl’s marriage (his bua)…….now it has happened to them; after this there is a big argument among them and finally Vimlesh is able to convince everyone to think of Vishal’s life and accept Bindiya as the ‘bahu’ of the house but Vinay himself says there is no chance of him ever accepting Bindiya as his wife and leaves the scene;

The grandmother agrees that they should think of Vinay’s life and the brother says till then what they expect Bindiya to do……..stand in the corridor, at this punpun wali gets furious and says “toh ka kare, iska aarti utare kya??,……” the brother tells the servant to take Bindiya’s stuff to the guest room at this punpun wali again has a problem – “hum eei ko aapna bagal mein bilkul bardasht nahi karenge” and gives he shelter in the “goshala” (where cows r tied)………

Ab jaise hi Bindiya goushala ki taraf badti hai, bhabhi fir usse tokti hue, uski sandals utarne ko kehti hai, kyuki samne mandir hai. Ek baar fir uske aage badne par bhabhi ki chikh par, dari Bindiya se pass hi tulsi par rakhe paani or sindoor girr jate hai……….iske baad jab who chalna shuru karti hai toh uske paron ke nishan zameen par padte hai (bikhare paani-sindoor se hote hue………aisa har nayi dulhan ke sath hota hai – custom n all)

So what should we call it, coincidence or Bindiya was destined of getting married to Vinay????

*Edited* 19th June:

The episode started with Bindiya walking towards the goushala, place given to her to stay….leaving her foot marks behind she reaches the goushala; she thinks about what all happened with her throughout the day and things said to her…….crying!!

Next, Raja (Bindiya’s brother) reaches home and is enquired by his mother and uncle about Bindiya……..he says he has made sure that his sister is taken care of by her in-laws; his uncle says its only a matter of time till when the families are angry but with time they will accept Bindiya as their daughter-in-law. At dinner time they all think of how will Bindiya’s father react at the news and her sisters are thinking of her.

Next, in the goushala, Bindiya cries and remembers her family after seeing the photos and on the other side Vinay is also thinking of what happened with him the past night (his forceful marriage)……..and as he sees Bindiya from the window he gets more furious and shuts it on her face……

Last part of the episode, Bindiya’s father is back home………….as he enters, he shouts Bindiya’s name, searches for her and one of her sisters starts crying and tells all what happened – about their mother forcefully convincing Bindiya for the marriage and it taking place.

He is shocked………

*Edited* 22nd June:

Episode started at Bindiya’s place with her father all shocked at the news of her getting married…….he goes into his room, there he dirges and  thinks of Bindiya; finally gets a hold of himself ……..comes out and asks where Bindiya is married.

Next, Punpun bhabhi is after Bindiya and tells her to wipe the floor, clean the utensils and wash the clothes……and says only after this she will be given something to eat……

Bindiya’s father with gifts reaches her house (in-laws), where he is not welcomed by anyone, but when he says at least let me see my daughter; he is answered by bua ji, who directs him towards goushala……………there he sees Bindiya washing clothes and thinks how a new bride is doing that……….

He does not interrupt her…………instead he goes back into the hall and calls out her name……………she hears him and very quickly she washes her face and meets him………during their conversation they both lie to each other about how they are, i.e, father says he is happy to see his daughter married and Bindiya says that she is also happy as she is now married in such a rich and reputed family. (pretty emotional…………)

In the last episode, Bindiya’s father came to see her and found her daughter, a new bride washing dirty clothes, but both Bindiya and her father tried to console each other by lying that they are happy.

Today’s episode, (23rd June) started with the conversation between Bindiya and her father, and later he tried talking to the family members (Bindiya’s in-laws) again……..praising his daughter that she is a humble, nice, quite, homely girl and how he is proud to have her as daughter and some day they all will think same for Bindiya…..

As he is begging for his daughter in front of everyone’s door, Vinay enters the scene and questions him, about what all this drama is going on???

Bindiya’s father tries to present gifts to Vinay, him being his son-in-law…….but he throws it all away and tells him to stop all this act of apologising and they are accompanied by all the family members.  So giving a chance to Punpun bhabhi to insult Bindiya and her father, saying, ‘kitte besharm ho sakte hai, itna kuch kehne ke baad bhi uyahan khade hai……hum hote toh ab tak sharm se marr gaye hote’.

Binidiya’s father again apologises but Vinay once more screams at them and says, that he wont accept this dark, ugly girl as his life partner………at this Bindiya’s father explodes into anger saying that he wont bear anything wrong said to his daughter and forces her to come along back home……..

……just as they the front door step (ghar ki chaukhat), she stops and tells her father……refuses to go with him saying that under whatever circumstances but now she is married……she is ‘bahu’ of this house and with time she will win over her in-laws.

Her father leaves and she goes back inside the house……….

*Punpun Bhabhi’s onscreen name is SHOBHA*


Kal ke episode me humne dekha ki, Vimlesh (Vinay’s second brother) brings in Bindiya to give her somthing to eat but again Punpun bhabhi makes a scene and threatens to kill herself if Bindiya enters the kitchen…… Vimlesh says that Bindiya has been hungry since last day (she arrived) and if anything happened to her, then what?……so dadi maa gives the solution and tells the servant to make a chulha (stove) in the goushala and provide some rashan to Bindiya and she’ll cook food for herself………but for today she was given food but Punpun bhabhi miuxex phenol in her food (trying to kill her)……..

just as Bindiya is about to have her food, Vinay’s bua comes to her and gives her a murti (statue) of Goddess Durga. Bindiya takes her blessings and places the murti on a clean cloth………while all this is happening, a calf (baby cow) comes and eats up from her plate……..and falls ill.

today’s episode started with the same scene of the calf eating up Bindiya’s food and getting sick….Punpun bhabhi is walking rounds in her room thinking why hasnt Bindiya cried out for help yet………just then Bua, who was also in the goushala screams and gathers everyone to tell how the calf suddenly fell………..seeing this Punpun bhabhi to save herself blames all this on Bindiya that has done somthing to the cow………later in their room punpun bhabhi with her husband, who is scolding her on trying somthing so stupid and risking to ruin their plans……….then with everyone of the family get together and their plan is out in the open that they are planning to perform and register Vinay’s marriage on some previous date so that his and BIndiya’s marriage dont stand legal and make sure that this news doesn’t get out of the room…….punpun bhabhi again taunts bua, who shows sympathy towards Bindiya.

Vinay’s eldest brother asks his assistant to be very catious with everything but……….he comes out of the house and calls up Raja bhaiya (Bindiya’s brother). Next day, at the mandir, where Vinay is getting married, Raja comes with his gun men and tries to stop everything but Vinay’s brother shows him the court papers and say now nothing can be done, ………at this Raja’s mamaji comes and tells him that they are legal people and everything will be sorted out legally and taks Raja away………..both families again get to the marriage business…………….and just then they hear a scream of their sister, aho went in to get Vinay. Everyone rushes in and sees that Vinay is not in the room and the people with him are all lying tied up……..Vinay;’s brother gets furious and thinks how Raja and his men have fooled him!!!!


Kal ke episode (29th June) mei hamne dekha ki kis tarah Raja ke aadmi Vinay (Vishal Singh) ko kidnap karke, ek godown mei band kar dete hai………and dusri taraf awadesh (Vinay’s big brother) is looking everywhere for Vinay. coming back home, ek baar fir Punpunh bhabhi saraa blame Bindiya ko deti hai ki its all her fault, from the day hse has arrived intheir home their lives have become hell…….Vinay mom comes and starts to cry her out to Bindiya for her son.

Raja comes to Vinay’s place and again threatens everyone that if they try anything like this again, he will not spare their family……….Bindiya comes there and slaps Raja (he is Bindiya’s younger brother), and tells him to bring back Vinay at once for it is their family matter and he is her husband………he says that its ok that she slapped him because she is his sister and obeying her sister he calls up his men to bring back Vinay………..after some time Vinay is with his family…………and Raja says that he only did this ‘coz his sister told him to and before leaving threatens them, if the family ever tries to do this (Vinay’s second marriage), he will be watching Vinay and saying this he points his finger towards Vinay…………..again Bindiya comes in between and lowers his finger and holding his hand she drags him to the door and shuts the door on his (raja’a) face……..

Today’s episode started with the same scene of Bindiya shutting the door at Raja’s face………everyone is looking at her in astouned manner. Bindiya walks towards everyone but without saying anything she walks into the goushala, where she is given place to stay!!!!!!!

Vinay’s mother is in front of God thanking them for the safe return of Vinay…..bua comes and says that its all because of Bindiya. In the hall, punpun bhabhi is shouting that what should she answer to her uncle, who is calling her again and again…………enters Vinay’s mom and tells everyone to stop thinking of his second marriage and tell sthem it was all ‘coz of Bindiya that Vinay is safe today but they must remember Raja’s threat and try to accept what has been done………she says that from now on no one will bother Bindiya and also give her two time food……….punpun bhabhi again has a problem with it and says that she cannot forget about what happened with her lalla ji (Vinay)………dadi maa explains her that all mom is saying  is to give food to Bindiya like we do all animals…….

Vinay is in his room thinking about all what happened with him……….he hears a knock on his room window and when he opens it he sees Bindiya standing there……….as he tries to shut the window she says “please! listen to me for a moment, I know what happened with you was jot right………….so I’m asking you to forgive me”………Vinay says that there is no question of him forgiving her and shuts the window on her face………she continues to apologise standing near the window. END!!!

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