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July 7, 2009

Pavitra Rishta……….1st to 7th July !!!

01 July 2009: The episode started and we see Manav’s father rehearsing and the person playing main lead keeps forgetting his lines………. Manav’s father gets annoyed and asks the director “Sir, please help him get his lines straight and then call him so that no one’s time is wasted………….and as he starts walking to the door; the angry actor deliberately starts discussing about how he’s just paid 300 rupees and the rest 200 are given by his son……..the truth is revealed and he is shocked to hear that and leaves.

On the other side, Archana’s father wakes up and leave the house (the last scene of yesterday’s episode)……… he goes walking toward the water….

Next, Manav asks his mother why his father hasn’t still come home yet; his mom says “he’s the king, will come according to his clock………but Manav decides to go search for him with Tarun (remember him the friend who took Manav to Archu’s place). They see him lying all drunk near a tree, crying about how Manav lied to him and his kismet that he hasn’t been a good father to his kids. Manav says, “I did everything for you; you are my strength baba”.  And as they are carrying baba home, they hear screams…….

Manav turns towards the noise and see a man in the water. He tells Tarun to take baba home and he goes to help the man…………he rescues him. Right then we see, Archana walking up and on not seeing her father on his bed. She searches the whole house for him and then getting worried she wakes up Vinod…………. there Manav and a few men saves the man (Archana’s father) and helps him regain consciousness………….then Tarun calls Manav to go home. But Manav says, “how can I leave a man in this state??  You take baba home…….I’ll come”.

Manav and Archana’s father are sitting on rocks discussing as to why he was trying to give his life (suicide). He then discloses that his daughter’s wedding is broken and he has lost all his confidence. Manav says, “but baba, because of this you were about to take away the support of your family……??” Hearing his words Archana’s baba realizes what he was going to do and ruing his family even more…….also sees hope and leaves…………just as he leaves Manav sees a wallet lying there which Archana’s baba accidentally with Manav; when Manav checks it, he finds out that this man, who’s life he had saved is Archana’s father. He gets shocked and says, “Hai Bhagwan!! iska matlab Archana ki shaadi toot gayi???………

Next, everyone is awake at Archana’s place and Sulochana is yelling worried sick “where did Archu’s father go and why???…………and baba walks in. Sulochana again questioning him about where did he go and……….observing his wet clothes she realizes that what he had gone to do. Everyone starts crying, Solochana says, “you are my strength, my hope, and because you’re with me, I’m able to run this house……… could you even think of leaving me alone like this??? You have to get Archana, Varsha and Vaishali married. You also have to get Punni (their little granddaughter) married too!!!………….and she bursts into tears and Manju, Varsha, and Vaishali console her, while Vinod consoles Baba.

Archana hearing all this gets in the room and slams the door…………and Vinod yells “Archu!!” Everyone gets up shocked and starts banging the door, and finally Vinod breaks in and they look up and are all shocked. Archu’s feet are shown……….she’s….she is shown hanging from the fan………….OMG!!!

02 July 2009: The episode starts…….Vinod takes Archana off the fan and as they sprinkle water on his face, she gains consciousness. Sulochana is relieved but then she slaps & yells at Archu asking “what do you think you were doing??”…then hugs her. Next morning, Archana is sitting confused……….and when her baba comes, she asks, “why did you think of doing such a thing, for me? Why baba?? He says, “I forgot about my responsibilities; and from today onwards nobody in this house will be stressed out, upset or sad. Let’s take that promise”………Sulochana and Vinod are watching from the window smiling, while baba and Archana are hugging.

Vinod all heated up in anger, in his room……Manjusha is also there. He says, “How someone could ruin my sister’s life and family like this. Whoever’s behind it I’m going to find him out?? Manju looks sad and worried. Then we see, Sulochana talking to her friend (who is a relative of Satish) about how one misunderstanding ruined everything for Archana. Her friend tells her, “why don’t you go talk to Satish, he is a very simple and kind-hearted……….he’ll understand everything”. And when Sulochana reaches Satish’s office, she is told to wait by the secretary.

Next, Archana hears a knock on the door and is surprised to see…..its Manav ……She says, “You here?? And then her baba comes and tells Archana, “he is the boy who saved me from drowning”…….Archana has a thankful smile on her face………then baba asks Manav to come inside but he says, “NO baba, I’m here only to return you wallet that you forgot……. But when Baba insists he comes in and Baba tells Archu to make chai {Tea} for them……….then he tells Manav to sit and he’ll be right back. Manav sits down and watches Archana making chai…

At Satish’s office, Sulochana is still waiting………..when Satish comes, he asks the secretary why she didn’t tell him. He says sorry to Sulochana for making her wait. And invites her to his cabin and say whatever she came to say!!

Archana brings chai and baba is asking Manav about where he lives and he tells the name of place not very far from their home………then he asks about who all are there in his family and he replies, “in my family I have my baba, my aai (mom) and younger brother and sister. Archana’s father offers him tea and while having it he sees Archana all shocked and expressionless…………..and seeing Archana in this state, he feels very sad.

Back at Satish’s office, Sulochana tries to convince Satish that it was all a misunderstanding and Archana is innocent and she doesn’t even know things like that. Satish says, “I understand, but I’m sorry I cannot do anything in this matter now”.  She tries to convince him, but seeing him uninterested to listen, she leaves crying.

Then, we see Sulochana is walking back home through the market and hears a lady screaming and fighting with the sabziwali in front of all (OMG!! Its Manav’s mother)..……..On the other hand, we see Manav leaving and baba asks for his number. Archana gives a small smile and he leaves…

And then screen splits in half with Baba telling Archana what a good boy Manav is and Sulochana disgusted by the scuffle Manav’s mother has caused.!!!!

03 July: The episode starts with………….Sulochana coming home and Archana tells her, “the guy who saved baba’s life came over and he is the one who gave me an umbrella in the rain and……….but Sulochana interrupts her and starts giving blessings to Manav and his family. Seeing her mom upset, Archana asks “What happened, Aai (mom)?? She replies, “Nothing much, I was coming from the market, and I saw a lady fighting in with sabziwali in the cheapest manner”. But she doesn’t tell Archana about Satish.

Vinod is talking on the phone with his friend about going to police station. Manju gets worried and pretends to have a stomach pain and Sulochana brings something warm to help her!!

Manav and his friend Tarun are drinking chai. {Manav must’ve told him everything his visit to Archana’s place}…….Tarun says, “Manav say anything, that girl, Archana is in your destiny {who teri hi kismat me hai!!} Manav says, “you started off again, don’t be silly”……….. “SILLY??” Tarun then reminds him of all the incidents with Archana like seeing her, going to her house and finding she got engaged, saving an unknown man who turns out to be that same girl’s father, who’s very impressed with you, then her marriage being called off…….don’t you think there’s a connectivity among these incidents……   Manav says ‘may be?’……. Tarun says ‘not may be, they are connected and I’m happy that her alliance is broken ‘coz now you can be married to her’………..hearing this Manav says they want a boy from a rich and well-educated family, I’m not that boy. I went to her house and its very different from my place. I was never meant for her. Finally, Tarun says OK but one day you’ll understand what’s destiny, you can’t change it {teri taqdeer me wahi ladki likhi hai, Manav}.

Varsha having lunch with her office friends. She tells them that her sister Archana is not getting married ‘coz that boy’s family was asking for too much and we could not afford it. They say its okay your sister will get a better guy, lets go to a movie to cheer you up! A new SRK movie is out. Varsha says she cannot go for 6-9 show ‘coz it’s late. Her friends tell her to lie to her mother. Varsha says she hasn’t done that before. But they convince her to that and then they call her and lie to her. Varsha is still uneasy.

Sulochana tells Archana about Satish………..and she says, “why are you doing all this for me, aai?? Sulochana says you are also suffering and I will get you married in a good home…………you left your studies, your career, every happiness for me, and now it’s my turn. And for this if I’ve to beg to anyone, I’m even willing to do it.

Next scene, Manav’s baba comes to him and asks Manav to forgive him and talk to him. Manav calls his aai, who is still angry about the sabziwali, tells him not to say anything to her; and his baba says ‘see Manav’………… now Manav says, “Aai you tell him, until he stops drinking I wont talk to him and it’ll be better if he doesn’t try that”……….and seeing a bag Manav remembers and asks about Sachin’s (his brother) whereabouts………so his aai tells him all about how well he is studying and will get a job. But actually he is blacking tickets at the theatre………..OMG!!

Sachin convinces Varsha and her friend to buy a black ticket. Sulochana is still waiting for Varsha and is worried. Archana says “its okay she’ll come”………

Its 9:30 and Varsha walks in. She makes an excuse that it was raining so her friends stopped her……….saying this she runs in to get fresh. Archana takes Varsha’s purse in and so drops a movie ticket. Archana sees it and asks Varsha why did she lie to their mother. They get into an argument about right and wrong. Varsha says who doesn’t make mistakes? Even you did it, when you went into that bunglow that night………….she stops and realizing what she said, Varsha says, “Tai, I didn’t mean to……” Archu gets gloomy and (oh no!!) Sulochana heard everything…………..episode ends!!!

06 July 2009:

The episode starts………Sulochana comes and yells at Varsha telling her that Archana was sent there according to someone’s plan and her innocence, but what you did was a lie. She says, “How could you raise a finger at your sister?? Archu went there ‘coz she was worried for you and not like you who lied…??”  Everyone of family is gathered and Vinod asks, “What lie??” and Sulochana tells her that Varsha lied and went to the film……….Varsha says, “Yes I lied, ‘coz if I had asked aai (mom) she wouldn’t have permitted me”…….she continues, “What world are you living in aai…….in today’s times the day doesn’t end at 7pm”…….  Manjusha meddles and says “you should have at least told aai”………Varsha tells her to be quite and not to interfere in their family matters. Vinod says Manju is as much as part of this family as you Varsha and she isn’t wrong! But Varsha argues to that too and finally Sulochana tells Varsha to stop arguing and understand her mistake. Then, Baba tells Varsha to seek forgiveness from Aai……….and she blast to this also saying, “Yes baba, I am wrong, for wanting to change with this changing world……… one tries to understands me”…….saying this she leaves the room. Sulochana asks Archana not to feel bad for what Varsha said…….she replies, “of course not, but we should leave the topic for now, otherwise Varsha will think that nobody loves her or understands her.

Manav comes home and is happy to see Sachin, his brother. Then Manav’s mother calls his name and tells them to get fresh and sit down for dinner. Manav gives his Aai money and so tries his brother, but Manav him to keep it for his classes and books. In turn, the brother says, “How can get books in 200 rupees?”……Manav feels bad and gives more money. Then, aai says Sachin to keep it and tells him to help his brother when he gets a job………and asks Sachin, “Where did you get this money? And Sachin makes an excuse of filling some forms (doesn’t tell he was black ticketing) and aai feels proud. Manav then asks for baba and Aai replies, “where would he go either theatre or to drink”………….then turning to she says, “Sachin do whatever, but don’t become actor like your father”…..Sachin starts coughing. After gaining his breath he says ‘you should get Manav dada married, so that you may also have some help’…… and aai says that he is pretty aware of family matters, and knowing this which father would want to give his daughter in our house???…. ………Manav has a SAD look on his face!!!

Next we see, Archana massaging her aai’s feet and aai recalling what all has been happening with their family and what her baba did; then aai gives blessings to the guy who saved baba…… to this Archu says, “not only baba, he also saved me” and she tells aai everything!!!………aai wishes to meet him and thank him herself!! Archana tells her baba has his number.

At Ajit’s place, his mother (Rasika) comes and wishes him ‘happy b’day’. And then she tells him that all invitations (for his b’day party) have gone out. He says do not give an invitation to Manju and her in-laws. At this Rasika gets upset and says “she is your sister, how could you say something like that?? Manju will surely come, i’ll invite her alone OK!!!…………… Then at Archana’s house, everyone is getting ready. Manju gets a phone call from her mom, who says, “how could you forget your brother’s b’day?”  She says sorry that she forgot, as there was tension in her house…………….to this Rasika says, of course if Archana is in the house how could tension not be there??….then asks Manju to come tonight to Ajit’s b’day party. Manju agrees. Manju starts thinking on how she’ll be able to go? Sulochana comes and gives Prasad to everyone and asks Manju what’s wrong. She replies ‘my mother’s not well, so I need to go’……….Sulochana permits her and she leaves.

Again there’s a scene where Sulochana noticing that Varsha did not take her tiffin. Later, in the canteen, Varsha and her friends are discussing the family problem. Her friend says that she also faced these sort of problems at her home and so she left my home.  She continues to say, “And now I’m free and independent. She says the family only knows our value once we are out of the home”……. Varsha thinking……

Manav and Tarun are drinking chai (again). Manav seems nervous, so Tarun says, “you should be happy that the girl’s family is asking to see you…….and yes wear something new ‘coz they should feel when they see you ‘yehi hai right choice”. Manav says “they are just calling me to meet them……not to make their ‘damad’. Hearing this Tarun starts yelling at him and tells him about destiny……….and asks Manav, “You want to marry that girl or not, tell me??? …..Manav very sweetly nods his head in YES!! (WOW!!)….. “So do as I say”, Tarun says.

Tarun drops off Manav and tells him to wipe his sweat also wishes him All The Best!………he is welcomed by the whole family and Sulochana thanks him. Archana brings in water and he takes a quick look of her. Sulochana then says, “Archana told me you saved her, that night; if it weren’t for you we all would have been ruined”. She folds her hands and thanks him. Manav says, “I did what ant person would have done in the situation”. Sulochana says, “No, there are very few people in the world who do these sort of things for others!”………saying this she tells Archana to bring tea (chai) and snacks. Both Manav and Archana are giving peeping looks to each other!! And just when Sulochana asks Manav about what does he do, Punni (Archu’s niece) comes in and pointing to Manav asks “who is this??” And Sulochana says ‘he is a guest’………….she says ‘guest means??’ Aai smiles and says ‘meaning friend’……….she doesn’t stop at this and questions again, ‘whose friend?…yours?…..baba’s? Ohhoo Aatiya’s friend (she means Archana)! This leaves Manav all amazed and again both Archana and Manav stare at each other…….. Manav says, “No, not aatiya’s……I’m your friend…..will you be my friend?”…..she nods in yes. Sulochana offers him snacks and again punni says, “Aatiya bahut best pakore banati hai”…….he gives a sweet smile and says thank you!!…….punni leaves….

It starts raining so he takes permission to leave……..aai tells him to come again! Baba goes to drop him off to the door when Archana comes and tells him to take the umbrella…….he refuses but when baba insists, ‘Manav take it and give it back anytime you come this way. He says okay and takes it!

And he is walking in the rain and recollects his moments with Archana and also how Tarun keeps telling him ‘this girl is your destiny! And then he looks back and Archana and baba are standing there…and he leaves………..episode ends!

7th July 2009:

Everyone is surprised, when Vinod comes home and says that he is going to the movie, after he gets Manju from her mother’s place. But when Vaishali says,” Alone! I will go too”. Vinod replies,” Not this time. I only got two tickets; next time; Manju doesn’t know this either it is a surprise!”. Vaishali is about to say something when Archana interrupts her and says that she’ll take care of punni today……..Vinod leaves in a very happy mood….!!!

Next we see Manju at her house, standing all alone in the middle of a party. Her mother (Rasika) comes to her and says,” What’s wrong?”. Manju tells her that Ajit is still mad at her. Her mother takes Manju to her brother, but he looks at his mother. Rasika says don’t look at me like this, she’s your sister……now stop being stubborn and patch up. Manju then congratulates him and they hug. Manju says,” Leave the anger!”. Her brother says,” Ok!” All three are happy………. Right then we see Vinod coming all wet………. And as he is about to ring the door bell, he hears,” HAPPY BIRHTDAY TO YOU!”. And on opening the door he sees a bunch of people and Manju’s mother just fine. {He then remembers what Manju said about her mother being sick and gets annoyed that she lied!} Vinod thinks to himself that Manju did this and not even invite me to the party……… He enters and hears Ajit saying that he’s very happy now, ‘coz Archana’s marriage is broken with Satish, a high society block and he would have felt really bad if that happened….. Vinod then spots Manju and her family laughing and smiling to this. HE IS VERY ANGRY!!!

Vinod comes face to face to Manju and her brother. And starts saying that they have shown dushmani and betrayal towards their family. Hearing this Rasika says,” No, you are misunderstood”. Vinod replies,” NO today everything have been cleared. Ajit you’re wedding broke because of what you did and not Archana! Ohh!! How can I forget you…….you came to say sorry to my mother right. And my mother showing her big heart forgave you………I cannot believe that you would plan such a thing!! AJIT………how could you do such a thing to someone’s sister when you have a sister yourself”. Vinod grabs him by the collar and forces him to do tell the truth or else he’s send him to jail. At this Ajit says,” Enough is enough!………it’s true that I hate Archana ‘coz she ruined my career……..and I agree I wanted Archana’s wedding to break. But, that doesn’t mean I did it”. Vinod replies,” LIES! You are saying this to save your sisters wedding! No one else could have broken this wedding besides you!”. But Ajit repeats himself that he didn’t do anything and Archana’s wedding broke because of her character……….. At this Vinod gets boiled up in anger and says,” SHUT UP! Don’t you dare say one more thing about my sister?”………..then turning to he says, “Manju, it seems you too are happy that my sister’s wedding broke……..since, you lied at home and came here to celebrate!”. Manju says,” NO…”. But Vinod doesn’t believe her and says that he never understood your family and I knew that your house has no place for my family. But, now I know there is no place FOR ME! You have broken MY TRUST! ……but don’t think that you will not be punished……. Then pointing to AJIT he says, “you were happy with breaking my sisters alliance RIGHT…………..Now, listen and listen carefully that I am leaving your sister, Manju here FOREVER!………….So, now you’ll know what it feels like when someone’s sister is sitting at HOME!”. He LEAVES! Manju is left there crying…

(A CUTE Scene!!!) Back at Manav’s place Manav’s father looks at the food and says,” Could you not make anything better???”. Manav’s mother replies,” In order to make something good, you need good supplies, for that you need money, and which we don’t have a lot of and, you’re father didn’t leave anything here beside you which is no GOOD!”. His father replies oh so you think, you are good?”………… In the midst of all of this Manav is thinking about his visit to Archana’s place, where Archana made‘Pakoras’…………and obliviously Manav says,” The pakora are really good!” in front of his mom, dad and bro……….. Everyone looks at the food and then at Manav….. they are all confused ….Pakoras???

His mother looks in the dish bowl, then shakes him and says,” HEY! Have you gone mad……..This isn’t pakora…..this is ‘Bhindi (ladyfinger)’??”…….. Manav getting hold of himself says,” Noo..Aai,  I was thinking of something else” and aai goes in the kitchen………………then Manav’s brother leaves, reminding him that the food is NOT PAKORA!!………..

finally Manav’s father says,” Aaj ganpat ke tapre pe gaya that tu….pakore khane?? {did you go to ganpat’s shop today, to have pakoras}?”.

Manav replies,” HUH….no baba..”.

His baba again asks, “toh fir, kiske hath ke bane Pakore tujhe yaad aa rahe hai…hah {Then who’s hand made pakora are you thinking of}??”

Manav replies,”Kya baba {No.. Onne…}”..{Manav is all shying n blushing}

Then baba says,”Dekh mujh se jhooth mat bol. Aaj pehli baar tu baat karte karte ladkhada raha hai…….tu hum dono ke jhagde me bhi aaj nahi aaya…….kahan kho gaya tu {Don’t lie to me, for the first time you are stammering while talking to me, also you didn’t come in between our fight…….. where are you lost}”

Manav says, “Baba mein toh…..{baba I was just…}”

Baba says, “mujhse matt chupa………mein aksar apne natak me hero ko aise dekhta hu aur sirf doh situation mei…………yaa toh baap ne danta ho …ya fir pyaar ka mamla ho………aur meine toh tujhe danta nahi………….kuch pyaar ka chakkar hai kya{Don’t hide it from me………everyday I see this in my shows that a hero behaves like this either he has been scolded by his father or they are in love…………and I didn’t scold you so, are you in love……}”

Manav gets shy and leaving the convo he walks away……….Manav’s father thinks to himself that if Manav finds a good girl, his life will be perfect!”.

At the same time, at Archana’s house her father is saying the exact SAME THING! And  Sulochana says,” We can’t find the perfect boy sitting at home……..we have to search for him”. Then archu’s father smiles and remembering all what Manav has done for them………..he thinks he’s PERFECT!

Next, we see a park and Vinod sitting there very upset. He’s thinking of all the past memories of him and Manju and what her brother did to Archana…………. And on the other side we see that  Manju’s mother is yelling at Manju saying to stop crying and also on marrying Vinod against her will…………….and now how easily he said that he is leaving you. For once, at least he should have thought about you and his daughter………….

In reply Manju says that may be she has not been able to adjust to their family but she actually loves Vinod and he has a lot of good things too. Her mother replies,” I am not saying anything against Vinod. But, listen… Vinod could leave you at any time for his family…….for that family you SLAPPED your brother…………that house was never yours and never will be! You’re Saas & Archana as long as they are there you will always get treated like this……….I’m you’re mother! There is nothing above your happiness for me……… don’t worry and think about your self. But she continues crying………….!!

June 12, 2009

Pavitra Rishta…..1st June to 17th June!!!(Ed.)

As i have mentioned earlier, this serial “pavitra rishta” is all about a simple down to earth maharashtrian girl and a boy who will be entering her life ( that’s sushant aka preet from Kis desh mein hai meraa dil’) In the first week we saw  the introduction of Archana’s family and also that how Archana gets refused just because she is not well educated……………and as destiny has written for them they get to pray together at the famous SIDDHI VINAYAK mandir although they dont get to see each other…..

…then in the fifth episode we witnessed how Archana helps a poor boy jo ki chori karta pakda jata hai and usse bachati hai hamari Archana….and right here usko dekhta hai Manav (aka Preet aka Sushant) ….

par woh Archana ka chehra dekh nahi pata bas uski aankhen dikhti hai Manav ko and he’s all into her after this……

*Edited* 10th June:

In the second week we got to know that Manav (Preet) isn’t a rich bloc but a garage owner and he doesn’t believe in the word Love as he wants a simple girl for himself who can manage his home in 15-16 thousand with 5-6 mouths to feed,…..yet his friend forces him to have faith that he will find love in his life………

Or dusri taraf Archana’s mom is makes preparations to go for Ajit’s engagement;…………on the way in the local train again Manav (aka Preet) is there; he recognizes Archana who’s standing with her back towards hi by a burn mark on her wrist however this time for second time he is not able to catch a proper glimpse of her (here, the background music from movie LOVE is perfectly suited).

At the function Archana’s mother where she notices a suitable boy for Archana (Satish an acquaintance of Manjusha’s mom) and woh Manjusha ki mom se Archana ki baat chalane ko kahati hai……………….but she doesn’t instead she makes her aware of some realities and being rude she goes on to say that Satish would never want an illiterate girl for himself as he himself is a Management graduate……………..and here this conversation is over heard by none other than Archana……..

Later at their place Archana tries to console her mother but her sister-in-law (bhabhi) hears it and all this takes the shape of a big fight with Varsha and Vaishali joining in to support their mother…….….as this argument increases Archana bursts into tears and apologizes and asks them to stop fighting over her …….

11th June:

Next morning Archana’s father tries to make her realize that her mother and sisters love her and so they were just standing up for her……..right then enters her friend Madhuri to call her to find a boy who has ditched Swati, their other friend.

Although (in rainy background) the person they are encounter with is no one else but Mannav (Preet) and this mistake lead to coming face-to-face of Manav and Archana; She tells her friends that Manav is not the fellow who has cheated with their friend. They apologize to him but Manav is too happy to meet the girl of her dreams and is completely mesmerised with her; yahan aapna hero  barish mein bhegti heroine ko help karte hue usse umbrella offer karta hai…….

Swati notices the name of Ajit from Archana and gets even more alarmed when she tells her that ajit’s full name is Ajit Lokhande…..

12th June:

The next day, at the wedding Swati is there and she tells Archana that her boyfriend and Ajit are same persons; she creates a scene by raising finger at Ajit and also adds that she was helped by Archana………..

*Edited* 15th June

Well jaisa ki last episode ki ending ke baad hum sabne socha tha, something similar happened that Swati created a scene and so calling off the marriage of Ajit and like we thought sara ka sara blame Archana par aata hai (Swati commented “Archana ki vajah se mujhe Ajit ki sachhaai pata chali hai);

And after this again a lot of crying – (rona dhona n all) with Manjusha’s mom shouting and blaming Archana that whatever happened it was all because of her and she did on purpose coz being 26+ she wasn’t married yet, not only she insults Archana but her mother too…..that their family being poor doesn’t have any values and blah blah blah!!!!

This finally evokes Vinod, Archana’s brother to stand for her sister and to say,” Agar aap Archana ko aapne ghar se nikal sakti hai, toh mein bhi Manju ko………” this leaves Manju (his wife) in shock;  he’s stopped by his mother saying that we aren’t like them and we have treated our daughter-in-law as our daughter from the first day……..she also warns her other two daughters (Varsha and Vaishali) not to be offensive or rude towards Manju when they reach home………after all this drama they all leave for home;

Now, there’s a Manav (aka Sushant) scene that portrays how he was able to concentrate on his work……so enters his friend Tarun, to ask the reason for the same, and to this he replies, “Yaar, aaj meine usko dekha”

Tarun, “Usse matlab”??

Manav, “Ussi train wali ko”…

Tarun, “Jiski tu sirf aanken dekh paya tha, chehra dekhne ke liye taras raha tha (desperate to see her face, he meant)

Manav, “Yaar, aaj meine uska chehra dekha, usne mujh se baat bhi ki”……this gets tarun all excited to ask a chain of questions like who is she, what’s he name, where does she live, etc…..

Manav, “Nahi puch paya, yaar”………… “But why”, asked Tarun and Manav replied, “Arre Tarun, kaise puchta yaar, sharm aa rahi thi mujhe uske samne khade rahne mei; (he was embarassed to stand in front of her) is, is halat mei gaya tha; agar kuch bolta nah toh mawali samjhti muhje, aur waise bhi naam puch ke mein karta kya…..use raaste toh mujhe jana nahi hai”

Tarun, “ Raaste par toh tu nikal chukka hai, ab bekaar ka drama matt kar;……pasand karta hai naa tu usse (manav is silent) ….chal fir uska thikana dundte hai”

Manav, “Yaar, tarun kya bol raha hai yaar tu”

Tarun, “Yaar, mein chahe job hi kahu, tu chahe kuch bhi bol, kitni bhi baar bol,……….lekin tere chehre se saaf zahir ho raha hai kit u kya chahta hai”. “Yaar Tarun chahne se kya hota hai” says Manav…………just repeating that what’s the meaning of thiking of what he cannot get and blah blah……finally saying, “Toh kya hua ki who meri zindagi mei nahi hai, meri aankhon mei toh hai nah who. Jab bhi chahuga aapni aankhen band kar lunga; sapne tutne se acha hai who palkon mei hi ghar kar le”.

Next scene, at Archana’s house it’s an atmosphere of tension; Manju again thinks that all of this happened because of Archana and decides to make her life a living hell..

Let’s see what happens next…….!!!!

16th June

In this episode, both parents of Archana discuss on what happened at the wedding; as they go to sleep she starts crying, thinking all what was said to Archana. In the morning, she wakes up to see Archu again to her routine work; she thinks “don’t these things affect Archu or she has adjusted her life to all sufferings”. She helps Archana in the kitchen where she observes that her mom had been crying all night and so consoles her. Then she takes her niece school.

Again a lady, neighboring Archana takes on the same topic and tells her how this could affect Archana’s marriage prospects……this overheard by Vinod (Archana’s bro)…..leading to another argument with his wife Manjusha, who like her mother blames Archana for the calling off of Ajit’s marriage.

After what happened with Archana at Ajit’s wedding her father tries to change the view of his wife, of finding a rich, educational boy for Archana; and so takes on the responsibility of her marriage and says that whom ever i choose for he may not suit your conditions but Archana will be happy with him; at this her mother gets worried.

Tarun and Manav going to work when they stop at a signal and Manav notices Archana (dropping her niece at school) and as soon as tarun hears it, he takes a u-turn to follow her and see her stopping at a store – tarun notices her to be the same girl he saw at saree store(mall), at this Manav says that he 1st saw her on the road, then, in the train and then at the coffee shop…….tarun all excited what man “baar baar milna, its all Kismat Connection”; after she leaves, he very quickly goes to the same store to enquire about her and finds out that she lives nearby.

Again, a convo between Archana’s parent’s about her marriage…….its interrupted by a call for Archana’s father at the neighboring kirana store…….the call is about a marriage proposal for Archana, hearing this her mom starts asking all questions and worries.

17th June

A = Archana

A’s = Archana’s mother

The episode begins with Tarun asking Manav to get fresh and come along, and that too without telling him about the place they are going….Manav agrees.

At Archana’s home, her mother is all tensed thinking about the coming boy and prays for her daughter…..

Next, Manav again asks his friend about where he’s taking him….

Vinod reaches home to know about the proposal for Archana and talks to his mother, consoling her that if the boy is not suited according to her then they will not think further…

Next, in the car Manav thinking of all the moments he saw Archana (with a sweet smile on his face)…

The boy who arrives at Archana’s place for marriage is none other than Satish, (whom A’s mom liked for A); she’s surprised and tells Vinod about it……..he says may be God has answered their prayers, she thinks otherwise and decides to tell all truth about A’s education to the boy.

A’s mom tells Satish n his family that she doesn’t agree to this alliance……when asked for the refusal by Satish, she replies how up until now many proposals came for A but things didn’t go well as they found about A being only 8th pass………and it always hurts A and her family.

Satish proves her wrong by telling her that he witnessed what happened at wedding , how A was being shouted at by Ajit’s mother but A didn’t utter a word instead she was trying to look out for her mother and family image…….also how he was impressed by how she takes care of her eight family members, always with a smile on her face and keeping in mind likes n dislikes of all. He continues, “my mother is also a house-wife and he knows that if house-wives stop what they do then no man in the house will be able to go out and earn….” A’s mom is all in tears and realizes she thought wrong about Satish.

Next, Tarun brings Manav here, at Archana’s place and tells him that she’s just like him in status n all. But instead he finds out about Archana’s alliance with Satish and is devastated (poor guy)……

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