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August 16, 2009

DIL MILL GAYE………….12th Aug’09

Hello friends,

Welcome to my blog and this is the update of ‘Dill Mil Gaye’. Well exactly I’ve not been following the serial since the so called ‘partial amnesia’ of Dr. Armaan Mallik (but still i’m truly in love with KSG) but on a friends request now I’ll be writing the updates of DMG.

Karan 1_96Ok so today, i.e, 12th Aug’09 starts, where farewell party of Rahul ‘daddu’ Garewal is going on……….and he’s been tortured over by Muskaan (well she herself is getting tortured). In the last scene of the previous episode we saw that Armaan stops Muskaan from drinking but he couldn’t stop Riddhima for the same and she gets full tight (talli) after drinking. And she pulls on to Armaan’s cheeks saying that he’s soooo cute and with it she continuously keeps slapping him……and he’s like soooo irritated yet does nothing. And then walking out of the kitchen (yes they were in the kitchen) Riddhima is about to fall but our Armaan like alwaz gets hold of her and saves her and they share a sweet moment……well exactly its sweet for Riddhima, who’s looking at him with all cuteness (n Armaan with frowns). Ridz then starts crying and saying sorry to Armaan and finally when he tells her its fine…..she places a slap on his cheek calling him, “Good Boy!!”………and she falls conscious right back at him……….so Armaan makes her sit next to the door leaning her head to the wall he goes outside…..may be to call Anjali.

Next we see, Atul standing on the door welcoming guests, with a flower pot on his head and he’s telling the people that he’s been punished by his love (i guess Anjali….I don’t know the reason). And Armaan comes to him to tell about Riddhima but before he could they hear someone saying, “STOP” and on turning to the voice direction they see, Ridz standing on the sofa…..all drunk!!

Then, well I cant tell the place but the little I knew, at Sumanlata’s (Su) hometown…….where her wedding is getting somewhat fixed with Dr. Abhimanyu (Abhi)……………and Dr. Nikita (Nikki) is being liked by Su’s brother and so for some reason they both (Abhi n Su’s bro) are getting ready for a fight……….and Abhi is fighting like an underdog that’s coz he himself wants to lose the fight {he’s saying, ‘shaadi na karne ke liye kya kya karma padta hai}…….and finally Su’s bro throws Abhi away………and turns to Nikki…

Back at the party, everyone is stunned to see Ridz all drunk and she pointing to Armaan says, that she isn’t boring n teacher like he thinks…….instead she’s very sweet. Atul trie to calm her but she then tells him that he’s very nice guy but he’s a “phissu”…and Armaan tells the meaning “phissu” as in loser……..and Atul shouldn’t be this scared. And now when Anjali intervenes Ridz starts off at her for alwaz scolding people especially Atul ‘coz by doing this she can loose a nice guy like him and so she should be little more calm and at this Anjali starts crying and so does Riddhima being all drunk herself……. and right then she sees Rahul “daddu” Garewal walking out the door and stops him and again says all sort of things against him that how he’ll alwaz regret leaving Muskan for a silly reason that he cant be a dad……and also he’s not ready to adopt; she tells him like whispering in his ears that she too is adopted………and hearing this all, including Anjali have tears in their eyes.

At the fight scene, where Su’s bro walks up to Nikki and asks her as to who’ll save her now and snatches her duppatta away……..right then Abhi is behind him seeing everything and he goes madly angry on Su’s bro and beats him up.

Back at the party, Ridz tells Rahul to leave and then she tells Muskan to forget all about him and get on with her life……..and now when she sees Muskan crying Ridz again starts crying giving her a hug; Armaan breaks them off and Ridz now finds her new target in him and says, ‘you….you ‘junior Hulk’…..why do you irritate me so much…..I know ‘coz you think you’re soooo coooool”… this Armaan says he doesn’t think he’s cool….however actually is COOL. And while this Rahul walks out the door. Then once again, Riddhima to Armaan, “you’re not cool instead you’re suppper fooool; you do sometimes do childish acts but still you’re….(Armaan completes her sentence…cute ho)….yes bahut cute ho; …..and I …..” and just before she blow out all truth Anjali stops her, yet Armaan wants to know what Ridz was bout to say………but to distract Armaan’s attention Dr. Kirti asks him if he walk her to the exit…………finally Ridz frees herself and says that she needs to talk to Armaan……….Ridz facing Armaan.

Episode ends!!!

13th August: the episode starts with Armaan and Ridz face to face and she says, ‘you forgot everything….hah?’… all their friends (gang) is in tears……armaan asks, ‘what, what did I forget?’……Ridz being drunk still controlling her emotions tells him, ‘you?…not you silly;…you don’t love me; I talking about the one who loved me….he forgot all about me!” and as Armaan asks her who was it?…….all she did was to try to feel some emotions in his eyes and before she could answer she totally collapses on Armaan.

Outside in the garden, Rahul is in tears, when Muskan comes to him and try to justify what Ridz as she drank too much…….to this Rahul says, ‘I wish I was able to tell you so much’ then he takes out a gift wrap and presents her……..but when she refuses to accept, Rahul tells her that the gift actually is for her daughter (whenever she comes into the world) so give it to her telling its from her Rahul uncle; both of them crying and Muskan asks, ‘what if it’s a boy?’…….. “No Muskan, it’ll be a girl…….just like you, curly hair and big eyes’ replies Rahul; they burst into tears and hug each other………and then he kisses her on the forehead and walks……….but Muskan stops him to tell him that he’ll for all his life regret that there‘s a girl somewhere who more than herself loves you now and forever; he doesn’t stop and leaves her crying and heart broken.

Next scene, at Su’s house……her father introducing Dr. Abhi to few relatives as his future son-in-law…….but Abhi is constantly searching for Nikki in the crowd. Nikki sees him and takes a few steps to him but he’s cornered by Su’s dad to have private talk and she too is talking to other ladies but they both giving each other looks. Su’s dad asks Abhi if he’s willing for engagement with Su…… ‘coz there are so many guests already in the house so why not grab the opportunity and save money (how cheap)……at this Abhi says, that he needs time…….and Su’s dad tells him if he wants time or money (I think he’s funding for some project). Abhi walks up to Nikki and in his hurriedness as he pulls her hand……she gets hurt with a broken bangle and he apologizes……..and he tells her he wants to talk to her and as they walk towards exit Abhi again is taken off a n old relative (masi or dadi no clue).

Back in Mumbai, Armaan drops home Anjali, Ridz and Atul…….Ridz is totally out (drunk) and when Atul offers help Anjali refuses saying, ‘why…..why you would help??’ and then turning to Armaan she tells him to pick up Ridz…….and he replies. ‘kya uthao isse….tumhari behen….tunhara bojh…tum khud uthao…….aur waise bhi deal yahin tak thi {what pick her up…..your sis….your burden….you pick her up and that was the real deal}……….to this Anjali gets all hyper and says, ‘now you remembers the deal, when he was getting her little innocent sister all drunk, where was his deal then??……….Armaan replies, ‘i treis to stop your little innocent talli (drunk) sister but she wouldn’t listen. But Anjali in no mood of argument tells him that it was his party so now its his responsibility to get Ridz inside………..and so Armaan says that her sis was right about Anjali alwaz bossing people around. “yes I’m bossy so don’t argue and pick her up and take her to the room’ says Anjali…….and Armaan is, “room….why in the room??” at this Atul says that he’s so acting as he hasn’t ever seen her room……….but soon correcting himself he tells Armaan the room’s direction. And Anjali goes off to switch on the lights. He is able to bring her till the entrance but here she’s again stuck like a record and says that she doesn’t wanna go inside and starts crying saying that no one loves and everyone hates her……Armaan too…..and she sits down. At this Armaan says, its not true, people don’t hate you……some people just don’t like you, its cool!!; she again starts playing that cool-cool, super fool game and Armaan gets irritated………Ridz again starts crying saying, ‘you don’t like me….you hate me”………Armaan almost at the edge of pulling his hair with frustration calms himself and says that he doesn’t hate her…..Ridz gets happy and says ok you don’t hate me it means that you like me……….hearing this Armaan is like, ‘look teacher, i don’t hate you and I like you are very different statements, Ok!” but when she again stats crying he tells her that he likes her………Ridz all happy and excited asks him what he likes about her….her face….her eyes (she’s making all sort of faces n eye expressions) and on her hints he says yes she has great face and eyes……..but when she insists on more praises Armaan again baffles and she again starts crying that it was ‘coz of her hints and so now he must say something from her side……….Armaan tells Ridz that he’s thinking and quiets her by putting his hand on her face…..and once again a cute KaJen (Karan n Jennifer) scene with DMG background music plying…….and then he pulls off his hand and says, that he’s heard that by looking into a person’s eyes you see their heart and looking into your eyes I can tell that your heart’s a real pure one {she’s just staring him with all love}……and he says that he’s unable to understand how can her boyfriend have left her??………so Ridz tell him that her boyfriend isn’t gone, but he’s still here (and he starts looking here and there)……..and Ridz just before pointing her to Armaan turns it back to her and says, ‘he’s here…in my heart!!’……….and again all talli falls into his arms…….so he carries her inside.

Next we see, Nikki waiting for Abhi in the backyard as asked by him…….and inside he’s all surrounded up with Su’s relatives……and right then while waiting Nikki is kidnapped by Su’s brother….



  1. Congrats!!! Super Job.

    Comment by Anju Sharma — August 17, 2009 @ 7:30 am | Reply

    • hey Anju,
      a BIGGGG thnx 4 ur comment!
      m glad u liked it……i’l update soon!!

      Comment by anu — August 17, 2009 @ 8:47 am | Reply

  2. hi this priyanka thanks 4 this updates
    i m biggest fan of Karan!

    Comment by angle princess — October 13, 2009 @ 11:00 am | Reply

    • hey priyanka
      thnx 4 ur comment!
      i too like KSG a lot ….but i’m disappointed to hear all these things ant him….
      i really ope they not true…for fans like US!!

      keep reading

      Comment by anu — October 14, 2009 @ 11:18 pm | Reply

  3. thnx 4 upload
    but i dont like karan and im happy 2 see this k shilpa uski real life m nae hai

    Comment by mona — December 22, 2009 @ 7:18 pm | Reply

  4. i like karan . he is really a must and a superb person and he is little bit risky person but he enjoys his his life and that is more than enough and whatever he does is his persnal life. and if he’s happy then i to.

    Comment by harsha — February 8, 2010 @ 4:52 am | Reply

    • hey harsha,
      thnx for commenting!
      i totally agree with u …its his life n if hes happy then all’s well!!

      keep reading

      Comment by anu — February 9, 2010 @ 10:17 pm | Reply

  5. hey anu
    i hope shilpa anand will back 2 DMG
    i miss her

    Comment by hafsah — February 12, 2010 @ 11:44 pm | Reply

  6. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    i m a big fan of karan

    Comment by mansi — May 15, 2010 @ 9:28 am | Reply

  7. hi!karan u r so handsome yaar i’m big fan of u and i miss sukriti and u r good couple………..i love u karannnnnnnnnnnnnnn…………….

    Comment by dia johnson — May 29, 2010 @ 1:15 pm | Reply

  8. i am also karan singh grover big fan…i love karan and he is sssssso hot

    Comment by rano — June 1, 2010 @ 12:31 pm | Reply

  9. is abhi-nikki is coming back plz tell me.

    Comment by nusrath — July 8, 2010 @ 6:45 pm | Reply

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