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July 17, 2009

KMH…………WOW! what an episode!!!

KITNI MOHABBAT HAI………………the remarkable & unforgettable 16th of July’09

But what led to this episode………..its a long story…

Well it all started in the 8th July Episode, when Abhay tells Arohi the actual reason of his love confession to Sur (Arohi’s sister) ‘coz he doesn’t want to be like Arjun Punj. Abhay says, “You know he came to Mumbai from Shimla for a girl, whom he loves with all his heart………….but he still hasn’t been able to confess his feelings to her; he left his home, his money, fame, comforts everything for this girl…..but she does not know about it………..that’s why I don’t wanna be like Arjun Punj”……….Arohi starts to remember all what has been happening with her and Arjun in he past days, then finally she decides to find the truth and says, “Now I’m gonna find out the truth and what is it that’s been right in front of my eyes but still hidden and I’m not able to see it??”

Then in the next episode again all her suspicions are broken, when she finds out that Arjun and Karan’s driver got into a fist fight……WHY???…….. ‘coz Arjun was saying sooooooo cheap things about Arohi and Karan that the driver couldn’t bear them…..

And its later in the episode that Arohi finds out about the real culprit, when she overhears the driver that it was him who was saying wrong things about Arohi and so Arjun had beaten him up!!!…….Arohi realizes of her mistake and is shattered that once again she has misunderstood Arjun……..

Then in the rest episode, Arohi is shown crying and roaming the streets of Mumbai (looking amazingly realistic and beautiful) asking herself the same question that how could she not understand before how much Arjun loves her………Kitani Mohabbat Hai.

Then on 15th July we saw the engagement of Abhay and Sur……….but Arohi seems uninterested ‘coz she has been trying to talk to Arjun since yesterday but could not……….. she then tells Purvi di that she’s going to the office for some work and leaves the party {she’s actually going to see Arjun, as she knows he’s staying in the office}…….

Another sub plot is in the making……Karan has an EX (she left him or dumped him….its not clear yet) who now wants a share of his studio but Karan having no wish to do that……… plans to get his office burnt down while he is at Abhay’s engagement……..but his bad luck Arjun and Arohi both are there.!!

Arohi reaches her office and just as she places the sitar on the table……….a short circuit and the entire room is on fire within seconds. She tries to find an escape but no use……..then seeing a glass window she cries for help {she turns to the fire} and enters {our HERO} ARJUN……….

Now its 16th july, it starts and we see….kmhjuly16th

Arjun is shocked to see her, while Arohi is crying. For few minutes they forget that she is trapped in a fire and keep looking at each other……… ……wanting their hands to meet/be felt through the glass…………how cute a scene can get when Arjun wipes Arohi’s tears through the glass door.

Firstly you must know that while all this is happening the sweet background music of the title song is going on adding an extra something to the scene……

Arjun signals Arohi to move backwards and breaks open the window with his hand covered in his coat and then smashes the door too……..WOW!! He runs in and hugs Arohi and when they try to come out the same exit, it too catches fire. While Arjun stands thinking of an escape he sees Arohi’s duppata catching fire. Arjun very quickly pulls it off her and throws it away and then enwraps his coat around Arohi. Finally Arjun notices an open window as their way out of the room. He goes to the window and tells Arohi to come, when Arohi falls down. Arjun runs to her and Arohi tells him to leave and save his life. Arjun picks her up and say, “Mein apni zindagi sath leke jaunga Arohi, aur meri zindagi tum ho” {I will go but will take my life with me and you’re my life Arohi}. Arohi touches his face, while Arjun wipes her tears. Seeing Arohi not able to walk Arjun picks her up in his arms, and walks to the window. In between these few steps, Arohi sees Karan’s Ganesh Murti (belonging to his grandfather) and she picks it up.

Well i didn’t want to write this part disturbing Arjun-Arohi……….but for the sake of continuity…….In the party Purvi tells her father that Arohi has gone to the studio. Karan hears this and right then he gets a call telling him that the studio is on fire and there is a girl in the studio. Karan is shocked to hear this and he along with Arohi’s father leave for the studio……..

Arjun tells Arohi, “Arohi, hamme yahan se kudna hoga {we’ll have jump out from this window}……….she looks out and then back at Arjun and he says, “Tumhe kuch nahi hoga {he assures ‘that nothing will happen to you’}. She’s scared but she agree to it………….they jump out of the window. And start worrying about each other and for a while keep staring one another. {Song: Tere Ishq ne….. playing in the background}…………

……..Arjun realizes what he’s doing, he turns away and says, “It was lie…..…whatever I told you in the cabin, it was a lie……..I had to, to save your life”………. “Oh! really Arjun” says Arohi……the she says, “IS that the only lie you’ve told me…… left your house and stayed in a store room, was that a lie…… came to Mumbai to help me, was that a lie….helping Sur and then showing off attitude to me, was that a lie…….was all that a lie”. kmhjuly16th2009 Arjun turns to her and says, “I don’t know what are you saying……….you, you just stay away from me; I hate you”. Arohi comes in front of him and tells him, “even I hate you”……….and then she getting on her toes, holds his face, wipes his tears and kisses him on the forehead…….(how sweet!!!)

Then, she asks him, “why didn’t you tell me anything??”……he replies, “Tumhe bata deta toh, tum maan jati??? {if I had told you would you have believed me??}. She says, “you’re right, I wouldn’t have believed you. You love me so much and I……I don’t deserve you” and she starts walking away…….

He catches her hand, pulls her towards him and says, “you can’t leave me, I wont let you…….do you get me Ms. Arohi Sharma I have you I won’t let you go anywhere, not today, not tomorrow nor after that…….do you get that”. Both have tears in their eyes. And Arjun continues, “after so many days my life has returned to me,… I wont let it go now……..Arohi I want to tell you many things……that night…..” he starts telling her but she stops him by putting her hand on his lips and says “I LOVE YOU”     Arjun replies, “I LOVE YOU TOO…………tumhe nahi pata mujhe tumse Kitani Mohabbat Hai” {you have no idea how much I love you}.


Finally they hug each other…..episode ends……..WOW!!!!


Tumko chuke bhi chune ko karta hai dil……
Paake bhi paane ko karta hai dil…………..
awaargi aane lagi…………
Saanson mein khushboo chaane lagi……….
Dil pe deewangi chaagayi iss kadr…………..
Bandh aankhon se bhi mujhko aaye nazar…………..
Kaise kahe hamme kitani mohabbat hai………..haan mohabbat hain …………..(2)




  1. very nicely written.all was visible.everything very nice.

    Comment by jigyasa mishra — July 25, 2009 @ 12:31 pm | Reply

    • thnx
      for visiting my blog n the comment!

      Comment by anu — July 25, 2009 @ 6:17 pm | Reply

  2. am Raj 4m Bagalore dis show is verrry nice…..
    my lover padma 4m Ahmadabad she loves kritika n me also.
    plzzzzzzzzzzzzz play dis show 2tims in a day

    thank uuuuuuuuuu

    Comment by raj chauhan — June 24, 2010 @ 11:34 am | Reply

    • hey Raj
      thnx so much for u sweet comment!
      but mine is just a blog…n i only wrote tht particular epi.

      keep reading

      Comment by anu — June 28, 2010 @ 8:03 pm | Reply

  3. Hi

    I like pavitra rishta, me n my family daily watching pavitra rishta..

    all casts are very good, specialy i like manav(Sushant Rajput) & archana(Ankita lokhande)..they are very nice couple…

    and looking made for each other… i am very depress when i see manav got married with sharavni….

    any ways all the best for this serial….

    i am rerquesting to zee TV please play this show for all public in a day for 1hr…..

    All the best..thanks for making us happy with this show.

    Mrs. Mnki

    Comment by Minki — July 12, 2010 @ 10:08 am | Reply

  4. Nice writing can u pls tell me what is the end of ths story….pls….I am so eager to know that…….pls…….

    Comment by anamika — July 20, 2010 @ 7:38 am | Reply

    • hey guys
      thnx to all of u for giving such gr8 comments to my posts.

      n to ans ur ques Anamika …KMH had a happy ending as Kritika is able to save Karan from jail after she finds out the recorded proof of her father’s death.

      keep reading

      Comment by anu — July 22, 2010 @ 3:02 pm | Reply

  5. hi there!
    I’m a big fan of the show. The two of them are so beautiful and the story is so romantic.
    please, help me find the tune when arohi is in the fire. I’m not indian so I don’t understand the lyrics. But it is a female voice saying like mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm at the beginning and it is not the title song. It is played on sweetest arjun and arohi moments. When arohi on fire, at the moment they declare their love in this episode. Sometimes, in others episodes, it is followed by another song like tera ishq main, tera ishq main (female voice).
    I really like this song. Can you help, please? Just the title and I will search for it. Or if you have the full song, it will be nice.
    Waiting for your answer,
    KMH fan

    Comment by help — March 30, 2011 @ 6:42 pm | Reply

  6. Karan and Kritika! I love you both. I am your big fan. I think u should marry with each other. I am sure that you both will be happy after marriage.

    Comment by prerna — August 17, 2012 @ 8:01 pm | Reply

  7. hi am priya!i am big fan infact big fan of kmh!i luv arjuhi a lot!luv u kmh!hope to see u both again!luv u a lot!mmmmmuuuuuaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Priya jha — January 6, 2014 @ 10:59 am | Reply

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