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June 18, 2009

Sabki Jodi wahi banata……….Bhagyavidhata!! *Ed.*

18th June:

The episode starts with Bindiya’s little sister thinking of past memories when they were all together, having a nice time with her mother, father and sisters on the topic of Bindiya’s marriage; and this silence was broken by their mother who brought the dinner for the girls but they have it…….

And then Vinay’s elder brother, Vimlesh (second in the family) comes back from work and he’s surprised to see a girl all dressed like a newly wed standing in the corridor……..and finally gets the answer in the form of a full-fledged story from his bhabhi (punpun wali), that she is bride of Vinay……….his reaction was not that of shock instead he started blaming his own father and brother that history has repeated itself and whatever they did years back for their girl’s marriage (his bua)…….now it has happened to them; after this there is a big argument among them and finally Vimlesh is able to convince everyone to think of Vishal’s life and accept Bindiya as the ‘bahu’ of the house but Vinay himself says there is no chance of him ever accepting Bindiya as his wife and leaves the scene;

The grandmother agrees that they should think of Vinay’s life and the brother says till then what they expect Bindiya to do……..stand in the corridor, at this punpun wali gets furious and says “toh ka kare, iska aarti utare kya??,……” the brother tells the servant to take Bindiya’s stuff to the guest room at this punpun wali again has a problem – “hum eei ko aapna bagal mein bilkul bardasht nahi karenge” and gives he shelter in the “goshala” (where cows r tied)………

Ab jaise hi Bindiya goushala ki taraf badti hai, bhabhi fir usse tokti hue, uski sandals utarne ko kehti hai, kyuki samne mandir hai. Ek baar fir uske aage badne par bhabhi ki chikh par, dari Bindiya se pass hi tulsi par rakhe paani or sindoor girr jate hai……….iske baad jab who chalna shuru karti hai toh uske paron ke nishan zameen par padte hai (bikhare paani-sindoor se hote hue………aisa har nayi dulhan ke sath hota hai – custom n all)

So what should we call it, coincidence or Bindiya was destined of getting married to Vinay????

*Edited* 19th June:

The episode started with Bindiya walking towards the goushala, place given to her to stay….leaving her foot marks behind she reaches the goushala; she thinks about what all happened with her throughout the day and things said to her…….crying!!

Next, Raja (Bindiya’s brother) reaches home and is enquired by his mother and uncle about Bindiya……..he says he has made sure that his sister is taken care of by her in-laws; his uncle says its only a matter of time till when the families are angry but with time they will accept Bindiya as their daughter-in-law. At dinner time they all think of how will Bindiya’s father react at the news and her sisters are thinking of her.

Next, in the goushala, Bindiya cries and remembers her family after seeing the photos and on the other side Vinay is also thinking of what happened with him the past night (his forceful marriage)……..and as he sees Bindiya from the window he gets more furious and shuts it on her face……

Last part of the episode, Bindiya’s father is back home………….as he enters, he shouts Bindiya’s name, searches for her and one of her sisters starts crying and tells all what happened – about their mother forcefully convincing Bindiya for the marriage and it taking place.

He is shocked………

*Edited* 22nd June:

Episode started at Bindiya’s place with her father all shocked at the news of her getting married…….he goes into his room, there he dirges and  thinks of Bindiya; finally gets a hold of himself ……..comes out and asks where Bindiya is married.

Next, Punpun bhabhi is after Bindiya and tells her to wipe the floor, clean the utensils and wash the clothes……and says only after this she will be given something to eat……

Bindiya’s father with gifts reaches her house (in-laws), where he is not welcomed by anyone, but when he says at least let me see my daughter; he is answered by bua ji, who directs him towards goushala……………there he sees Bindiya washing clothes and thinks how a new bride is doing that……….

He does not interrupt her…………instead he goes back into the hall and calls out her name……………she hears him and very quickly she washes her face and meets him………during their conversation they both lie to each other about how they are, i.e, father says he is happy to see his daughter married and Bindiya says that she is also happy as she is now married in such a rich and reputed family. (pretty emotional…………)

In the last episode, Bindiya’s father came to see her and found her daughter, a new bride washing dirty clothes, but both Bindiya and her father tried to console each other by lying that they are happy.

Today’s episode, (23rd June) started with the conversation between Bindiya and her father, and later he tried talking to the family members (Bindiya’s in-laws) again……..praising his daughter that she is a humble, nice, quite, homely girl and how he is proud to have her as daughter and some day they all will think same for Bindiya…..

As he is begging for his daughter in front of everyone’s door, Vinay enters the scene and questions him, about what all this drama is going on???

Bindiya’s father tries to present gifts to Vinay, him being his son-in-law…….but he throws it all away and tells him to stop all this act of apologising and they are accompanied by all the family members.  So giving a chance to Punpun bhabhi to insult Bindiya and her father, saying, ‘kitte besharm ho sakte hai, itna kuch kehne ke baad bhi uyahan khade hai……hum hote toh ab tak sharm se marr gaye hote’.

Binidiya’s father again apologises but Vinay once more screams at them and says, that he wont accept this dark, ugly girl as his life partner………at this Bindiya’s father explodes into anger saying that he wont bear anything wrong said to his daughter and forces her to come along back home……..

……just as they the front door step (ghar ki chaukhat), she stops and tells her father……refuses to go with him saying that under whatever circumstances but now she is married……she is ‘bahu’ of this house and with time she will win over her in-laws.

Her father leaves and she goes back inside the house……….

*Punpun Bhabhi’s onscreen name is SHOBHA*


Kal ke episode me humne dekha ki, Vimlesh (Vinay’s second brother) brings in Bindiya to give her somthing to eat but again Punpun bhabhi makes a scene and threatens to kill herself if Bindiya enters the kitchen…… Vimlesh says that Bindiya has been hungry since last day (she arrived) and if anything happened to her, then what?……so dadi maa gives the solution and tells the servant to make a chulha (stove) in the goushala and provide some rashan to Bindiya and she’ll cook food for herself………but for today she was given food but Punpun bhabhi miuxex phenol in her food (trying to kill her)……..

just as Bindiya is about to have her food, Vinay’s bua comes to her and gives her a murti (statue) of Goddess Durga. Bindiya takes her blessings and places the murti on a clean cloth………while all this is happening, a calf (baby cow) comes and eats up from her plate……..and falls ill.

today’s episode started with the same scene of the calf eating up Bindiya’s food and getting sick….Punpun bhabhi is walking rounds in her room thinking why hasnt Bindiya cried out for help yet………just then Bua, who was also in the goushala screams and gathers everyone to tell how the calf suddenly fell………..seeing this Punpun bhabhi to save herself blames all this on Bindiya that has done somthing to the cow………later in their room punpun bhabhi with her husband, who is scolding her on trying somthing so stupid and risking to ruin their plans……….then with everyone of the family get together and their plan is out in the open that they are planning to perform and register Vinay’s marriage on some previous date so that his and BIndiya’s marriage dont stand legal and make sure that this news doesn’t get out of the room…….punpun bhabhi again taunts bua, who shows sympathy towards Bindiya.

Vinay’s eldest brother asks his assistant to be very catious with everything but……….he comes out of the house and calls up Raja bhaiya (Bindiya’s brother). Next day, at the mandir, where Vinay is getting married, Raja comes with his gun men and tries to stop everything but Vinay’s brother shows him the court papers and say now nothing can be done, ………at this Raja’s mamaji comes and tells him that they are legal people and everything will be sorted out legally and taks Raja away………..both families again get to the marriage business…………….and just then they hear a scream of their sister, aho went in to get Vinay. Everyone rushes in and sees that Vinay is not in the room and the people with him are all lying tied up……..Vinay;’s brother gets furious and thinks how Raja and his men have fooled him!!!!


Kal ke episode (29th June) mei hamne dekha ki kis tarah Raja ke aadmi Vinay (Vishal Singh) ko kidnap karke, ek godown mei band kar dete hai………and dusri taraf awadesh (Vinay’s big brother) is looking everywhere for Vinay. coming back home, ek baar fir Punpunh bhabhi saraa blame Bindiya ko deti hai ki its all her fault, from the day hse has arrived intheir home their lives have become hell…….Vinay mom comes and starts to cry her out to Bindiya for her son.

Raja comes to Vinay’s place and again threatens everyone that if they try anything like this again, he will not spare their family……….Bindiya comes there and slaps Raja (he is Bindiya’s younger brother), and tells him to bring back Vinay at once for it is their family matter and he is her husband………he says that its ok that she slapped him because she is his sister and obeying her sister he calls up his men to bring back Vinay………..after some time Vinay is with his family…………and Raja says that he only did this ‘coz his sister told him to and before leaving threatens them, if the family ever tries to do this (Vinay’s second marriage), he will be watching Vinay and saying this he points his finger towards Vinay…………..again Bindiya comes in between and lowers his finger and holding his hand she drags him to the door and shuts the door on his (raja’a) face……..

Today’s episode started with the same scene of Bindiya shutting the door at Raja’s face………everyone is looking at her in astouned manner. Bindiya walks towards everyone but without saying anything she walks into the goushala, where she is given place to stay!!!!!!!

Vinay’s mother is in front of God thanking them for the safe return of Vinay…..bua comes and says that its all because of Bindiya. In the hall, punpun bhabhi is shouting that what should she answer to her uncle, who is calling her again and again…………enters Vinay’s mom and tells everyone to stop thinking of his second marriage and tell sthem it was all ‘coz of Bindiya that Vinay is safe today but they must remember Raja’s threat and try to accept what has been done………she says that from now on no one will bother Bindiya and also give her two time food……….punpun bhabhi again has a problem with it and says that she cannot forget about what happened with her lalla ji (Vinay)………dadi maa explains her that all mom is saying  is to give food to Bindiya like we do all animals…….

Vinay is in his room thinking about all what happened with him……….he hears a knock on his room window and when he opens it he sees Bindiya standing there……….as he tries to shut the window she says “please! listen to me for a moment, I know what happened with you was jot right………….so I’m asking you to forgive me”………Vinay says that there is no question of him forgiving her and shuts the window on her face………she continues to apologise standing near the window. END!!!

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